So Daryl Dixon Might Be Gay

August 15th, 2014 // 88 Comments
Daryl Dixon Norman Reedus Walking Dead

If you’re like me, you probably know a lot of rednecks who love The Walking Dead because of all the guns, and the zombies, and the guns, so those people are in for a treat when Daryl Dixon, the most badass character on the show, turns out to be gay. Here’s series creator Robert Kirkman talking to via Uproxx where commenters are already threatening to quit the show because they’re tired of “the gay agenda, man.”

When asked about the possibility that Daryl is gay Kirkman said, ‘All I can say is that it’s been discussed.’
‘We have very specific ideas about Daryl’s sexuality, or the seeming lack thereof, and if there’s ever a quiet period in the show where he’s not consistently distracted by crossbowing, we’ll tackle it in the show.’
When asked if that was something the show’s producers would allow, Kirkman replied, ‘For the record, they absolutely would.’

I really should’ve saved the America Boner for this post. Dammit. Anyway, here’s to what I’m sure will be an insightful discussion on how a stereotype-bending character on television’s highest-rated show is long overdue and not some progressive conspiracy to queer up your kids who are already half-gay from common core math anyway. Make me proud.

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  1. I don’t care how the producers want to spin his sexuality for whatever reason, if he dies, we riot.

  2. EMurphy

    Sucking dick must really be a drag during the zombie apocalypse

  3. Swearin

    Oh I get it, so whenever he fires a crossbow bolt into a zombie, he’s getting a sexual thrill imagining it was his boner piercing another man! F*cking gays and their agenda! Damn liberals and Jews running Hollywood! Keep your queer sh*t out of my basic cable horror/action shows!

  4. trendelenberg

    I’ve only watched until season 3, and weren’t they hinting at something between daryl and carol?

  5. rican

    He does have a rather gay haircut.

  6. JC

    Ferguson, MO, was a distraction, orchestrated by the gubmint, so Obummer and AMC could make Daryl gay AND take away all our crossbows. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

  7. Show of hands… does anyone really give a shit?

    • Not me. But I will throw in the random fact that less than 2% of the population are actually gay, yet you can’t watch TV without seeing gay characters. Just sayin’.

      • If you include all the LGBT population, it’s closer to 4%. And let’s do the math of what, 316 million people and 4%? 12.5 million people, approximately. Which means a whole lot of people. Why shouldn’t they be on television?

      • Assbestos

        Because 303.5 million don’t want to watch dudes kissing for ratings.

      • OK, then… over 40% of Americans own guns (I think that’s actually more like about 65%), so why isn’t gun ownership and usage featured? Other than in apocalyptic plot lines, I mean. How often do we see father and son and friends trundle off to the gun range? Instead, we’re led to believe that every third person is as gay as a jaybird. While I’ll assert that would be an improvement over a lot of things people actually are, at the same time, it’s obviously an attempt to normalize something that is about as common as celiac disease.

      • 1. Do you have problems with a man and a woman kissing? Because two people of the same sex kissing is exactly the same thing.

        2. People are gay. Deal with it. It’s like seeing a minority on television. Eventually it WILL be normalized, and no one will care. Because they exist, and there’s nothing weird about it.

        3. There are only certain situations where guns are used. People are gay all the time, not just whenever it’s needed. Besides, there are tons of shows that have guns in them. Guns actually are everywhere, if you haven’t noticed.

      • Man and woman does not equal same sex.
        That you think it needs to be “normalized” shows you know that.
        And it shows my point to be correct; the preponderance of gay characters is an attempt to manipulate us.

        LOL “normalize”. What a load of shit.

  8. Greg

    The gay thing is old and boring. I think it would be more ground breaking to have Daryl explore his inner necrophilia desires..

  9. RichPort

    Getting sodomized by Merle doesn’t make Daryl gay… that is unless he winked when Merle released his redneck roux down his willing throat…

  10. Why would gun-lovers care if the crossbow user turned out to be gay? I assumed he was shooting penises from that thing anyway.

  11. This is a travesty!

    Can’t my 4 year old son watch his favorite TV show without the risk of seeing two people love each other? Can you imagine what that imagery could do to a young person’s mind? He might be scarred for life.

  12. Short Round

    Never watched this show. Regardless, I don’t care if someone’s gay. I’ve decided what I want to do with my genitals a long time ago and I don’t feel I have the right to tell others what they should do with theirs. But I am getting tired of Hollywood shoving someone gay into ANY show lately. I don’t have the right to force my opinion on others they shouldn’t have the right either (in a perfect world).

    • JC

      I’ve never understood how “gay people exist” is somehow an opinion that’s being forced on anyone. It’s just a fact. In the U.S., about 1 in 25 people identify as LGBT, and in some areas (like big cities), it’s closer to 1 in 10 or higher. If you go from nothing but a cold, hard, statistical standpoint, having a show with a large cast and no gay characters just doesn’t reflect mathematical reality, much like “Girls”‘s all-white version of NYC doesn’t reflect reality.

    • Start a TV show, then you can force whatever you want into whatever you want. Right now, you are just a dude and no one cares.

    • You “decided” you were straight? Exactly how many dudes did you fuck before you came to that decision? And what kind of thought went into this decision to be straight? Were there graphs and pie charts involved?

      • Short Round

        No need to be so coy if natural instinct wasn’t enough for you to decide. I’m always glad to help so I did some research and here is my advice to you. Forget graphs, use a form of differential association. I hope you’ll feel better once you decide whether you’re the pin or the cushion. Good luck!

  13. beer for thought

    Seriously? ultimately I just don’t like the idea of it. Why should it even matter what sexuality he is? Meaning, why do they need to bring it into the show at all? I think turning a character, who is hands-down everyone’s favorite, into a “message” or whatever, rather then just let him be the awesomeness that he is, will just further lessen the already diminishing quality of the show. Please don’t do this guys….not because it’s a “gay” thing, but just because… why?

    • They should bring it into the show in the same way they “bring” heterosexual relationships into the show. Do you not like the idea of them showing heterosexual relationships? Should this show or any show be devoid of any sexual relationships at all?

      • beer for thought

        Maybe, since they have all been pretty shitty so far and we could have done without most of them (with the obvious exception of Glen and Maggie) The governor and Andrea story line being so bad that it might actually be better than that, mind you, IF they play it right. I think it would just seem too contrived and seem like a desperate move for the show as of now if Daryl is revealed as gay this late in the game. To bring that in now would be a bad idea IMO I think it would be better to keep it a mystery for whoever cares. Still not as bad as if they killed him though!

    • so, you’ve never seen a dramatic show where the relationship between characters can change the way they act/react? And here’s the issue: you think someone being gay is sending a “message’, so much so that you put “message” in quotes. Or can’t gay people be the awesomeness? If they said they were going to up the relationship between Daryl and Carol, would you be okay with that “message” or would you just be like, “whatever, that’s a relationship.” Cause if that’s the case, you’re a homophobe and should prolly deal with that before wondering what “message” a fucking FICTIONAL CHARACTER is trying to force into your brain.

      • beer for thought

        Of course it would be a message, not a bad one, it would show that gay people can be bad asses too YAY…. it’s still a message in the same way that it always is in television. Not that long ago it was considered very controversial to do that, now that it has been done everyone is jumping on that bandwagon to join in and boost ratings and look politically correct, and if you don’t realize that, then YOU need some help. I have gay friends who are absolutely the awesome, but you obviously can’t see how this is an unnecessary move that will look bad on the show IMO.

      • Oh, you have gay friends! You should have said! That’s like a Get Out of Bigotry Free card when it comes to saying tone deaf things about minorities!

      • beer for thought

        Oh get over yourself. Call me a homophobe all you want, I can have opinions based on a fictional character on a TV show without being one, my thoughts on this are the same as if they jumped the shark any other way. Because that is how this will be seen, they really have to play this right for it to work and I really hope they do if this is where it’s going. Just because it’s a gay thing turns it into a whole new can of worms, I’m just calling a spade a spade even if it happens to be a gay spade.

      • Bob

        “why do they need to bring it into the show at all”
        What if they made him heterosexual? Would you still be upset that they brought into it.?
        For the record, I’m not calling you a homophobe – unless your answer is NO.

      • beer for thought

        NO see what I said in my first post ‘Why should it even matter what sexuality he is? Meaning, why do they need to bring it into the show at all?”
        Meaning ANYTHING. Why does Daryl’s sexuality need to be explored AT ALL it hasn’t been so far, why do it now…in season 5…main reason being WHO CARES. .

      • You kind of just said it yourself. Why SHOULD it matter what his sexuality is? The fact that you have a problem with it means that people need to think about who they react to non-heterosexuality. Gay people exist, and having one on a show isn’t a ratings booster. It’s reality.

      • So that they can show us the sticky sex of people who never bathe, like they kept doing in season one. It was gross, but it is a horror program. ;)

      • beer for thought

        Oh and by the way I wouldn’t be “upset” if they did make him gay, it’s a TV show… they can do whatever they want, as long as it’s still good. This is what happens when you argue with people on the internet.

      • Maybe beer for thought just prefers his zombie shows to be pure action because he gets enough drama from this site.

      • beer for thought

        I am a SHE and yes, this went way too far….

      • Sorry about the gender assumption. Apparently, you may not be homophobic, but that doesn’t mean I’m not sexist.

  14. I’m utterly grossed out by this.

    Not because of the gay thing, but because none of these people have had a shower in like two years. None of them have any business having sex with anyone.

  15. satan'srighthand74

    Well this would explain what Rick means when he says he is doing stuff. And things… and check out the Honest Trailer to the Walking Dead if you haven’t seen it yet. HILARIOUS

  16. I’mma let ya’ll finish, but Omar Little is the best Gay TV Badass of all time.

  17. Bob

    I’m only casual watcher, so I’m not too invested in ANY of the characters, so I don’t really care who’s straight or gay, but..
    I hope they make him gay just so I can watch the bigoted a-holes heads’ explode.

  18. Why the hell people are asking Kirkman whether or not Darryl’s gay
    HE DIDN’T EVEN CREATE THE CHARACTER! Shouldn’t we ask Frank Darabont and Jack LoGiudice instead – they probably know, better than anybody, whether or not the guy THEY CREATED is gay!?

    • beer for thought

      YES! If they created him gay why are they holding it back until now? THAT is my point…if he has been gay all along why build up so much suspense and speculation? To sensationalize it like every other goddamn show. That to me seems offensive and in bad taste, this is where I was going with what I said earlier but as soon as something “anti gay” is assumed people freak the fuck out.

      • Who says they were holding anything back? Why could he not be gay the whole time, but no one noticed until he liked a particular dude, which took awhile to find -like all good men?

  19. JimBB

    I didn’t quit the show because he’s gay. I quit the show because it’s gotten boring, tiresome, and repetitive.

  20. Mike Walker

    Making him gay will kill off a lot of his rabid female fanbase, so it won’t happen.

  21. shutupandsing

    Please, please don’t turn another great show into some leftists
    soap box. Let the leftists wallow in their fake gay pride somewhere
    else. I watch the show for the action and zombies, not the social
    commentary of the lost left.

    shut the fuck up and sing

  22. “Lefty lefty left left, git ‘er done, I got a rifle, boohoooo a black prezdent.”
    That was the Cliff’s Notes.

    • Cher X

      Don’t forget dem darn Muslims, cause they ain’t good Christians like us…..Now excuse me as I go and terrorize a busload of children.

  23. Aunt Jemima

    So is he going to die of AIDS, some other STD, or a zombie bite first?

  24. Didn’t the actor talk about Daryl being asexual? I thought that would be interesting. Anyway, just don’t kill him off or royally fuck up the character.

  25. Dave Bardely

    This is quite disturbing. I have NEVER seen him do anything even slightly homosexual! He doesn’t talk like a homosexual, and he doesn’t act effeminate. I have never seen him mess with the young boy, or look at him funny. He is masculine and brave, and even kind of “right wing” He is not afraid to kill, and has no mercy. There is no way Daryl has homosexuality! If the writers think they have to put a gay in the show, to satisfy the PC censors they are wrong. Gays don’t even like the walking dead. Luckily Bible thumpers dont either, so its a wash, unless they are just going for publicity or controversy.

  26. ed

    I am hereby blocking all homosexual TV shows with my vchip, so my kids wont be exposed to this filth. Anyone know how to block homosexual and pedophile content on netflix?

  27. Joe Terci

    No, that’s not correct Jeezer. Go to Settings, Your preferences, Genres, and remove Gay and Lesbian. Check the box Never.

    As far as pedophile content. There are only two that I know of, and there isn’t a Genre to block. “Are all men Pedophiles” and “Toddlers and Tiaras”. You cannot block them.

    The only other way is to lower their account to child, and then homosexual and pedo shows should automatically be blocked (but then Walking dead will be blocked too)

  28. Tracy Perssons

    If they make him get homosexuality, I will no longer watch the show. You dont go your whole life normal, and then all of a sudden go homosexual. Sandusky, Richard Simmons and Ru Paul had homosexuality their whole lives. It doesn’t come on suddenly!

  29. Hmm

    I watched 2 episodes of this show and it was fucking awful and boring. All I know is when I see this dude I think he is Eddie Furlong.

  30. TinaTuna

    At this point, I think his asexuality does more for the story line than if they were to make him choose a side. You were left wondering if there was something between him and Carol, then between him and Beth. Now that they’ve thrown this out there, fans will be watching any interaction with any new male character closely. Leave some mystery to things. I will note that they brought in Tara last season, who’s a lesbian. Where were the redneck riots over that?

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