Dave Chappelle Would Like North Korea To Nuke Hartford Please

September 5th, 2013 // 99 Comments
Dave Chappelle
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For those of you who missed it, last week Dave Chappelle walked off stage in Hartford, Conn. after members of the mostly all white audience refused to stop yelling catchphrases from Chappelle Show at him forcing him to take a seat, smoke a cigarette and chat with the front row until his contracted time was up. At which point, he got up and left and told the booing audience that they were only booing themselves. Naturally, this spurred shitheads in online comment threads to say things like, “Hey, Dave Chappelle is a comedian, and if he can’t take the hecklin’, then he should just git out.” Except Dave Chappelle has a noted history of walking away from 55 millions of dollars to keep doing Chappelle Show after he found himself in meetings with white network execs making him justify using the word “nigger” in his sketches and having white people run up to him yelling, “I’m Rick James, bitch!” because that’s all they took from the show instead of the goddamn brilliant satire. And what happened in Hartford was basically an extension of that, and Dave Chappelle will shut that shit down if he knows he’s being made to shuck and jive. Which brings us to two nights ago in Chicago where Dave still performed – most assumed he’d bail on the rest of the Funny or Die Presents The Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival – and explained what happened in Hartford along with wishing it be atom smashed out of existence. TMZ reports:

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to the United States,” Chappelle said … “but if North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut.”
Chappelle then called the crowd “evil” … and described them as a bunch of “young, white alcoholics.”
“I wanted to pull a reverse Kramer and call them all crackers or something crazy like that.”

How do I put this without making it look like I’m a racist who assumes all black guys meet under the cover of darkness to plot nefarious deeds, but has anyone else noticed Dennis Rodman conveniently went back to North Korea this week? That doesn’t seem odd to anyone? Okay, then what about that black guy in the White House who just asked Congress for a bunch of bombs? Don’t tell me that’s a coincidence. FALSE FLAGS!


  1. I can’t fault him for doing what he did to that Hartford crowd. Chappelle’s Show was fucking genius, but it was over 10 years ago.

  2. Jaded

    First off, a couple things…I love Chappelle, I believe he’s a brilliant comedian and what those people did in Hartford is bullshit and they’re a bunch of assholes.

    But WTF? I’m sick of this double standard! If we as a society are going to be offended by racial language then it should be across the board. If you take what he said and swap out words, white/black and cracker/n**ger, then have the source come from a white person, what would happen? His ass would be done! No question about it. There would be no mercy as the masses tore him apart…and rightfully so.

    So where’s the backlash against this remark? Why is it ok for him to say something like that? It’s offensive and it’s not right. It can’t be acceptable one way and offensive the other way. It doesn’t make sense.

    • Getting called a cracker is nowhere fucking close to being called a nigger and never will be.

      Let it go, white people. Just let it go.

      • Jaded

        We’re not talking degree of offensiveness. Both terms are wrong. Period. When a black person calls a white person a cracker…what is their intent? It’s the same intent as when an ignorant white person calls a black person a ni**er. They’re intent is a hateful one. They’re saying to that person that you are not my equal and I look down upon you because your skin color is different than mine. You are inferior to me. No matter how you spin it, it’s still hate speech. Stop the hate every where is all I’m saying.

      • You’re white, right? Pretend you’re black for a second. Now imagine a white person calling you a nigger. Does it really feel the same as being called a cracker? Be honest. I’m not black but I can imagine it’s way worse, especially since the word “cracker” has never and will never hurt my feelings. Louie CK has a brilliant bit about this, actually.

        “I’m a white man. You can’t even hurt my feelings! What can you really call a white man that really digs deep?
        >”Hey, cracker.”
        “Uh. Ruined my day. Boy shouldn’t have called me a cracker. Bringing me back to owning land and people, what a drag.”

      • Bradley Cooper Likes Girls!

        Yes, and a knife is nothing like a fucking gun, but they can both be used to hurt you.

      • Allowing other people to be openly hypocritical is not a strength, Fish. It doesn’t make you a good person, or a thoughtful open-minded individual. It just means you are willing to be called names by someone who would be the first to bristle if someone called him a name.

        Things are either wrong, or they aren’t. Real equality leaves no room for these weird equivocations, even given the fact modern society allows such positions to be seen as a thoughtful, even informed stance. It’s hypocritical bullshit, and we have already “let it go” to the point that it is taken for granted.

      • says the guy who I can absolutely, positively guarantee has never lived in a 90+ % black neighborhood or gone to a 90+ % black school. Being jumped on a nearly daily basis solely because of the color of your skin is not something anyone should just ‘let go’, it’s a real and serious problem we as a nation need to face and resolve, here in the real world, not in your Michael Moore fantasy world. Racism is racism. Simple as that. Also, words are just words, the sooner people learn to stop giving them power, the sooner those words will cease to have power.

      • Randy

        Man, shut the hell up!! I am sick and tired of niggers getting away with being racist!! And yeah I called Chappelle a nigger, cause that’s what he is and anyone that thinks its ok to be racist towards whites is a nigger to. I say lets nuke Dave Chappelle’s black ass!!!

      • Randy’s comment approved for sheer watching a train wreck purposes.

      • Wait, he’s not related to Randall, is he? Cause that would be weird…

      • Kisses

        Looking at it quickly, I thought it WAS Randall. With 2 ll’s.

    • Seriously! When are white people going to get a break in this country?

    • In trying to state that there’s a double standard you used the word “cracker” but self censored “nigger”.

      Seems like even YOU realize that the two aren’t remotely the same.

    • Bradley Cooper Likes Girls!

      Don’t forget about “faggot”, or “that’s gay”, or “bitch”. The black community throws these words around all the time, not to mention homophobic and mysogonistic opinions, yet face either little or no backlash. Yet, if a white celebrity says these things they are EXPECTED to apologize immediately. Racist terms are not the only things blacks get a free pass on. Pretty much any kind of bigotted word or opinion goes unchallenged. I get the “cracker” thing not being as bad as the n word, but it is still being used in a derogatory manner. When any word is being used to defame another group of people, it should be equally frowned upon.

      • j-sin

        Consider it a fair tradeoff for you guys being the racial majority in this country and running American society for the past 237 years. I know it’s tough, baby.

      • The Illuminati Did It

        First of all, the majority of my arguement wasn’t about race, It was about bigotted words and statements. They are about as far apart as “Cracker” and the n word. Well, at least according to your skewed view of the world. Second, why are just assuming I’m white. Racially profile much?

      • So are you Illuminati, or Jaded, now? The fact that you can’t seem to keep your own identity straight really speaks to the coherence of your comments.

      • The Illuminati Did It

        Wow, you really don’t play nice, do you? I switch around once in awhile to mix things up. In this case, I switched computers and didn’t check the name before posting, My bad. Goodness, was that racist? You remind me of the black guys I use to serve in the military with: instead of having an open mind and having a real conversation (and take responsibility for their actions), they go to the old standby of bullying and race card pulling. Yes, I typed “they”. Hey, you aren’t the only one that can paint with a broad brush.

        P.S. Five dollar words don’t buy class, so you can give your thesaurus a rest.

    • Look, if you’re white, straight, male and otherwise a member of a majority that has never been actively discriminated against, you really need to just STFU regarding how people in the minority use what you consider “hate speech” amongst themselves to refer to themselves. You will never experience it firsthand, or grow up with its history, and therefore you have no standing to dictate how the minority now chooses to use the tools that have been used against them amongst themselves – whether it’s to take ownership, change its meaning and alter the sting, or whatever the fuck, you cannot decide this one for them. Regardless of all your good intentions of wanting to stop “hate speech”, you need to sincerely butt the fuck out of trying to dictate how people who’ve been its targets should think about this one. The fact that you think you can is just another entry on a long list of entitlement – conscious or otherwise – that usually ends up feeding into another sad, tired version of “Why can’t I use the word “n****r” when black people do?” argument.

      • Run n Gun

        Oh, OK justifiable.

        So being black allows you to call me a faggot if I’m a gay male?

        Perfect logic.

      • It’s Be Nice To Morons Week, so I’ll just congratulate you on your feeble attempt to conflate all minorities to support what you believe is a cogent argument and leave it at that. If you can’t discern what “amongst themselves to refer to themselves” means, don’t dig yourself in any deeper.

      • It does always make me wonder when people ask the “why is it ok for ‘Them’ to say it” question; Is that word something you actually want to use anyway?

      • Jaded

        So….having experienced discrimination first hand and knowing it’s effects on others, grants you the freedom to, in turn, discriminate against any group of individuals as you see fit? Because hate is the answer to hate right? OK. Just wanted to be clear.

      • You’re assuming that every application of “n****r” or “f****t” is used by minorities towards themselves in a hateful manner, which is a major problem right there. If you’re not part of that minority group, you haven’t a fucking hope in hell of getting all the contexts that can be attached to those words, so in the end all you have is an amazing amount of simplistic thinking and an amazing amount of arrogance to think you can instruct other people on how they should behave within their own culture, and how they should choose to deal with words today that were specifically derogatory and harmful to them, and not you.

        For once, it’s not about you – so stop trying to make it so. Is that clear enough?

      • Go to any majority black city or neighborhood and see how many blocks you can walk alone without being harassed or physically assaulted solely because you are white. We all don’t live in your lily white suburban world, so your premise that all white people everywhere should shut up because they can’t possibly understand what it’s like to be the victims of a racist majority is false.

      • First, being harassed because you’re white in a predominantly black neighborhood comes about as close to widespread oppression as a race as Lucille Bluth does feeling victimized because her Hispanic maid didn’t show up and she had to clean the toilets herself. Yeah, you can get beat up by racists of any race or creed for any trait you happen to have – but tell me just how deeply wounded you’re gonna feel if you’re called a “cracker” or “hetero” while that’s happening. Oh, the horror.

        Your little scenario also has fuck-all to do with the white and/or straight majority thinking they have the right to 1) complain about the use of derogatory terms used by a minority to members of that same minority, and 2) get all pissy because they can’t use those same terms because the other guys are doing it. If you’re a member of an entitled majority and find the word objectionable, don’t use it – but because you’re in that majority, you have to understand there will be contexts with the minority community where it works for them, and sorry, no, you won’t get to be a part of that.

        To continue to bitch about it your lack of access to use it means it’s still all about your sense of entitlement, no matter how you slice it.

      • Jaded

        If a minority uses a racist remark amongst the other people in that same minority, that’s their business. But how did that topic get injected into this discussion?

        Now you can say that cracker doesn’t hold the same connotation as the n-word. But I simply say to that…if you as a black man call me, a white man, a cracker, what is your intent when you say that? Is it not to be hateful? Whether it’s cracker or whitey or some made up fucking word, “gubaflergan”, it doesn’t matter the word. The point is that you’re being hateful when you address me in that manner. Just as I would be addressing you with the n-word.

        We’re talking about a person of one race using a term, intended to be hateful against another race. Input the variables however you want. White using ni**er against black. or Blue using &*^%$ against Red. It all equals bullshit. It doesn’t fucking matter. The point is it’s all wrong. One race does not have the right to alienate another race. Period. We, meaning everyone of all races, should not tolerate it no matter what race is doing it!

      • Racists are the devils douche

        Justifiable, you condone everything against the black race, but are more than OK with any form of negativity towards the white race. This is beyond hyper hypocritical. I just don’t get this line of thinking. You need to get out of the past, brother and realize this narrow minded focus isn’t going to help either side of the fence. This is what continues to drive a wedge between the racial divide.

      • Racists are the devils douche

        So justifiable, what exactly should white people do? Just shut up and do nothing going forward? Don’t have an opinion? Don’t have discussions? I just don’t get it. Your contempt for white people is apparent, but your hatred is being a bit hypocritical isn’t it? I get that black people had a rough go of it for quite some time in this country, but your attitude isn’t doing anything to help stabilize things for anybody.

      • No shit that you don’t get anything – it took you two posts to declare your utter ignorance a well as a pretty blatant bias, so economy of thought isn’t exactly your strong suit, either.

        First, the fact that you immediately tried to categorize what my race is in order to classify how my comments should be perceived says far more about your racist proclivities than it does about mine. Secondly, since when is saying that there are plenty of different contexts where blacks will use “n****r” towards each other, as well as how gays will use “f****t” than the white/straight majority will ever be privy to “condoning everything against the black race”? Extrapolate much, do we? I’ve said nothing about with writing minorities a pass to hate on anyone, but the particular weighted terminology you find so distressing is used in a fuck of a lot more contexts today than you, if you’re white, straight, or in any other way part of a majority that’s never had a history of oppression, is ever going to be able to grasp. Why this notion outrages you is your problem – maybe you should start dealing with that little bit of inherent arrogance, i.e. the appalling notion that someone who’s a part of the majority might actually be excluded from something, before you start blathering on any further about the “racial divide”.

        Because if there’s any teaching to be done to remove the use of those words from within a particular minority culture, it will come from within that culture, and not from some outraged white/straight person whose dainty, shell-like ears have never heard a racist or bigoted slur that carried any weight at all.

      • Racists are the devils douche

        Oh so I’m the ignorant one for asking you a legitimate question? You’re so full of vitriol in everything you say, the first things out of your mouth were just full of pure venom, dude. RELAX. Take a deep breath and try to have a CONVERSATION, without jumping to extremes, or is that just too much to ask from you?

        Please tell me where I was being “ignorant”, and where I was categorizing your race!? How am I racist again? Who’s the ignorant one exactly? You jump all over me for NOTHING, when the only point I was bringing up is we all need to work together to conquer the racial divide, not continually revert to systemic thinking about things that happened before our time. You’ve got some nerve calling me a racist, and the rest of the lot of negativity you spewed in your comments. I’m tired of trying to reason with people who won’t just have a conversation, but instead resort to spouting forth more negativity on top of an already negative topic.

        Until you realize wrong is wrong, and stop using a scale to determine, in your own skewed opinion, the levels of what some types of people are allowed to say and do, then you’ve already lost the battle my friend. You shout for equality, yet you deem the white man the devil in virtually everything you say. Ridiculous.

      • Opticzoom

        To: RATDD, Justi is a socio-path. Trying to reason with him/her/it as if he were sitting right in front of you will get you no where. Concede nothing to him. Grant him nothing. Make no apologies to him. Hold your opinions, popular or not and leave it at that. He will try tear you up for having the audacity to stand up to him, not unlike a cornered rabid dog. If you were to debate him in person, and he still acted this way, you would be hard pressed not to knock his teeth through the back of his thick skull. The only thing you can do is take his big snout rub and it into his sanctimonious bullshit like the bad doggie he is.

      • Dammit Fish! You ruined my joke…

      • If by “socio-path” you mean someone who pointed out what a jackhole you are, and then who heartily enjoyed it when you confirmed yourself to be a dicksmack with a room temperature IQ, then yeah. And it’s spelled “sociopath” – I know you’re comically ignorant of the real definition, but at least try to get that right.

        Seriously, anyone who responds to the phrase “that speaks volumes about you” by claiming they “did not use books” is already so fucked up the ass by having a 40 watt brain that mere existence is already its own punishment.

      • Kisses

        lol he said ‘he did not use books’ because YOU said,
        ” the fact that you actually tried to weigh the “evidence” here speaks volumes about you – and the fact that I’d use the pages in those books to wipe my ass with should tell you even more.”

        He wasn’t referring to your ‘volumes’, he was responding to you wiping your ass with non-existent book pages. But anyway.

      • Sorry, but asking me shit that I’ve already clearly expounded on elsewhere, sandwiched in between accusing me of jumping to extremes when you’ve already hysterically charged them with “condoning everything against the black race”, isn’t posing a “legitimate question”, so you can drop that disingenuous pose anytime now, because you suck at it. And no, I haven’t “deemed the white man as a devil in virtually everything” while ‘shouting for equality”. Seriously, are you off your meds or just always utterly devoid of any sense of reading comprehension? I’ve pointing out that racial or homophobic slurs against white and/or straight people carry no weight, and that people in an historically non-oppressed majority really don’t have any standing to weigh in on how people who’ve been on the receiving end of bigoted slurs choose to use them to change the impact they once had. How hard is that to grasp? You might want to take a look at what Jefferson said about the advisability of the majority not being allowed to make decisions that only impact the minority, because my argument is actually an extension of that.

        Of course, if you’d rather just take a ditheringly histrionic dive off the deep end because you either can’t cope with the idea that words often have context, and that no, you mightn’t be able to use all the words that minorities do with impunity, or just because of all the “negativity” that oooh, sorry, does tend to accompany the complexity of race and sexual discrimination in this country, then please – allow me to pack you an anvil and a few concrete blocks before you go.

      • Racists are the devils douche

        For fuck’s sake, that’s a hell of a high horse you’re on there, sir. There’s really no reasoning with you whatsoever, you seem to jumble everyone into one pile of a response, with no idea who you’re talking to.

        I’m not sure who made you the authority on all things race related, but I’m done trying to have a conversation when you’re nothing but a worthless piece of shit who just throws big words into the equation in an attempt to mask your obvious intellectual shortcomings. So on that note, a big FUCK YOU is in order. A big, giant FUCK YOU indeed. Oh and FUCK YOU, in case you missed it. Enjoy your weekend though!

    • There are plenty of white Floridians in the northern part of the state who embrace the term “Cracker.” Hell, it wasn’t so long ago (either 1990 or 1994) when Lawton Chiles, running for governor of Florida, said he was proud to call himself a Cracker.

      Now find me the black person who’s proud to call himself a n—er.

    • Sophia

      Yeah, except the word “cracker” basically refers to white slave owners who cracked whips. Not the same thing, idiot.

      • Nope, it doesn’t. Idiot, yourself – you need to research the etymology of the term, because TomFrank is absolutely right – it’s an inside term in that part of the country. There’s a reason Clinton publically referred to Chiles and the “cracker vote” in 2008 – and it’s not because he was talking about would-be plantation owners. In Georgia and the panhandle/northern part of Florida the term has historically been applied to poor whites of the sharecropper class – in other words, not the type of folks who would ever be in an economic position to own anyone, much less crack a whip. Cracked corn and the pone made from it was their diet staple, and people who’ve lived there for generations are proud to have hardscrabble roots, just as descendants of western pioneers have. So you will find a lot of hard-line democrats who are proud to think of themselves as crackers – it’s about as much of an insult there as calling someone in Wyoming a cowboy.

  3. Does this mean Fish is a black dude (aka Super-fly-ficial)??? Let’s look at the evidence. Sides with Trayvon Martin in the George ZImmerman case, sides with Chapelle is his latest shenanigans, generally likes Obama and bashes all things Republican, likes to post pics of Rihanna (whom I find attractive but not “hot”), just used the words “white people” in the 3rd person. BUT… he usually slams Chris Brown (whom most of the brothers generally support), is a huge sci-fi/comic book hero film geek, and grew up and went to school somewhere in Western PA which leads me to believe he’s more cracker than a bag of saltines. Is he black or white?

    • This should be obvious, but just in case, I’m a painfully white skinny nerd.

    • Echo5

      While I side with Zimmerman, think Chapelle is acting like a bitch, am not a fan of Obama or the flamboyantly gay, and hate Chris Brown with the fire of a thousand suns, I am neither black nor white.
      Yet at the same time, I can see why you would think he’s a gay black hipster rather than someone unreasonably burdened by white guilt.


      • Yeah, because God knows only someone who’s black would find Rihanna “hot”, let alone care that Zimmerman got off or bother to “side” with Chapelle against idiotic white people.

        Optic, the fact that you actually tried to weigh the “evidence” here speaks volumes about you – and the fact that I’d use the pages in those books to wipe my ass with should tell you even more.

      • I typed the “evidence” on a keyboard and did not use books.You can shove said keyboard up your ass after you get done wiping.

      • Jesus, your hair must get parted on a daily basis from all the shit that whistles right over your head. I’m guessing your skull must be worn down to eyebrow level by now.

      • How the hell are you justi, haven’t been the target of one of your self-righteous rants in a while. Glad to see not much has changed. Still getting your panties in a bunch when your delicate sensibilities are offended, aahh the memories. Carry on with your 1,000 word treatises that put people to sleep. Still trying to be both witty and funny and failing at both I see. Sweet dreams sweetie pie.

    • Saltines

      Fish is not a black guy, he is just simply a white “niggger lover”

      I noticed this when my friend got blocked from making comments after he called someone a niggger like a year ago.
      He made one comment to someone asshole guy being rude and he could never post again.

      Superficial is probably dating a black girl or has an african american fetish. Or his best friends are black.

      Or FIsh wishes he was black, something like that.
      He does side with blacks a lot more than any other race.
      Fish will makes jokes and trash white and latinos, but no one can touch black celebrities.

  4. SBDET

    I saw him in Detroit on Sunday and he was hillarious. The more I read and hear, it sounds like it was just a shit crowd in Connecticut. Or maybe the rest of us just had the benefit of knowing what would happen if we acted like a bunch of hooligans … we’d miss out on the show that we paid to see.

  5. Echo5

    Chapelle is upset because people recognize him for his most famous work? I wonder how many times Cuba Gooding Jr has had ‘Show me the money’ screamed in his face, Mark Hamill heard ‘Luke,I am your father’, or Christopher Walken gets to hear about cowbells? I have yet to hear of them losing their shit and they are more famous, have been famous longer, and have done more memorable work than Chappell.
    As far as race, he has every right to call himself whatever he wants, but as a Native American, if I address others as a ‘Plains Nigger’, I know I have no cause to point fingers at any other race that says it also. From my personal experience, Mexicans know that calling themselves ‘wetback beaners’ opens the floodgates, same with Vietnamese ‘Gooks’ and Middle Eastern ‘Sand Niggers’. Granted, I do not think that one black guy calling another black guy a nigger is a green light for me to call ALL blacks that, but if YOU call yourself that, I can also call you that by the definition of the term equality, which is what all races claim to want.

  6. Fuck white people! We suck!

  7. Fuck Dave Chappelle. He is not, nor has ever been, funny. Fuck him in the ass with a big rubber dick and then break it off and beat him to death with the rest of it.

  8. Echo5

    For whatever reason my original comment is not showing up so if this double posts, I apologize.
    I wonder how many times Cuba Gooding Jr gets ‘Shooooow me the Monaaaaay’ screamed in his face? Do you think Christopher Walken has never heard ‘more cowbell’ ad nauseum? How about Mark Hamill and ‘I am your father’? What do they all have in common?
    Despite having done many more memorable things outside of these scenes, this is what they are known for so this is what they are going to hear.
    I have yet to hear of any of them losing their shit and wishing death on a population. What would the reaction be if any of those 3 said they wished Harlem would be nuked?

    • I’d think that if any of those other people were performing a live show and were being interrupted repeatedly by loud, drunk, obnoxious idiots screaming over their performance, and commented afterwards in a joking way that they hoped that city got nuked by North Korea, we’d pretty much all get it that it was a joke born of frustration with dumbasses. Besides, have you ever been to Hartford? If it did get nuked, all you’d lose would be a shitload of self important dickheads.

      • Echo5

        I’ll take your word on Hartford, and agree about assuming he is joking about North Korea bombing them, but if a non-black said they should Nuke the town they were just in because of all of the young black alcoholics, would it be taken the same way?

  9. poor cracker

    ugh ugh ugh, first of all, i love this site. always a pick me up for my long days. but seriously, why in the world are all of these white people so afraid that black people are being allowed to “say” things that they can’t. look at the history of this country and ask who STILL gets to do more. it is not black people. get over that black folks can say ONE word that white people can’t. and whoever wrote that black people can say “f@ggot” needs to bone up on what happened over at that grey’s anatomy show. ugh ugh ugh boots

  10. Chapelle clearly had a psychotic break with reality several years ago. Whether it was too much strong weed, too much pressure, etc, it happened.

    Mentally stable people do not pace around in a charter plane mumbling, barge into the cockpit, grab the pilot, and force him to make an emergency landing.

    He call pull the race card, but he’s full of shit. So what if he got heckled, anyone that follows GOOD stand-up comedy ( I’m not talking about Jimmy Kimmel or any of the other network-manufactured douchebags) knows that crowd heckling and comedy go hand in hand.

    And to get pissed off and sit like stubborn 6 year old on a stool who refuses to not piss his pants because people are shouting “I’m Rick James bitch” is probably one of the biggest piss-poor excuses I’ve heard in a long, long time.

    I’ve seen Jimmy Norton and George Carlin eat hecklers alive in person. It’s an art form, and if you’ve made it to that level you’re a fucking artist at handling them.

    So he can pull the “white drunks” card and blame it on that, but he’s full of shit. He knows it, we know it, and everyone in the industry knows it. Get back on your meds Dave and go back to living in your underground shelter.

    • Please stop talking. For the love of God, please stop talking.

    • I have yet to see a comedy club line-up that includes “and also featuring a couple random drunk self-involved narcissistic assholes who want to insinuate themselves into the show and ruin it for the other people who have paid to see the headliners.”

      • I have yet to go to a comedy club that didn’t actually end up having exactly that. You must go to the same Amish country comedy clubs as fish, if you’ve never seen hecklers.

      • Didn’t say I’ve never seen them, I’ve never paid to see them. I hate hecklers. I’m not paying to see their stupid fucking asses. I don’t care what jokes they think are or aren’t funny and sure as shit don’t need a MST3K type rundown of a comics’ set. They should be kicked out for doing that shit.

        Go to any other live performance and directly fuck with the performer. Go yell lines from “Real Genius” at Val Kilmer while he’s doing his Mark Twain show. Think they’ll let you stay for the rest of the show?

  11. The thing I always loved about Chapelle was his talent for making light of what is typically considered very heavy shit. . The underlying message is that racism is an extension of being self -centered, which is something EVERYBODY has in common. (Listen to he whole clip, where he simultaneously admonishes and sympathizes with Michael Richardson).
    I sincerely believe he has done more to promote tolerance in this country than Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack Obama combined. Even if he is a fucking b@ldy.

    • This. Nothing gets solved by making pretend it doesn’t exist, or being too scared to speak about it openly. when people can mock and laugh about these issues openly, they can also discuss them openly, and then realize they have more in common with each other than they have differences. Screaming, yelling and putting people on the defensive just makes them want to fight back.

    • Echo5

      Though I never dug that deeply in to meanings I’ll agree with this, but You know, inserting an @ sign doesn’t make it hurt any less, you insensitive *&%$^**

  12. Fish, you can’t tell me that this thread is generating more clicks than an in-depth discussion about the giant “Infinity” crossover Marvel is putting out right now.

  13. ChezWhitey

    GUYS GUYS GUYS! What’s with all this petty squabbling and bickering? It’s unwarrented. It’s asinine. I mean come on!? We should all just be happy. After all, we own the Goddamn World…hahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!…CRACKER THAT BITCHES!

  14. SM

    I think what he said was rude because I am originally from Hartford (less than 15 minutes away from downtown) and the majority of my friends and family still reside in that general area (I moved away). I guess I can understand why he would say that, but its still offensive. Also, he wasn’t called any derogatory racial terms from the so-called “hecklers’, so I don’t understand why race is even such a big issue here. I dunno, I wasn’t there so I guess I cant side with him or against him. I just don’t like him saying he hopes Hartford gets nuked.

  15. tonguetied

    I live thirty miles east of Hartford. I wish they would bomb the place too.

  16. Lady Moustache

    I’m confused. What’s happened to my satirical, irreverent Superficial. Remember the name: Superficial. I’ve barely laughed all week.

    Sigh. It’s just like TV. SitComs that start out strong invariably end up being all earnest and self-righteous and vaguely tedious. Get over all of yourselves, including you, Fish. (God bless you — and by the way, I generally agree with your rants.)

  17. Brian

    I was there. None of that is true. The crowd wasn’t bad at all. It was if he decided before he stepped on stage that he was not going to perform.

  18. Bingo

    Dear Kim Jong Bung,
    I live one town over from Hartford, is there any way we can just bomb the hecklers in that crowd but not me? Will trade Dennis Rodman rookie card in return.

  19. dave’s been washed up for years. do i suspect he is a bigot? yep.

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