Danny Bonaduce is a freak of nature

February 1st, 2007 // 155 Comments




  1. sol

    why did My Favorite Martian spackle over his bellybutton?

  2. caljenna

    36 – i think the one on the left is theresa strausser, she works with him on the adam carolla (sp?) radio program. I don’t know who the chick on is right is, but I don’t think I’d want to be that close to his uncovered armpits. EWWWWW!!

  3. XeoRad

    steroids – and meth

  4. 23apples

    #6.. haha. ginger kids.

    I tried to refrain from commenting about the bellybutton, but… seriously.. what is going on in there? It looks like someone was trying to airbrush it out of the picture.. I kind of want to see it up close. It’s like Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

    OH and, hes got some scary eyes/eyebrows.. if you position the picture so you can only see his eyes & eyebrows, it looks like he might be possessed. His eyes look really empty and vacant. My screen was positioned like this on accident and it made me pretty upset.

  5. outoftown

    oh my fucking god, it’s danny from the partridge family looking like a sleazy head shop owner/ porn star. i’m scared. thank you mr. superfish for enlightening me to the thousands of reasons why it would suck to be a celebrity.

  6. cayana

    If I had abs like that I’d never wear a shirt, ever. He does look really sunburned though. Looks painful. One bottle of Coppertone and a paperbag for his head, stat!

  7. Ryan

    he just looks like an asshole in these pictures…. ps – where the hell is his belly button??

  8. sexybitch

    Be grateful, people.
    Lindsay Lohan showed up in a bikini at Jeremy Piven’s birthday party – just think, he could’ve worn a Speedo.

  9. The Devil's Prom Date

    That is the face of a man who knows exactly how much square footage he has in the trunk of his car.

    And that is the torso of a man who has stacked his share of dead hookers into said trunk.

  10. Mr. Fritz

    Not only is he a freak of nature, he’s a FIRE CROTCH. I love the all of the comments posted above mine!

  11. Fawlty

    #35, that’s what I was thinking too. Seems like there are always these really short little dudes at the gym, putting on muscles as if it would make people not notice that they are barely allowed to ride a rollercoaster.

  12. Courtney

    #6 – h0h0h0 :)

    He’s such a fucking douchebag though. I’m seriously you guys.

  13. HourGlass

    EEEWWW! where IS his BELLYbutton!?! Thank you icess64 for pointing THAT out; I too WILL have NIGHTMARES!!

  14. RichPort

    One word: HAWT!!!

  15. Stupid Lisa!

    Is there such a thing as a male-Butterface?

  16. Maybe he was shaken as a baby… and he doesnt look sunburnt… LOL

    SHAKE AND BAKE = Danny Bonaduce!!!

    <3 JessicaCha

  17. oops i meant to say he does look sunburnt…

    I eff’ed that up, now didnt I?


  18. anothershityear

    so now i know what the Lucky Charms guy looks like amped up on crack possessed by the Devil and after injecting a south-of-the-border cocktail of anabolic steroids

    where THE FUCK is his belly button
    seriously you guys are right where the fuck is it

    and is his dress-code a side effect of having a last name that literally means “good douchebag”

    that said he is in shape, BFD

  19. saggybottom


  20. AnnoyingPseud

    #44 – LOL

    “If I looked that good in my 50′s,”

    The guy is barely 40! He looks like 500 miles of bad road because he’s a heavy chain smoker, drug addicted fuckheaded prick narcissist. His face is pure evil. I hate this short delusional psychopath.

    Last season, I made the mistake of watching several episodes of the show about him. I feel soooo sorry for his poor wife – she has become a victim who’s taken to defending her abuser. And I mean abuse – he’s a non-stop talking about himself raging lunatic prick who should get shot in the head several times by a posse of enraged feminist lesbians just on principle. This guy absolutely hates women too. Women to him are only for 2 things: fucking and debasing. I’d like to see him drawn & quartered. Literally. Head on a pike [fucking ginger ugly son of a bitch loser]. Watching him in action I couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t in jail for doing what he does to other people. He’s a user, an abuser and a loser. One day his evil will die out and it will be the best thing that ever happens to his poor children [whom he treats like toy dogs or something] and for the rest of society.

    I can’t even be funny or witty, I hate this guy and what he does, that much. I hope he has a very well deserved end to his torture of his family and wife.

  21. BarbadoSlim

    @70….I think you summed the Bonnadouche experience quite nicely.

  22. dionigi

    @36, 52-

    the one on HIS left, our right, is theresa strausser

  23. marklarsen

    When you got red hair, you should not sun tan otherwise you might end up with a red neck.

  24. machinegundolly

    holy shit. he’s bellybuttonless.

  25. sid

    16: “I would rather masturbate to Reuben Kinkaid…”

    HA ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought MY post was good! Hee hee :)

    He’s only 40? Shit, I thought he was like 54 or something.

    In pic 3, it looks like he’s about to drop his pants. He is cut, but…it’s just so repulsive for reasons I can’t explain. To his credit, I will say that he’d be ripe for a remake of Taxi Driver.

    If he could act.

    Ah, there has to be a silver lining here. Ummm…this look has to be good for some kind of role…maybe a guest appearance on NYPD Blue…nope…canceled. Damn!

    Help me out, gang. The little prick worked hard; there has to be a role he’s perfect for right now…

  26. kamihi

    that is really a warning to keep out of the sun, and use fake tan, he looks like crap.

  27. woodhorse

    didn’t he play one of the luchadores in Nacho Libre? The one that got thrown into the audience by Estevie??

  28. Lowlands

    They quickly picked up some girls from da street to join this guy to make this photoshoot.Otherwise it would be pic from ‘grandpas goes wild’gay-version.

  29. Lowlands

    It seems the girls on this pic are trying to cheer the guy up.But the guy looks deeply disappointed.

  30. Me

    A CHUPACABRA???!!!!


    Too Funny :-))

  31. Me

    Oh, and #70. Danny’s like 48 or something like that.

  32. woodhorse

    he can’t kick anybody’s ass because his arms are too short.

  33. Lowlands

    The fourth photo was also taken for personally use of this guy.He wants to send this pic as a postcard to his therapist.

  34. woodhorse

    #44 Fucking Chuck Norris is 50+ years old, has had his ass kicked by a true martial artist (Bruce Lee), left his wife (after he became financial successful) for a younger woman and got themselves married by a “reformed” (and I use the term loosely) Jesus freak preacher who was released from prison for beating someone with a fence post. After leaving prison, said preacher proceeding to convince half of East Texas that he had biblical reference as to why they should turn over their money to him. Nice People. Bonaduce too. And his arms are still too short.

  35. woodhorse

    #44 I just can’t let this go. What kind of retard are you? Do you believe those “World Wrestling” matches are real? Chuck Norris looked like David Carradine in their respective TV shows. Posers.

  36. NicotineEyePatch

    I wish rawheads the world over would stop fucking tanning.

  37. ch474

    That’s just fucking great. A self destructive alcholic crackhead with anger management issues is now on ‘roids. His family must be so proud … or hiding in the FBI witness protection program. Apparently he has forgotten to fulfill his part of “live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse”. Here’s the good news though, with all the drugs and ‘riods in his system (notice the thin skin), his weewee is going to shrivel up and die.

    This is your brain on drugs.

    … and where IS his belly button?

  38. woodhorse

    Oh Yeah. And Rocky/Rambo: who do you think would win between Sylvester Stallone and Danny Bonadouchbag in a “street fight”?

  39. Lowlands

    (88)If it was a Greek/Roman-wrestle match,all oiled up,It would be…

  40. Me

    Chupacabra means “dick sucker:: in Portugese. LOLOLOLOL

  41. jrzmommy

    he was an ugly little fuckin’ kid and he’s an ugly little fuckin’ grown up.

    80–I agree. Chupacabra = instant laughs!

    Know what Chuck Norris has under his beard? Another fist!

  42. Captain Walleye

    His face looks like a Picasso painting – his eyes aren’t lined up.

  43. Lowlands

    (89)Dunno all about this kind of matches but the referee is gonna need two assistans to pull/draw these guys from eachother.

  44. DancingQueen

    Thank you #92, I was just going to point out that exact same thing. He has those eyes that go in two directions and you can’t figure out which one you’re supposed to look at when you’re talking to the person.

    And I think #70 might be BonaDOUCHE’s Ex-wife… Just a thought!

  45. Lowlands

    (93)Sometimes a full bucket of water will help too.

  46. Lizzle

    Season 1 of his “Breaking Bonaduce” show was shameful and I felt bad for his wife … not only because she had to deal with such an obvious psychopath when there are two small kids in the house but because she had a really really bad dye job done on her hair. If she was looking for a red to surpass her husband’s in terms of ugliness, she found it.

    Then they started on Season 2 and my sympathy went out the window. If the bitch hasn’t learned anything from watching her husband flip out on her and try to kill himself in the first season of this train wreck, when will she?

    I don’t know what she sees in him anyway .. The guy looks like he smells like a 350 pound linebacker’s ass after a game.

  47. frangly

    Two words:



    Good lord but that man is red. Red all over.

    Do you know what roids DO to a body?! Among other things, he probably as testes the size of beebees now. And can hardly get it up. God that’s disgusting.

    Anyone know how tall (or short) he really is?

  48. Surria

    Okay, now that no navel thing is creeping me out. Put a shirt on!

  49. Theonly1

    Perhaps one thing that is so disturbing is the fact that he’s missing his shirt while at the same time is sporting dress pants, dress shoes and a belt!

  50. redheadedstepchild

    hey come on now… being a redhead is the least of this guy’s problems… in fact, i have always had red hair and freckles that nearly connect like his do, but i must tell you #47, red pubes are like kryptonite for some people… and i’ve found that being a tall long haired redhead with a 34″ inseam has not hurt my love life in the least.
    he really needs to cut back on the tanning bed though… there IS a happy medium. looking like a fire roasted pepper isn’t it.

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