Of Course Dave Mustaine Thinks Obama Is Staging Every Shooting In America To Steal Your Guns

August 16th, 2012 // 183 Comments
Dave Mustaine
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Metallica is a band comprised of massive egomaniacal assholes, so when someone manages to get kicked out of the band for being too drunk and too much of an asshole, you know they’re an extra special person who has shit figured out. So here’s Dave Mustaine telling an audience in Singapore that Barack Obama staged the deadly Aurora and Sikh Temple shootings because he spends his nights concocting schemes with Dr. Claw to steal your guns. Via TMZ:

“Back in my country, my president … he’s trying to pass a gun ban, so he’s staging all of these murders, like the ‘Fast And Furious’ thing down at the border … Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there … and now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple.”
He continued, “I don’t know where I’m gonna live if America keeps going the way it’s going because it looks like it’s turning into Nazi America.”

This gets a tad TL;DR. Sorry:

Just some background, Dave Mustaine is a moron, so there’s no way he came up with this on his own. He’s parroting an Alex Jones/Infowars “conspiracy theory” that started hours after the Aurora shooting and claimed Obama orchestrated the whole thing so six days later he could sign a treaty with the UN circumventing the 2nd amendment. So, keep in mind, it’s been 28 days since the Aurora shooting and absolutely none of that happened because a. it’s legislatively impossible and b. Alex Jones said it would, so of course it didn’t. And before the crazies jump into the comments saying Dave Mustaine is “speaking the truth” and we should all “wake up,” let me be abundantly clear: No one gives a shit that you have a gun. Your possession of a firearm has not sparked some vast global conspiracy to subjugate you, the gun-toting patriot standing between true liberty and the nigger president, because you are not that important. Which is really the only reason while people cling to these theories and/or religion because their minds can’t comprehend that random shit happens randomly. And as left-leaning as I am, I genuinely feel bad for moderate Republicans who have legitimate issues with Obama’s policies but have to get lumped in with crazy people like Dave Mustaine while their party leaders do absolutely nothing to stamp this shit out even though they couldn’t have stroked out fast enough when the Dixie Chicks merely said they were “disappointed” with George Bush on foreign soil. But back to my main point, random shit happens randomly. Case in point: John Mayer has access to Katy Perry‘s huge breasts right now, and if you really believe in your heart that’s part of some divine architect’s master plan, we might as well light ourselves on fire because we’re at the mercy of a giant prick. That’s a step away from making AIDS airborne just ’cause.

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  1. Inmate 12236969

    People try to convince me that pot is good for you—now you see what it does. Of course this guy is not as bad as those pothead Obama voters.

    • Candee

      Way to use those reading comprehension skills Mustaine is an alcoholic. Truth be known if he smoked a joint he probably chill out and stop being such a giant douche.

    • Archie Leach

      Sorry I was too busy hitting my bong to comprehend what you just babbled……

    • Shouldn’t you be out doing inmatey things, like grinding a toothbrush into a stabbing utensil, or blowing a member of the Aryan Brotherhood with more tattoos than brain cells, or something?

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    He should stab himself in the neck to prove that if you really want to do harm, you don’t need a gun to do it.

    Megadeth sucks. Has always sucked.

    • EricLr

      Look Mustaine is an asshole and always has been. But I would pick Megadeth over post-80′s Metallica ANY DAY. Mustaine at his best was a real civil-libertarian (not those Republican assholes today who think “libertarian” just means giving tax breaks to the rich) and one of the few musicians from that era not afraid to be political. “Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?” “Symphony of Destruction”–can’t beat ‘em.

  3. Sven Golly

    Can’t help but wonder how things might have played out if the Second Amendment guaranteed our right to bear legs.

  4. Heywood

    To the superficial editor. I appreciate your posts of the hot chicks and your anecdotes that mock the celebs. Your site is excellent, but I digress. Keep your political views to yourself. I don’t care if your a bed wetting liberal that wants four more years of Obama its not what your site is about and your passive aggressive stabs at the GOP (who I don’t care for that much either) are growing tired and ruining what you are trying to do… Please go back to being funny and not political I won’t keep reading if you do this until November….

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      What he’s trying to do is get paid, son. And when he interjects political discourse, the politiphags get their panties bunched up, comments run up into the hundreds and them click dollas come rolling in.

      So i sorta doubt it is ruining what he’s trying to do.

      • “There could be a post with 1,000 comments and it still won’t even hold a candle to a titty gallery [in pageviews].” – The Superficial

        So why post these at all?

        “Because I like spouting off.” – The Superficial

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        Diversify your portfolio, son.

      • Ayn Rand (taking a break from sucking Satan's cock)

        Many people only read the portions that appear to validate their prejudices and ignore the rest… like the Bible.

      • Candee

        To everyone complaining about Fish including politics in this site last time I checked Mustaine is in band which falls in to the entertainer category , so yes when he says something stupid Fish has a right to call him out . If you don’t like it go elsewhere

    • It’s his site, he can do say what he wants (you know, that whole free speech thing). If you don’t like, stop viewing the site, as you threatened.

      • Heywood

        All I am saying is more boobs less politics. If I wanted to hear from an ass I would fart. Like you said bro free speech…

    • GLT

      Dear Heywood,

      Three things for your to-do list:
      1) Learn to use punctuation correctly.
      2) Learn the difference between your and you’re.
      3) Learn to STFU.

      • Heywood

        Huh huh huh wow what a list maybe you could help letterman with his top ten. I shall do as you say and learn the difference between your and you are…. Eh on second thought I’m an American I’ll continue to be lazy and half ass it… Man ur a loser…

    • rican

      Heywood, is your last name chublowme?

    • Mykl

      Any political statements aside, I come here for a good full dose of sarcasm and I am pretty sure that is the underlining deal here, so shut the fuck up, bunker up, pull off to a picture of Romney and go away.

    • Colin

      Did you even read this? It’s about how a washed up “celebrity” is being fucking retarded. He even said how it’s making normal conservatives look bad. If this guy came out saying Mitt Romney did all this, the Fish would have made just as much fun of him for being a complete fucking moron.

      • Hugh Evers

        Well there’s that and the willingness of Fish to subject visitors to bare geriatric homo ass. That sort of difuses any political debate imo.

    • “Your site is excellent but your site is not about what I think it should not be about. (Of course, if you shared my political views, I would not be complaining.)”

    • frank

      I agree with Heywood.. and I bet all of you would too if Fish was a Romney lover and wrote about that.
      If I want a political website, I will click on one. This is dumb, celebrity gossip. Stick to what you’re good at.

      • If Fish were a Romney lover, I’d probably stop reading his site—much like how I stopped reading a certain other gossip site. I might stay and criticize his opinions, joust with him if you will. What I would NOT do is tell him how he should be running his own damn website.

      • Dick Hell

        I’m always amused by people who take the time to comment that a particular post (for whatever reason) was a waste of their time.

      • Dick Hell

        I’m also amused that some people apparently took exception to that comment.

    • Good example of the epidemic redneck-ing of America. You actually believe it’s YOUR place to tell HIM “what his site is about”! It can be about any freaking thing he wants it to be about! That’s America. What you “necks” seem to call America is where your viewpoint counts and nobody else’s does. Amazing. Make your own site and then you can decide what it’s “about”. Or just go to someplace like FoxNews.com or any of the countless other like-minded goofball hangouts.

      • Mister Bee, your potato chips are delicious. It’s one of the few things I miss about growing up in WV.

      • Heywood

        Misterbee I can’t believe it took that many posts for someone to call me a red neck. If you red the whole thing I said I can’t stand the GOP either. Now I shall get back to mudding in my red ford pick up and washing myself with a rag on a stick…

    • Tom

      I totally agree with you. Less whiny liberal BS political blather and more bikinis please.

      Oh yeah, Obama can eat shit directly from my ass.

    • Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

      Shorter version – this is your website, please only do things on it that I approve of.

    • cc

      I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I have noticed a scarcity of Bar Refaeli lately.

  5. El Jefe

    What an incredible, ignorant moron, that is all I have to say about him and this matter. Wow.

  6. Exit Only Out the Rear

    Fucking gingers.

  7. Cock Dr

    Oh the things the 1% will say….just because they don’t wanna pay their taxes.

  8. Kelsey Grammer

    I’m surprised this imbecile didn’t run for the Republican nomination. He appears to meet all the basic requirements… deluded, paranoid, pathological liar, etc.

  9. watertiger

    Megadeath, not Metallica, amigo. Though I don’t know where Lars Ulrich comes down on asshole conspiracy theories like this one.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      He was fired from Metallica in the early 80s.

      Like Fish wrote above.

    • TheDevilYouKnow

      Dave Mustaine actually was in Metallica, amigo. He got kicked out (hence that first sentence) for being a drunken mess.

      Obviously times haven’t changed.

      • He is CURRENTLY with Megadeath, not Metallica and the heading should read as such. The body of the text can then mention he once played for Metallica. It’s just sloppy and irresponsible editing.

      • Candee

        His heading is correct . If you know anything about Mustaine he gets all upset because Metallica is the bigger band and they kicked him out .He’s whined about it for years.I might be reading to much into it , but kudos to Fish on the passive aggressive heading.

      • Dear Ms. McCrindle,
        I have no qualms with assholes and I proudly consider myself one of them, albeit not yet an expert one.
        That said, pompous assholes – they just get on my nerves.
        Especially when it’s transparently evident that they’re sloppy and irresponsible readers.

    • Megadeth, not Megadeath…

  10. If Dave Mustaine wants to talk about a real Obama conspiracy, how about the fact that Jon Corzine- one of Preezy’s top bundlers – has managed to avoid facing any criminal charges after stealing a billion dollars from investors to cover his own debt.

  11. Zombie Charlton Heston

    He’s clearly positioning himself to be selected as Ted Nugent’s running mate. When is the Angry White Guys convention, anyway?

  12. Brought It

    “And as left-leaning as I am, I genuinely feel bad for moderate Republicans who have legitimate issues with Obama’s policies but have to get lumped in with crazy people like Dave Mustaine while their party leaders do absolutely nothing to stamp this shit out even though they couldn’t have stroked out fast enough when the Dixie Chicks merely said they were “disappointed” with George Bush on foreign soil.” As a moderate Libertarian idealist Republican, may I just say thank you for this. It may be the first time EVER I’ve seen a self-proclaimed liberal even suggest that there are intelligent, non-crazy members of the GOP in the world. There are, and we are sickened by these maniacs.

    • NOT your father's GOP

      What exactly are you doing to reclaim your party from the whack-a-loons? If nothing, why do you still identify with the party brand?

      • Brought It

        Exactly the kind of ignorant remark that I was expecting. Good job towing the line, buddy!

      • NOT your father's GOP

        You didn’t answer the question. I gather you disagree the party has been taken over by the extreme right? If you like the party the way it is today then I don’t blame you for branding yourself.

      • Abby Normal

        That expression is actually “toeing the line.”

      • Brought It

        @Abby Normal

        Thanks for the correction. I’ve been typing it wrong all these years.

      • :(
        Shit, I’ve been using it as “to wingdell ine”, all the time wondering what the hell it meant…

      • hhahahaha

        “What is THIS thing called, Love”?

      • Ayn Rand (taking a break from sucking Satan's cock)

        Somehow a personal attack on the first commenter who asks you a pointed question doesn’t seem all that moderate…

      • Brought It

        @Ayn Rand

        How exactly was that a personal attack? I didn’t call him ignorant, I called his remark ignorant. It’s an opinion. This is a public forum. In fact, Not Your Father’s GOP is the one who attacked me with demands about how I conduct myself.

      • Ayn Rand (taking a break from sucking Satan's cock)

        @ Brought It

        Read it again. You were never attacked. The comment made by NOT your father’s GOP actually accepts your assertion that your are a moderate conservative, not one of the whack-a-loons. Your response was to call it an ignorant comment. By the way, that IS an attack since ignorant comments are usually attributed to ignorant people.

      • Ayn Rand (taking a break from sucking Satan's cock)

        I accept full responsibility for the superfluous letter “r” in the previous comment.

      • Brought It

        Semantics, my friend. There was nothing inflammatory in my original post, yet people took it as an opportunity to attack me merely because I had the audacity to publicly admit that I am conservative in my views. Demanding that I defend my beliefs on an entertainment site is simply ludicrous and the mere fact that others felt compelled to do so is just another symptom of a party that I fundamentally disagree with.

      • NOT your father's GOP

        Being asked a question you are unprepared or unwilling to answer does not rise to the level of a demand OR an attack. It was just a question. Your hyperbolic response suggests you might be unable to answer in a more substantive way.

      • Colin

        What can they do? There’s no reasoning with crazy.

      • Its not a matter of identifying with a party brand – gay marriage, abortion, etc are irrelevant to moderate Republicans. It’s a matter of understanding basic math.

      • Brought It


        Thank you for being far more articulate than me. I wasn’t trying to stir up a debate. Shit, I was thanking Fish for acknowledging that there are people like me out there. Guess politics always stir up a shit storm.

      • Taylor


        Abortion, gay marriage, etc. might be irrelevant to you but across the nation Republicans are endeavoring to ram through policies which are anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-contraception, anti-democracy by suppressing voter turnout, etc. When you identify yourself as a Republican you tacitly endorse all their policies, including the ones you would prefer to ignore.

    • Then would you mind insisting that your party’s leaders denounce this guy? Particularly the ones who went after the Dixie Chicks not so much for expressing their opinion but for violating the principle of not criticizing our President on foreign soil (or so they said at the time). Any silence out of fear of upsetting the right-wing fringe is rank hypocrisy—not to mention a tacit validation of their nutjob beliefs. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing, as Edmund Burke never said.

      • Is it really all that important what a has-been rock singer says or thinks? How about you just ignore him?

      • Brought It

        Are you experienced in insisting that your party’s leaders denounce someone that you disagree with? Would you care to enlighten the rest of us exactly how one goes about insisting that a party denounces someone?

      • I truly thought I was being civil back there, but I guess not.

        Anyway, you’re right. You may hate a lot of what your party’s become, but it’s not my place to ask you to insist that of your party’s leaders, even though you fervently applauded Fish precisely for “feeling bad for moderate Republicans…[whose] party leaders do absolutely nothing to stamp this shit out even though they couldn’t have stroked out fast enough when the Dixie Chicks,” etc. I guess I had you confused with someone who might’ve given a shit enough to do something about it.

        And even if you wanted to, no, I’m not sure how you could best do that insisting, or more broadly, give voice to all the moderate Republicans who want some sense restored to your side of the political debate. (Start a blog? Tweet your ass off? Attend a rally and confront a candidate in front of the press, or at least people with their cellphone video cameras at the ready? All worthy first steps, at least.)

        But if you’re satisfied with doing nothing more than venting your anger on a celebrity gossip site before voting Republican and praying that the Tea Party fringe that would get into power as a result doesn’t do something stupid like, say, defaulting on the U.S. debt like it wanted to last year, well, that’s your right.

      • Brought It

        There’s no winning. If I pipe up and say “hey not all of us are crazy or support Dave Mustaine or Ted Nugent or think abortion should be illegal,” I’m attacked. When I try to defend my position, I’m attacked for stating my option in the first place. Then I’m attacked because I’m not doing enough to make my voice heard. It’s called circular logic and you’re doing a damned fine job of illustrating it.

        Let’s face it. The left openly bashes and despises and ridicules the right. Somehow it’s socially acceptable to do so (in fact, encouraged). Yet it’s not acceptable for me to merely voice a political affiliation. I’m not going to cry and whine about how it’s not fair but I will certainly feel entitled to point it out.

        Look, I don’t give a shit what you believe. Hell, I’m not even going to tell you that you’re wrong for believing it. I say live and let live. If you’re liberal, good for you! Be liberal. If you’re conservative, so be it, live your merry lives. Say what you want about Republicans/conservatives/right-wingers, but I’m not writing flaming troll posts attacking people for their views, and I never will. I reserve the right to disagree, and only to disagree, not to attack or insist that I am right and you are wrong. I see a whole lot of finger pointing by the left making declarative statements that people with conservative views are idiots and that their opinions aren’t different but wrong. This I cannot abide.

        Back to lurking and keeping my views to myself, because no one wants to believe that there are intelligent people who are conservative. Keep believing the myth, y’all.

      • NOT your father's GOP

        Again, you have not been attacked despite your insistence otherwise. Feigned martyrdom must suit you (THAT was an attack, albeit mild).

      • Taylor

        “Brought It” appears to be a bit of a misnomer.

      • Thank you, NOT. And Brought It, if you think my comments amounted to “flaming troll posts,” then I suppose I should welcome you to the Internet. I know it’s a little belated, but not by much more than a month, I reckon.

      • “because no one wants to believe that there are intelligent people who are conservative”

        Well it’s just that, how could there be?

    • Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

      If this is truly the first time you read a self-avowed liberal express that not every Republican is a knuckle dragging moron, then you don’t get out much. We’re everywhere. Unfortunately, you keep voting in the assholes that cater to the knuckle draggers, while the Dems keep veering rightward in an attempt to appease those moderate Republicans who know they’re align themselves with idiots but still choose to do so (which probably says more about the pathetic nature of the Democrats than the pathetic nature of the moderate Republicans…). Obama is far more like Reagan than Roosevelt.

  13. vandinz

    He’s a born again Christian so that was a sign he was losing the plot. Stick to writing kick arse riffs Dave and leave this shit alone.

  14. Beaver Underground

    Looks like a guy trying to shit a pineapple while the Secretary of Education in the next stall just won’t stop asking him about the link between child obesity and school performance.

  15. See Alice

    Why Do we need guns ? Because a policeman is to heavy to carry around .

  16. Get Serious

    This is very odd. Dave’s known to be pretty levelheaded & logical. Sounds like he need to get back on his meds again…

  17. Buddy The Elf

    Hello me. It’s me again.

  18. Devilish Diva

    Middle-aged has-been metalheads should stick to what they do best: playing state fairs and amusement parks.

  19. Schmidtler

    yeah, crazy retarded conspiracists are the exclusive domain of the republicans. as long as you forget there are still umpteen zillion screeching libtards convinced G.W. Bush orchestrated the destruction of the wtc on 9/11. there’s idiots of every political stripe.
    repubs don’t do any more or less to disassociate themselves from nutbags like this guy any more than dems do to distance themselves from the black panthers or Al Sharpton.
    now, can we please have some pics of hot bitches in yoga pants? I think that’s something we can all agree on.

  20. Dad, Your

    can you just stick to posting tits, and shut the fuck up about politics.

    • Hey, I like my tits sprinkled with politics!
      I mean, not my tits.
      I was saying “my” tits as in “my” asses.
      No damnit, I only have one ass.
      What I meant is — ah, fuck this…

  21. Blubbo The Clown

    What, didn’t you hear? Barak (but not the good Jewish Barak) HUSSEIN!!!!1111!!! Obama is really a Half-Breed Muslin super-villain, just like you see in the comic books. He has an underground lair under one of those hawaiian (where he wasn’t born) volcanoes and he is secretly setting up an Caliphate and he needs all the gun metal melted down to build a gigantic statue to Moo-hammed! Why you’ll all be wearing burkas (even the men) when he’s done with you!! And when he carves his face into the surface of the moon with his super-muslin-laser-cannon, he’ll be watching over the whole WORLD!!! dood I fergut my passwd for free republic can u help

  22. Inmate 12236969

    I’m voting for the person that can give us a pussy in every bed. Oh and if you happen to be gay I’ll take your pussy.

  23. tlmck

    Other than some occasional decent guitar licks, heavy metal is pretty much like Dave Mustaine’s comments. A waste of time and energy.

  24. Dave Mustaine and Ted Nugent are just a couple of crazy conservative-tea-bagger cunts now! just shut the fuck up and play the music you wrote when you hated the conservative way of life you fucking hypocrites!

  25. Kodos

    What I wouldn’t give for a good Kardashian or Lohan post right about now…

    Or Jessica Alba’s tits.

    Work with me, here.

  26. The story claims “Metallica is a band compromised of massive egomaniacal assholes, so when someone manages to get kicked out of the band for being too drunk and too much of an asshole, you know they’re an extra special person who has shit figured out.”…it in no way acknowledges that he was kicked out over 20 YEARS AGO – nor does it mention that Dave is currently with Megadeath. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      using what’s presumably your real name on the internet is sloppy as fuck.

    • It’s honestly the fault of the writer for thinking you could make the connection between the sentence you copied and the one following it. Shame on Fish for assuming intelligence on the part of the reader.

  27. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    ” random shit happens randomly ”

    That’s either incredibly profound or a scrotum tighteningly stupid thing to say. And I can’t figure which.

    Give us a hand. What about the nonrandom stuff?

    • It also happens randomly.
      Case in point: at random intervals during my life, random birds have unloaded random amounts of shit exactly on my head.

  28. Karl Marx

    “[A]s left-leaning as I am,” writes The Superficial writer. On what planet is someone who profits from the objectification of women “left-leaning”? The contrived ironic stance of The Superficial doesn’t change the fact that objectifying women for profit is one of the main things The Superficial is about. Get off your “left-leaning” high horse, Mr. Superficial.

    • Brought It

      Respectfully, the two are mutually exclusive. How Fish earns his living and his political views are two separate entities. Interesting how when he mixes the two we all come here and hike his view count way up. That Fish is a smart one.

      • Karl Marx

        Respectfully, someone whose political views are not consistent and congruent with their actual lifestyle, which includes how they earn money, is a hypocrite, and even more so when they tend to be self-righteous about their political views.

  29. Davegeek

    You left out the best part, where he threatens to move to Singapore. You know Singapore, that bastion of liberty where chewing gum is illegal?

    • Davegeek

      And you need a license to own not only guns but also ammo for which you need to justify why you need a gun before that license is issued. The only valid reasons are target shooting, in which case you have to keep your gun and ammo locked up at the range, or maybe self-defense, which is almost never accepted as a reason. And you can’t own anything over a .32 and forget about anything automatic. Yeah Mr Mustaine, move to Singapore. You’ll fit right in.

      • Good thing you’re allowed to carry deadly weapons in my country; otherwise the Guvment would have taken… MY HANDS.
        (Puts on glasses)

  30. King Diamond

    Mustaine’s a God! One of the greatest Metal Gods to grace the planet. So what if he believes that!

    BTW, Obama is jut a puppet. Adolfo Nicolas and Knights of Malta run the show.

    • Davegeek

      If you’re going to proclaim someone a “metal god” at least pick someone better. Tom Araya comes to mind immediately. And with him you get to keep the right-wing stuff too.

  31. I just love that ultra liberals accuse racism where it doesn’t exists.
    Dave Mustaine is an idiot? Fine. Who threw out the word nigger again?

    • Taylor

      You lost me when you used the term “ultra liberal,” a label conservatives seem to apply to anyone philosophically left of Dick Cheney.

    • It’s called “sarcasm”, GravyLeg. You know, that thing everybody keeps mentioning even though you never perceive it? That one.

  32. meh

    Love you Fish! In a manly way of course.

  33. luke

    mustaine is an absolute moron and a major entitled asshole. i’ve met him before in my line of work. he is the biggest asshole you would ever meet. he always thinks he;s right. how could anyone really think obama staged that. republicans will believe ANYTHING. In case people forgot, your beloved bush is the one who put us in this mess, NOT OBAMA. Even experts have said it will take 20 years to get back to where we were before him. CLINTON WAS THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER. so if you want more years of hell with a republican, more loss of rights, more loss of privacy, then go vote for your retarted romney. ANOTHER thing. i’m from mass and i’ve seen first hand how romney is a flip flopper and beyond corrupt. He gave contracts to his friends for the big dig. nothing but shotty work from them

    ps. POT IS NOT A DRUG. it comes from the ground. mustaine is such a hypocrite. maybe he’ll fall asleep in AA again and really fuck up his mucles

  34. JungleRed

    He has pretty hair.

  35. rockthrowinghipster

    I don’t blame a 50 year old washed up heroin addict for being indoctrinated by Alex Jones’ schizophrenic deception. He preys on the mentally ill and impressionable by threading a tiny needle of truth into a insane patch work conspiracy blanket. It’s better to not kill the messenger in this one.

  36. sexyman48

    The government would never use an excuse to steal our guns, oh wait…

  37. MSG

    A ginger gun nut? This is my nightmare.

  38. It’s always a shame whem someone you once respected turns out to be a total cunt in their old age. From a hardcore rocker fighting against the system, to toeing the government line as soon as a black guy gets elected.

    If their’s one good thing about Obama getting elected, a lot of closeted racists were revealed. I can’t wait to see their faces when he wins in November.

    • Buck

      Hey Big Don, if its a choice between saving this country or giving you joy to look a a couple faces you deem racist I think we will all pick saving the country. Lets try not to be so selfish next time. Just a few short months away everyone, hang in there!!!

  39. Obama did screw up over guns..

    Congress and the Department of Justice appear to be headed for a showdown this week over documents detailing Operation Fast and Furious, the botched gunrunning sting set up by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that funneled more than 1,700 smuggled weapons from Arizona to Mexico.

    The Justice Department has until Wednesday to deliver to congressional investigators a stack of records and emails naming the individuals responsible for the gun trafficking operation that may have killed dozens, if not hundreds of Mexicans, and is becoming a growing embarrassment for the Obama administration.

    Under Project Gunrunner and the Phoenix off-shoot, dubbed Fast and Furious, the ATF encouraged gun store owners to sell to straw buyers — consumers who they suspected of working on behalf of Mexican drug cartels.

    Project Gunrunner purposely allowed the straw buyers to illegally buy and export guns only to see where they surfaced in Mexico. Using this investigative technique, the ATF hoped to take down the entire gun trafficking organization. Instead, records show it allowed more than 1,700 guns, including hundreds of AK-47s and high-powered, armor-piercing .50-caliber rifles to be trafficked to Mexico

    Buying guns for non-personal use is illegal. Yet gun store owners were assured by ATF agents the buyers were under investigation and the guns were being intercepted before crossing into Mexico.

  40. Scandinavianhellhole

    Mustaine is a metal genius and can say whatever he wants to.
    Obama is way too lenient with islam which will destroy Europe within decades, so we’ll soon gonna need you Americans once again and preferably armed.

  41. Salad Face

    I remember the film ‘Shocker’. We’ll always have “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. About 10 years later, Denzel comes out with Fallen (same premise) and makes twice as much. Maybe Dave is just confusing Obama with Denzel. All of our Orange Julius’s are gone.

    I miss 1989.

  42. Buck

    At least we can all agree that this obama guy has got to go. We are going to look back at this time in history and ask how a man so lacking in professional accomplishmentscould sway so many into thinking he could handle the world’s largest economy and lead the world’s most poweful military. Just a few short months away America, hang in there!!!

    • Funny how you could replace “Obama” in that comment with “Bush” and have it make just as much sense.

      Okay, okay, I’m kidding. The Bush version makes infinitely more sense.

      • Buck

        At least we have Mitt Romney to replace the failed liberal experiment which is obama and we can get serious about running the country again

      • FudgeSticks

        O.K. Buck. I wasn’t going to comment, but you managed to drag me in. I know your post is an attempt to rile people up, so bravo to you for that. However, there are some things I need to clear up because I actually give a shit about facts:

        A. Obama is not a liberal. He never has been. he is a blue dog (that means moderate democrat Buck!) Democrat.

        B. Worlds largest economy? Really? Sure, Wall Street is racking in the big bucks, as well as the health care industry. What about manufacturing jobs? Maybe if the republicans could get off the abortion issue they might actually adress that problem.

        C. For somebody that LOVES America so much, why are you willing to vote in a congressional obstructionist as Vice President. Ryan pretty much admitted he was willing to push the economy over a cliff just to make Obama look bad. Personally, I want my civil servants to SOLVE problems, not create them.

        D. I do not agree with you about anything.

        With that being said, I hope you’re right. I hope Romney does win. You want to know why? Romney, being the corporate morader that he is, is going to gut this country and give all the meat to the rich. Ever hear of “Right to Work” Buck? You should look it up. It’s working WONDERFULLY in Mississippi! I hope they gut everything! Then maybe you idiots will finally SEE that which is so plainly before your eyes!

      • Taylor

        I agree except with the characterization of Blue Dogs as moderate, they are actually conservative pro-corporate Democrats. It was the Blue Dogs who turned the health care package into something that mostly benefits insurance and pharmaceutical companies, just as the Republicans did when they passed Medicare Part D several years back.

      • Buck

        you’re story has grown tiresome….42% of the population will blindly go to the polls chanting ‘ o-ba-ma, o-ba-ma ‘ its ok to be one of them as long as the rest of us realize that we shouldn’t fall for another failed socialist experiment and actually put someone in office that if qualified to lead the country, not organize a community.

      • Buck

        Yikes!! Your instead or You’re….Whew, that was a close one.

      • Taylor

        Or Romney. His only pertinent qualification is a term as governor in which he was an unmitigated FAILURE. His less pertinent qualifications are that he’s good at outsourcing jobs, closing factories, hiding his millions offshore, hiding his tax returns, exhuming his father-in-law for posthumous baptism, torturing the family pooch, etc.

      • Buck

        Sounds like you’re one of those clowns thats going to vote for obama again.

      • Taylor

        Lesser of evils. I’d much prefer to vote for an ACTUAL liberal but there are none offered.

      • Buck

        After all we’ve been through and witnessed over the last 4 years you would still put this obama guy back in office….interesting.

      • Taylor

        Which of his liberal policies do you take issue with, his continuation of the Bush tax cuts, his continuation of the the Bush budget deficits or his continuation of the Bush wars, indefinite detentions, etc.?

      • Buck

        Taylor, you know better than that…those are not liberal policies. obama ran against all of them but took a smart pill and kept them in place. All obama’s other liberal policies like spending,debt, immigration, welfare, obamacare that have been forced down our throats and bankrupting America is what we need to stop. Just a few short months and it can’t come soon enough.

      • Taylor

        Buck, government spending increased more during the two Bush terms than at any other time in history (we had a balanced budget under Clinton, remember?) including (adjusted for inflation) World War II. The first six years Bush had Republican majorities in the House and Senate so you can’t hang it on the Dems. Mitt proposes to continue and expand on the Bush policies. You would have me believe that is going to improve our national outlook?

      • Zombie Charlton Heston

        Buck, you’re just mad because unlike you pussies Obama pulled the plug on bin Laden. Mitt apparently can’t interact competently with our closest allies, do you really think he’s prepared for our enemies?

      • Buck

        I love that obama did that….or didn’t do that, or someone did….wait, was it we didn’t build it…i get so confused by liberals

      • Zombie Charlton Heston

        Please don’t sell yourself short, Buck. I’ll bet you get confused by lots of things.

  43. Livinus Nwambe

    Wow, this Mustaine fella seems messed up. And all because of guns, huh? Seems ridiculous, but then again, it’s a quasi-celebrity’s understanding of politics – Ridiculous is probably the right word to use.

  44. Archie Leach

    Something REALLY ironic about davey boy talking about gun rights in a place like Singapore where you’d get caned for having a gun in your possession.

  45. dsakjh

    why do right wing idiots always complain about this stuff? they should know by now that all the most entertaining people they love think right wingers are retarded. do yourselves a favor: get off hollywood dick, because this is the way youre going to be fucked forever. why dont you go watch stephen baldwins latest movie or something. gtfo.

  46. j.j

    Hes actually been sober for years now and is a cristian.

  47. alex

    What bugs me is that you wrote “band compromised of massive egomaniacal assholes” when you meant, “…band comprised of massive….”

    Comprised and compromised have two different meanings.

  48. SFRowGuy

    Dude, you really need to stop smoking that bad sh*t. It’s messing up your brains.

  49. Monty83

    I tend to agree with him. Not sure if it’s Obama, but look up “False Flag events”.

  50. theoriginal LJ

    Imagine what the reaction would have been if this was three Southern Girls saying something that would be considered non-supportive of the President of the United States while in a foreign country, in front of a foreign audience.

    I guess being male and playing Heavy Metal is what makes the difference.

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