Danny Bonaduce throws Jonny Fairplay on his face

Danny Bonaduce threw Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay last night while Fairplay was introducing an award at the FOX Reality Really Awards. Fairplay was getting booed by the audience and when Bonaduce got on stage to let him know he sucked, Fairplay decided this would be a good time to jump on Danny and hump him. Apparently Danny disagreed, because he dropped Fairplay on his face, causing him to lose a few teeth and break a toe. Although I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. It’s not like Danny Bonaduce kicked a box of kittens down the stairs. When somebody jumps on your face and humps you, you throw them off. That’s what you do. If anything somebody should be giving Danny Bonaduce an award. An Academy Award. For acting. Or a Nobel Prize? I dunno. What am I, some sort of awards expert?

NOTE: The video contains a small amount of violence. If it offends you, you might want to get off the internet and go back to your coloring book.

UPDATE: America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry says on her blog that she’s responsible for the fight and that she’s the one who encouraged Danny Bonaduce to go up on stage. And really, how can you not take the word of a woman who looks this intelligent: