Danny DeVito is an adorable drunk

June 11th, 2009 // 47 Comments

Here’s Danny DeVito drunk off his ass during a morning show interview on the set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I don’t know why I’m posting this besides the fact I respect a man who gets drunk at 8 a.m. and looks ready to shove his midget head up a reporter’s skirt at any moment because he’s old and people will think it’s cute. — I really need to age faster. C’mon, senility…


  1. Me, me!


  2. danny your so awesome.

  3. Zanna

    This balances out the bullshit in Pennsylvania from Jon & Kate Plus 8.


  4. Nar

    I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Good show.


  5. the "actually" guy

    Actually I don’t think he’s drunk – he just sounds like a genuine Philly resident.

  6. the "actually" guy

    Actually I don’t think he’s drunk – he just sounds like a genuine Philly resident.

  7. Someone needs to put a bullet in that reporter’s head! My God she is annoying!

  8. meee

    hahahaha awesome

  9. DR

    Anyone who’s watched the show knows he’s in character. This is publicity.

  10. p0nk

    did he do his “chingy chongy” routine again?

  11. tyrone and johnson

    anyone else get the idea this is a publicity stunt? Tyrone and Johnson do.

  12. dude

    I hope that reporter was fired. She was horrible.

    ASIP rocks!

  13. Tyrone & Johnson

    Tyrone & Johnson also think this is a lame publicity stunt

  14. Portland

    That reporter is hot! Lets see more (wink wink) of her!

  15. He’s OBVIOUSLY in character…and yes, Always Sunny is like easily the funniest show on TV right now…

  16. Danny

    @2: my so awesome?

  17. mikeock


  18. later, boners

    best show since seinfeld, hands down.

  19. Cassy Opea

    This guy’s talented how? Like he said, he is genetic garbage. and drunk to boot!

  20. Can you blame him? Look at these idiot local news people. They can’t ask an intelligent question, and on top of that, her voice is a cross between Joy from the view and a fork on a chalkboard…. also, I think it’s a stunt…


  21. pepe la PEWPEW


  22. Deacon Jones

    Way to go Danny, way to represent my hometown!

    I’m going to get high and watch the 10 pm rebroadcast of this and laugh my ass off even harder.

  23. Superbiggerevil

    Long live Louie DePalma!

  24. Way to go danny! Regardless of if he’s really drunk or in character, either way i think it’s great.


  25. Alex

    When I grow up, I want to be 3 feet shorter and be Danny DeVito

  26. eric

    lol @ easy access

  27. Dick

    Drunk and/or method acting, at least Danny has an excuse for his behavior. As for the Fox 29 local “talent”? None.

  28. Well, it totally fits in with his character in the show…

  29. Lol ive gotta start watching this show

  30. ___

    Love DeVito. He doesn’t give a fuck. And what a great show by the way. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

  31. dawnalex

    He has been drunk a number of times on television. It’s not ‘cute’ anymore, It’s just another guy with a drinking problem.

  32. Typical Philadelphians are drunk by 8 AM, at least the ones in fishtown are. Dawnalex, with no consequences or unmanageability of life it isn’t, you should go to a meeting loser.

  33. Martybops

    i love the line at the end, about people on the bridge stuck in traffic going to work wanting a beer. really, whats more insane…drinking and partying all day or being stuck in traffic.

  34. Sushi

    Wow……. its a ALCOHOLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. lori

    I can’t believe how many deluded people are on this site who can’t see what a completely disgusting, debached, drunken ass Danny DeVito made out of himself. How insane is a country when people normalize, laugh at and condone alcoholic behavior like this? Pretty freakin’ insane.

  36. maryjade

    hell yes. i can’t wait for the new season of Always Sunny.

    Charlie <3

  37. jaime

    when is the show returning!??
    been waiting forever now.. (8 months)

  38. Fuck U

    Go Danny!

  39. Insatiable Peter

    If I had to be on a crap set and appear on a mangy morning show in Philadelphia, I’d be shit-faced off tequila by six and walk around pantless with a batch of balloons.

  40. miles

    i love the show, but in this video danny devito is definitively not drunk. i guess they just wanted a funny interview, and to be honest, even if he wudnt be faking it, he wud b far away from “drunk of his ass”

    well anyways…

  41. 2for2true

    Easily the funniest show on TV now. Can’t wait for the new season to begin.

  42. Rhialto

    Normally Danny Devito is behaving himself because it’s barely i see him posted here! So,what happened?

  43. bitingontinfoil

    “You’re the only man I can look down to…at 3 feet tall!”


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