Danny Bonaduce is a freak of nature

February 1st, 2007 // 155 Comments




  1. GG1000

    His head is just freakishly large for his body…I’m going to have nightmares about juiced-up, gravel-voiced hobbits invading my gym. Gack.

  2. 86


    Heh heh heh huh uhhh huh huh.


  3. Juliabella

    to all of you wondering about his belly button:
    a friend of mine had an operation for his heart at 3 months old and they had to cut through the belly button so, the result of that many years later is that he has no belly button. That’s probably his case too…someone will have to google on that one!

  4. Angry Ferret Jones

    Bona-Douche-Bag had a radio show for about here in AZ. It sucked so bad they shut the radio station down. They should have burnt that fucking thing to the ground. With him in it.

    Now the useless piece of washed-up psychosis is slowly sucking the life from the Adam Carolla show.

    I fucking hate your guts Danny. I wish the fucking Partridge family bus would have gone off a goddamn cliff with the whole family in it.

    Wait, except for Susan Dey. I would hit that shit like a deer on the highway.

  5. The medical explanation as to why he exhibits no navel is actually quite simple – he was a butthole baby. Rather than blossoming in a womb, he accumulated in an impacted colon. For lack of better words, his mother shit him out and forgot to flush. The look I believe he is going for sans shirt is “Lucifer as a faggot”. It is my understanding such a fashion statement was quite popular in Parisian bath houses circa 1869.

  6. ph7

    Thinking ‘d like to bang that chick on the left.

  7. Paris_is_a_piece_of_shit

    #84 – ummmm, what does chuck norris’ (who is 66 by the way) preacher have to do with anything? who fucking cares? my point was that bonaduce studied under one of the most accomplished if not THEEEE most accomplished martial artists ever (and i’m not saying bruce lee wasn’t bad ass). all of the people criticizing bonaduce’s size would probably piss their pants if they were confronted by him – including you. and for the record i’m not really a norris fan or a bonaduce fan.

    what “world wrestling” matches are you talking about? are you talking about the WWE? if you are, that’s another completely irrelevant topic you’ve entered into the conversation along with the in-depth research you’ve provided on norris’ preacher. bonaduce is a black belt in 4 martial arts styles and won international championships in the early 80′s. and by the way, norris was basically a retired fighter when he started acting…..he was well past his prime when he starting appearing in movies/tv.

  8. elizabeththewellread

    I can’t believe that with all this man’s problems and unattractive features, he is deliberately adding sun damage to the list.

  9. Paris_is_a_piece_of_shit

    did he show up shirtless because it was a fitness event???

  10. skilzaw

    he’s admitted to liposuction & botox, I would think the lack of belly button is the result of a tummy tuck.

  11. Paris_is_a_piece_of_shit


    according to imdb, norris divorced his first wife in 1989…..that would be YEARS and YEARS after being financially set for life….and i bet she made out pretty well in the divorce. are you his ex-wife or something? lol

    you sound bitter.

  12. Paris_is_a_piece_of_shit


    according to imdb, norris divorced his first wife in 1989…..that would be YEARS and YEARS after being financially set for life….and i bet she made out pretty well in the divorce. are you his ex-wife or something? lol

    you sound bitter.

  13. Iamheasyouareheasyouaremeandwearealltogether

    that can’t be the real ferret, there’s no link to his blog! fish is boring (again) – let’s all go to ferret’s!

  14. jagorf

    What a fuckin tweaker – looks like he fell into to his tub while cookin up a batch and trying to fuck his sister in the azz – i guess he is talented after all.

  15. whitegold

    hehe #11 – a new “leash” on life…that’s funny, even if it wasn’t meant to be ;o)

  16. NipseyRussell

    #27 – My thoughts exactly.

    Someone fused Willie Nelsons grizzled head to a pan-fried Abercrombie model’s body.

  17. misanthrope

    Why do guys think this look is sexy? Sometimes muscles don’t work. Bodybuilders are gross. There’s a stopping point. Some muscle is good. Great in fact. Danny’s face isn’t helping anything. I’m sure he thought getting muscles was gonna draw the eyes away from the face. Really it just induces vomit.

  18. BarbadoSlim

    ffffft, ffffffffft, ffffffffft,

    Febreze baybee, febreze.


    peee ewww

  19. misanthrope

    @118… He does look stinky. Those gals are trying not to breathe.

  20. sharpei dude

    Hey……wasn’t this guy in “Bumfights”???

  21. DForst

    Does this guy not have a belly button or is it just me?

  22. funnygator

    He’ll be 48 in August – he’s closer to 50 than 40, nimrods.

    And the hell with how HE looks… what’s with the mother-daughter combo (my guess) – THAT’s who catches MY attention.

  23. The real news here, is that there’s such a thing as “podfitness.com”

  24. cole007


    He’s eating those wafers, and I think he said so on Howard Stern. just a matter of time before he kills someone. it’s gonna be fun and probably nasty. …like Cartman and the Scott Tenorman must die episode.

  25. anothershityear

    #105 lmao

  26. Shelley Bonnechance

    Ohhhh, geeez…..

    My husband and I grew up in “The Partridge Family” generation and we tried watching “Taming Bonaduce” or whatever it was called because every time we watched it, I ended up bawling my head off.

  27. Shelley Bonnechance

    Errrmm…I meant to say we had to stop watching the show. It made me too sad.

    And it was “Breaking Bonaduce.” Not “Taming.”

    Geez. What a long week it’s been.

  28. #38

    Why? Because he beats up women?

  29. woodhorse

    #64, you only think so because he is a better conversationist than the horse. But congrats on sleeping your way up the social ladder. #107 I apologize for my pathetic and inept attempt to show that birds of a feather flock together (no pun intended). I will fully submit to having my ass kicked by Bonaduce and furthermore, I will offer no resistance. I only make a few requests: (1) that he wears that same “outfit” (2) that he add a bow tie and bowler hat and (3) that he doesn’t run over me with his giant tricycle.

  30. wedgeone

    #70 & 75 – According to imdb.com, Dan was born “13 August 1959 (in) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA”
    That would make him 48, as posted in #81 & 122. 48 is not barely 40. 48 is almost 50.

    You are right that from the neck up he’s a trainwreck. But his physique is first rate for his age.

    And the two broads are the centerpiece of this photo op. The both need banged for a very long time. Preferably by me.

  31. RichPort

    I’d fuck the freckles off of him.

  32. RichPort

    130. With a strap-on, sin duda ;^)

  33. Ryan

    i’m pretty sure the girl on the right is teresa strasser… used to be the host on the TLC show “while you were out”.

  34. Kate

    Just because you were famous as a child doesn’t mean you should remain famous. This guy is such a freak and entirely too creepy to pay attention to. Don’t encourage him. Let him fade away like Britney and Paris.

  35. sid

    Hey, his eyes really don’t line up. Grab a pic in Explorer like you’re gonna save it, and move the top of it to his face like a ruler..that’s how it works with my G3 Mac using IE.

    And, yeah, his head is too big for his body; this is getting more gross all the time.

    If he ever “won” any matches wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in 1981, they gave them to him to draw interest to the sport. Not like he ever won the Olympics, the pampered little Hollywood roid-ducking pigfucker.


    …he does seem tailor-made for some kind of a role, I just don’t know what it is. You people are no help.

    I’m gonna go search for his official website, if he has one. He should have this thread forwarded to him.

  36. sid

    Well, he has no official website. Either that or I’m spelling the ginger creep’s name wrong. But, I did find this, a youtube of Danny telling John Conner to fuck off:

    Danny doesn’t like 911 conspiracy theorists.

  37. Hosting Dude

    That belly button thing is weird and gross, and so are the bulging veins.

  38. ohyeahallie

    where’s his belly button?

  39. sid

    Notice that big, fat, leather watchband?

    That means he’s gay and into the rough stuff.

  40. Nurse Kellie

    Is this the red oompa loompa that makes red licorice??

  41. woodhorse

    #131 if he doesn’t have a belly button, what makes you think he has an asshole? He could just swallow his food for awhile and then regurgitate after the nutrients have been absorbed. #33 is correct: he was not born of a woman. He is devil spawn. If he makes you that HAWT, you will have to settle for a blow job.

  42. sid

    140: Hee hee! Thanks. You squeezed one more good joke in before this gets wiped on Monday :)

    As for me, I’ll say that the only good role Danny can play is a maniacal wife-beater.

    And, that he pretty much is indicative of the kind of people who still believe the government’s version of 911.

  43. AnnoyingPseud

    Ugh, I stand corrected on this Douchebag’s age – he **is** closer to 50 than 40. Scary thought is that we were born the same year….and to whomever asked if I were his wife due to my rant…pulease! Reading his IMDB bio, it’s clear that this guy has a huge ego but is also self-aware about his ridiculous vices. And doesn’t give a shit about the effects his sociopath behavior has on his children[very damaging]. For that alone he needs to be dropped onto a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific.

    About his show – only caught the Season 1 eps. Couldn’t bear to deal w/more the following year. his wife Gretchen is utterly codependent on this guy’s neverending bullshit drama-mobile. I can’t imagine that anyone sane would stay with him. A smarter woman would divorce him, get a Peace Order along with sole custody and move somewhere and change her name. I’ve met women like her in domestic violence counselling groups. These women literally don’t have any courage or spine. They let these narcissistic assholes walk all over them with the asshole’s “Fuck You Shoes”. It makes me sick.

    In 20 years, we’ll be reading an autobiography from one or both of his poor kids, who’ll end up the Paris Hilton’s of their day. They’re little train wrecks in the making. I’ve seen this shit in the DV group…and these kids are doomed. How fucking sad.

    Bonadouchebag needs to just OD already and spare us and his family his sico-dramas.

  44. sloshr

    the girl on the right is Teresa Strasser, fellow co-host of the Adam Corolla show.

    I don’t know who the one on the left is.


  45. ImaCracka

    I dunno where Hobo’s work out… but that dude is cut …… not bad for the shit he has been through……

    thats it.. Im ordering a Bowflex, gonna stop banging my sister and maybe move out of my moms basement.

    I’m inspired!!!!

  46. licklick

    Fucking midgets always think they have to prove something. Shit, he’d have to stand on a chair before he could do a real person any damage.

    And he is so butt ugly.

  47. PunjabPete

    If you know people who hate Danny Bonaduce and want to see him removed from the show, please forward this URL to them.

    This online petition requests that CBS Radio remove DB ASAP.

    Forward it to ANYONE who you think listens to or has listened to the show and hates Danny.
    Ask them to forward it as well.

    The petition is located here.



  48. Gupp

    heez a clone, thats why he doesnt have a belly button, I’m telling you man- HEEZ A MUTHAF$#KING CLONE!… WITH, WITH WIERD NIPPLES AND SHIT!!

  49. Gupp

    ‘Kinda makes you wonder: if that’s a clone, then where’s the REAL Danny…???

  50. no1justminda

    Why do ugly dudes think they are automatically considered hot if they’ve got some muscles? Keep your freaking shirt on GAH!

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