Danny Bonaduce is a freak of nature

February 1st, 2007 // 155 Comments




  1. ha ha…they always try to look the worst so people can do the whole ‘what the fuck happened’ thing!

  2. Narcissist

    I like the girl to the left. She’s crazee pretty.

    Man, Bonerdouche looks like a Batman suit, but in freckled orange color instead of black. He should go talk to Sambora, The Lobsta-Walrus Man. Sambora looks like a silicone breast implant, but in pink instead of clear.

    Denise Richards flashes her labia to The Lobsta-Walrus creature

  3. Tim Ellis

    you’re right! where the fuck is his navel

  4. jil

    I HATE danny bonaduce. How DARE you treat the mother of your children like that and be a total loser your whole marriage and then when she comes on your show you make her look like a fool and embarrass her in front of everyone. AND to all the listeners or people out there that takes dannys side AT ALL you are all LOSERS. She went through so much hell for 18yrs and you guys listen to a stupid fuck that lied his whole marriage to a women HE ADMITS is a good women. EVEN a man like Danny that can admit she is a good women is amazing because if I was married to him i would WANT him to say I wasn’t a good wife because NO women she be good to a freak like that

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