Danny Bonaduce throws Jonny Fairplay on his face

October 3rd, 2007 // 157 Comments

Danny Bonaduce threw Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay last night while Fairplay was introducing an award at the FOX Reality Really Awards. Fairplay was getting booed by the audience and when Bonaduce got on stage to let him know he sucked, Fairplay decided this would be a good time to jump on Danny and hump him. Apparently Danny disagreed, because he dropped Fairplay on his face, causing him to lose a few teeth and break a toe. Although I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. It’s not like Danny Bonaduce kicked a box of kittens down the stairs. When somebody jumps on your face and humps you, you throw them off. That’s what you do. If anything somebody should be giving Danny Bonaduce an award. An Academy Award. For acting. Or a Nobel Prize? I dunno. What am I, some sort of awards expert?

NOTE: The video contains a small amount of violence. If it offends you, you might want to get off the internet and go back to your coloring book.

UPDATE: America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry says on her blog that she’s responsible for the fight and that she’s the one who encouraged Danny Bonaduce to go up on stage. And really, how can you not take the word of a woman who looks this intelligent:


  1. Rueban Kincaid

    Damnit Danny control yourself. And first maybe?

  2. ssdd

    Am I first? I don’t give a shit.

    Anywho I’m glad this dick straddling creep got what he deserved!!!
    Video is hilarious! LOL

  3. Susanna

    How dramatic and thrilling.

  4. Andrew C

    Classic. I wish somebody had done that to Brittney at the VMA’s.

  5. lux

    Adrien Curry put him up to it. She blogged about it on her myspace.

  6. adeliza

    What a bunch of hosers.
    And any way. What the fucks up with an awards show for stupid ass reality shows. What are the categories?
    Which show is the least real?

  7. Nikk

    Ooof. Damn, Danny…

  8. amos

    Danny kicks ASS! he’s also funny on the adam carolla show, if anyone listens. way to be danny!….now if only he would do this to andy dick…

  9. Richard

    This is worse than when Bush was talking about how “No Child Left Behind” was a success by stating “Childrens do learn.” I weep for our country.

  10. Triana

    DannyBonaduce has done some screwed up things before…. this isnt one of them.

  11. bob

    That was awesome! Danny is the man!

  12. Dirty

    HAHAHAHAHA Danny is the man. He simply did what everyone was hoping would happen.

  13. boo

    Maybe Adrienne will leave the Brady kid for the Partridge kid

  14. The Clap

    I agree with #11… Who and Who?

    Never heard of them, get some better stories TS. Stories people actually care about and know who it’s about.

  15. Andrew C

    Rule number one… Don’t fuck with former child stars.

  16. El-Coyote

    Looks staged to me… Tardo just didn’t stick the landing….

    If not… I guess that is Danny being Danny.

  17. JrsyGrl

    That’s awesome. I don’t think it’s staged. If it were, Jonny Fairplay wouldn’t have slunk off stage.

  18. combustion8

    man did he ever get owned…. I still dont understand why people hate reality tv.. it rules!!!

  19. Riotboy

    That was tooo cool.

    /hates Jonny Fariplay
    //see you next fall

  20. Oh man, Jonny completely and totally deserved that! What was he thinking? Seriously…

    (Vote, chat, and review on http://www.discuss-beauty.blogspot.com)

  21. Tom

    This is good. We need more reality star on reality star violence. MUCH more.

  22. PunkA

    The saddest thing about that whole post is the fact that Peter Brady gets to hit it all night long with Adriana Curry. BASTARD.

  23. jeanna

    it’s like.. housing all the pathetic losers who try for fame in one room.

    johnny F. is creepy looking like a chinese mouse and danny is an over steroid pumper that needs to stay out of the sun.

    this is gold. sad and nasty gold. lol.

    when i read it on her blog, i thought it read that he put johnny in a headlock and made him mad.

    but clearly all johnny’s fault. ha

  24. mamadough

    that was fucking awesome. i wish he would do that at least once to every single celebrity. make that a 1 hour special once a week, tossing assholes over his head.


    Like this is something to be proud of

  26. robin24

    LOL @ 25.

    That’ be sweet.

  27. Binky

    My sources are saying Jeff Probst got Bonnadouchy to do it.
    ( Fox and ‘reality’ is a true oxymoron)

  28. Andrew C


    Did you guys see this video of Fairplay after the incident? He looks like a battered house-wife. I thought he was gonna start crying. Also when he smiles it looks like they replaced one of his teeth with a chiclet ™.

  29. Danklin24

    I’m not sure who’s side to take here. They’re both complete assface douchebags but Bravo did have it coming. Is he a fag? im thinking so.

  30. TS

    HA!! Jonny ran off like a little bitch. What a homo.

  31. BunnyButt

    Brit, the exercise is obviously doing wonders, but you still forgot to put your clothes on before leaving the house.

    Oh, wait. This isn’t Britney???

    BTW, if this guy dry humped on me like he did with Bonaduce, he’d be wearing his testicles around his neck.

  32. shubs


    love the way his flip flop falls off and he slowly gets up and walks off

  33. Klepto

    Fuckin Awesome. rofl

  34. Danklin24

    I mean Fairplay. lol

  35. This is Danny’s fault how?! Fairplay jumped on him! Playful or not, he jumped, uninvited. And he got tossed. No one’s fault but his own. Truthfully, he needed his teeth knocked out LONG ago.

  36. lizl

    poor guy.

  37. MeanMofo

    Now you know Danny B. is going to get sued for this. My next comment has nothing to do with the video, but I still can’t belive Peter Brady gets to bump uglies with Adrianne Curry. She’s odd but that woman is fiiieeeiiine!!

  38. Jonny Fairplay is a fairy and loves cock

    Douchebag -vs- Douchebag

    But there really aren’t many people that Danny Partridge could do try that on and get away with it. Women, children, fairies, eunochs, robotic maids, cocker spaniels etc etc. Oh, and sissy boys as we saw in the video. Shit, there are wome and children all over the place who could mop the floor up with Danny Douchebag Partridge. A weakling gave him a photo/video opportunity and he jumped on it! Kinda like Beaver Cleaver slam dunking Peewee Herman. A gerbil could whip that Jonny Fairryplay! Oh wait, I remember reading once that a gerbil did whip him.

  39. LL

    Was this a douchebag convention? The thing had the word “Reality” in it? Yep, it’s a douchebag convention. Little-known fact: Bonaduce is Italian for “douchebag.” The other people involved I’ve never heard of, so who cares what happens to them. Where’s a terrorist attack when you need one? Al Qaeda killed tons of hard-working people on Sept. 11, and yet these douchebags still walk the earth. That’s the real tragedy.

    C’mon, Al Qaeda. Get on the stick. If you need a map or directions to find these people, just leave a coded message here. I’ll know it when I see it.

  40. spoofy mcgillicutty

    Pretty fuckin rough, that dick may have deserved the pummeling, but come on Danny, this manboy is gonna want some of those medical expenses paid for to be sure. Made for some great TV though, so Ill kick in five bucks if’n you need it.

  41. Catherine

    i love how he adds the skanky pics of Adrianne Curry at the end

  42. MK The Interlectual

    Did that Adrianna thing go to wherever the fcuk she was going wearing A BIKINI?

  43. Bella

    Seriously, why the fuck woul you hump someone because you can’t captivate an audienc? He deservesto be tossed (he is the jackass on Survivor who pretended his grandmother died).

  44. #26, there’s nothing that can help her career.

    And I’m with the Fish. Someone jumps on you like a moron, you flip them ass over teakettle and shrug. Works for me.

  45. mmmmmmmmhm

    “love the way his flip flop falls off and he slowly gets up and walks off”


  46. YouWish

    About damn time that someone broke that little nutsucker’s teeth out!

  47. aury

    LMMFAO. niiice… XD

  48. Nikk

    Ha, great. Freaking Fairplay is a douch. But you know he’ll sue now and try and make money off it. Fucking looser.

  49. I wish we knew what he was gettin’ boo’d for!

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