Danny Bonaduce is a freak of nature

February 1st, 2007 // 155 Comments




  1. leewhee

    Looks like someone pasted his head on somebody else’s body—like one of those carnival photo booths.

  2. tinbird_01

    Ew!!! Jebus I’m going to have nightmares about his freaky ass nips. My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Binky

    Do you ever get the feeling some of these former child stars have …hummm……..issues… ?

  4. icess64

    where’s his belly button?

  5. JamesPeach

    Say what you will but he’s cut and in pretty good shape.

  6. Missgreen16

    What do you expect? He’s a ginger kid.

  7. Ren

    I knew he was an alien.
    No bellybutton = not of this world
    Someone call Tom Cruise!

  8. Jenster

    where IS his belly button?

  9. Onenewshoe

    Missing navel, maybe he’s an alien. What a mug! Scheeeze…

  10. Marissa

    I was just going to post, asking where his belly button was, but I see others have beaten me to the punch. Is that a medical condition that many people suffer from, or is it really just him defying the laws of nature and being a giant freak?

  11. TJH

    It’s called “post-mid-life crisis and I’m not really old because steroids have given me a new leash on life; just wait for the inevitable plastic surgery that will make me look like Carrot top!”

  12. metaphor

    Who is he and why is he inflicting his body on my eyes?

  13. RussianMafia

    Looks like a gay escort poster.. discount gay escort agency

  14. sid

    I wanna thank him. I know I’ll never turn gay, now.

    These pics should be put together and turned into a poster to hang in churches:

    “Wanna have sex with another guy? Wanna go gay?”

    And just these pics.

    He’s still just a little guy. I’m a fat slob myself, but I’m intimidating because of my huge shoulders. He also doesn’t weigh anything.

    He could only kick the ass of another midget. For the rest of us, he’d threaten to infect us with HIV, just like a real hobo, which is why we give hobos our spare change.

    Fuck, what the hell is the matter with TV? Picking your own nose is more fun than watching this.

  15. Seriously, where the hell is his belly button?

  16. ToiletDuck


    Danny Partridge semi-naked…after seeing this I would rather masturbate to Reuben Kinkaid…

  17. BarbadoSlim

    Why do I just know that there is a strong presence of B.O. in that room.

    Nothing like an eternally sweaty and ‘roided up drug addict to make you break out the Fabreze.

  18. BarbadoSlim

    Fffft ffftt fffttt that’s the sound my Febreze 27 ouncer with built-in sprayer would be making in his wake if he came anywhere near my stuff.

    fFFFftt ffftt ffft

  19. Ren

    Can you Febreze human skin?
    Just a thought.

  20. ahhhh!!! WHY?!?! He does look kinda like a carnie… and an oompa loompa… and well, it just doesnt get any better from there, so Ill stop… I couldnt stand him back when he was on the Partridge Family and I still cant stand him…

    He looks like he belongs on some gay hairy man website… I want to stop, but its like a fatal car crash.. its so horrible, and you feel guilty for taking joy in it, but you cant turn away…


    <3 Jessica

  21. oh and as for the belly button… he’s prolly deflatable… and the belly button is filled with wall spackle, Im sure of it…

  22. EJ

    Did it ever occur to ANY of you losers that maybe he has no belly button because GOD himself created him from nothing to be sheer, walking perfection on earth?!

    Just kidding. (Giggles.)

  23. Ren

    Well EJ I think God needs to finish his nipples or something.
    They look like pimples.

  24. CPR

    He looks better than most of the guys I know who are 20 to 30 years younger than him. No matter what he looks like someone would find a reason to make fun of him.

  25. crazyotto

    200 years ago they would drown at birth babies born with red hair,i believe this should have been done in his case

  26. Shadow*Walker

    Mirror mirror on the wall, I don’t need you to tell me who’s ugliest of them all.

    And don’t you know? Belly buttons don’t come on those material costume chests you buy at card & party.

  27. He looks like his B.O. smells like chilli with too many onions.

  28. wedgeone

    Dude is pretty cut – maybe he’ll go the way of Joe Piscopo & Carrot Top & that will be the last we hear about him. If I looked that good in my 50′s, truly that would be a miracle.

    He looks tremendously sunburned though … with a head like Mr. Mackey from South Park. And I won’t rehash the weirdness surrounding the lack of belly button. That’s been summarized enough here.

  29. pumpkinpye

    His body looks pretty good, aside from no belly button and no nipples. Too bad his face looks like the north end of a soutbound horse. His head is to big for his body too.

  30. fame is funny

    crack…it’s a helluva drug…

  31. reet

    “One of these days Scott Baio is gonna show up to the Emmy Awards looking like a chupacabra and eating a live goat.”

    still LMFAO!

  32. Flush it all away

    He’s in terrific shape, and I’m sure he’s proud of it and all…but, uh, why is he showing up shirtless to an event? I’d understand if the paparazzi said, “Hey Danny, pose without your shirt for us! Pretty please?” But to just *show up* like that? Weird.

    And what’s weirder, it’s not even like this is the first time he’s done this.

  33. 4DPants

    This is so very sad. He and Sienna should get together — they’ve got one complete outfit between the two of ‘em.

    As for the lack of belly button, I think it’s proof he was not born of woman. Which exmplains a lot.

  34. Pointandlaugh

    I actually saw an episode or three of his show “breaking bonaduce” and that IS his body. He is a workout freak. He works out all the time.

  35. Ladies and Gentlemen! May I please present the one and only 160lb definition of SHORT MAN’S DISEASE!!!!!

  36. 4DPants

    Does anyone know who the two sad loserchicks posing with him are? How desperate must they be to get their picture in the papers?

  37. Milla

    He should have eased on the suntanning.

    I can hardly wait what the child stars of today come up with in 20 years or so :)

  38. MrSemprini

    Don’t rag on the Deuce, man. He’s got more cojones than 10 guys.

  39. MrSemprini

    Abd, I know! I’ve SEEN it uh them uhh man is it warm in here…

  40. 4DPants

    Does anyone know whether or not he got back together with his wife? Because I think she kicked him out at one point. This may be his way of saying, “Hey, Babe, your loss. Look what you’re missin’.” Which, ew, but maybe that explains it…

  41. pookiedoo

    He looks like a f***ing leprechaun. A gay leprechaun, anyway.

  42. pookiedoo

    Although, on second thought, I think that Satan himself may look just like this. Either way, he’s pretty damned freaky.

  43. BarbadoSlim

    Anyone who’s seen his show knows this midget is fucked up. The only who surpasses him is Tom Sizemore, who’s an even sicker drug addicted motherfucker.

  44. Paris_is_a_piece_of_shit

    dude is fucking cut. make fun of him if you want, but know he could kick your ass in a fraction of a second. he studied martial arts under chuck norris for like 20 years and he’s a 2 time world karate champ. yeah…that’s right, you heard me….fucking chuck norris.

  45. BarbadoSlim

    Well make that one REALLY cut fucked up midget.

    And I’m shaking in my boots.

  46. 4DPants

    OK, so he works out and studies martial arts. I don’t care! YOU DON’T WALK AROUND IN PUBLIC WITHOUT A SHIRT ON. Unless you’re white trash. Or insane. Or insane white trash.

    Hey, Brit…?

  47. HollyJ

    If you’re working out and want to show off your physique, just get one of those super-gay overly tight T-shirts to wear; don’t just show up naked.


  48. Kate&Tina

    Who the hell is this guy ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i hate redheads :(

  49. thesarahficial

    why are his nipples mutating and why no bellybutton? huh???

  50. Kate&Tina

    He he – the second pic looks so funny – it so looks like his head doesn’t belong to the body! Looks like it got stuck on their like when you fuck round with magazine pics!!!!! HE HE HE HE so funny :)

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