‘Daredevil’ Has A New Trailer

So far today I’ve posted Jessie Nizewitz’s uncensored vagina and Lindsay Lohan topless, so technically I could take a nap right now and wake up sometime tomorrow afternoon. Instead, I’m going to make you look at things I can’t shut up about like the new trailer for Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix which is starting to look more and more like Marvel turned The Dark Knight into a 13-episode show with motherfucking ninjas and Vincent D’Onofrio. So you either just squirmed in your seat reading that, or you clapped your vagina shut and ran screaming out of the room. There’s no in-between. Now go away, this next part isn’t for you. Seriously, no looking:

(If you’re Hilary Duff and did that first part, I’ve been outside the whole time. We should do tapas.)

Photo: Marvel