UPDATE: Dave Navarro is Banging Tila Tequila Now. Of Course.

Every once in a while I like to check in on Tila Tequila just to see who’s still dumb enough to stick their penis in her. Cue Dave Navarro who’s apparently “in love,” according to E! News:

Tila, who knew Navarro for a while, first hooked up with the former Jane’s Addiction guitarist six months ago, and the duo got serious fast, a source tells E! News.
“She’s been dating him for about six months, and it’s pretty hot and heavy,” the insider says. “They’re both serious, but she is way, way into him and stays at his place all the time.”

Considering Tila Tequila is literally the size of waste basket, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume this “stays at his place all the time” business is also news to Dave Navarro. In fact, this explains why that new ottoman he doesn’t remember buying keeps humping his dog. And using the Internet.

UPDATE: Dave immediately took to Twitter to deny this story which is surprising for a rock star known for banging pretty much anything regardless of gender. Apparently there’s a line with these people and that line is Teriyaki Smurf Hookers.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin