Danny Glover is Too Old for this Sh-t

July 16th, 2010 // 56 Comments

When it was first reported Mel Gibson told his ex Oksana Grigorieva her outfit would get her “raped by a pack of niggers,” pretty much everyone’s first reaction was “Oh, wow, Mel Gibson hates black people. Who knew?” After the sarcasm wore off, things eventually strayed to the more logical “What does Danny Glover think?” which is apparently nothing because he ain’t talking. The LA Times reports:

A spokeswoman for Danny Glover, the often vocal African American actor who costarred with Gibson in the four “Lethal Weapon” movies — the franchise that, with its biracial pairing, helped shoot Gibson to the top of the action-star A-list — chose not to weigh in. “At this time, Mr. Glover does not have a comment, and there is no statement regarding Mr. Gibson.” When asked if that might change, the representative responded, “The decision is that he will not [comment].”
Experts said that the muted reaction highlighted the fickle nature of Hollywood activism. Although actors often speak out on public injustices — Glover is a U.N. goodwill ambassador to developing countries and is outspoken on racial issues — they often close ranks when one of their own is concerned. “That’s what Hollywood is about, isn’t it? Everyone covers themselves,” said film historian David Thomson.

In Danny Glover’s defense, Mel Gibson is fucking scary. I mean, Christ, the man’s go-to reaction for not getting blown is arson. Could you imagine how he’d react to a colleague throwing him under the bus? It’d be like Roots times eleven.

MEL: *cracks whip* What’s your name, boy?
DANNY: Danny…
MEL: *WAPISH* I said, What’s. Your. Name.
DANNY: *sobs* That colored fella from Lethal Weapon.
MEL: And don’t you forget it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to whip myself in the back 500 times then jerk off in the corner. Golf next week?

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  1. yeeah

    no this one s on me FIRRST

    • mar

      just the title of this shit killed me. thats all i fuckin need. a pic of mr. glover and a phrase explaining that he is too fucking old for this motherfucking shit… rofl

  2. Deacon Jones

    It’s “jerk off in a toilet”.

    Just wipe the bowl down afterwards.

  3. ROFL

    The title to this post is epic with that pic.


  4. Lucion

    The historian is an idiot. Show me an industry or service where this doesn’t occur. Look at the police in this country. Look at politicians. Heck, look at dumb-ass historians as they come out of the woodwork to defend this pathetic POS.

  5. dude

    wasnt chris rock in one of those sequels? he’s usually a little more vocal with his feelings :)

  6. steve

    Sure, Danny Glover isn’t commenting, but when reached for comment, another highly regarded black actor, Morgan Freeman, rolled off his granddaughter and said…

  7. Me

    Danny Glover is just happy this situation is making him relevant again… sort of.

  8. Rick

    Reached for comment, another elder stateman of the black community, Morgan Freeman, rolled off his granddaughter and said..

  9. Richard McBeef

    danny glover is just being silent because he was slated to be in that pack that mel was talking about.

    • Aussie Mama

      why would he comment on a friend, when the friend in question hasn’t even commented?
      look what happened to whoopi?
      it’s not worth it anyway, hell it’s not like any of them are someone untouchable, like say???
      woody allen, there’s one!
      who can take nude porn pics of his child, molest it, screw it, marry it and still be one of the busiest most respected producers/directors in hollywood!

  10. friendlyfires

    dude Hollywood is high school with money., Martin Mull. 1974.

  11. MR. T

    Danny Glover is nothing more then commie racist….He hates white people (but some how tolerates us paying money to see his films…what a guy)…he flew to Venezuela and kisses and hugs Hugo Chavez then gave a speech about how great Chavez is and how awful America is….so who the fuck cares what he thinks? Rot in Hell Glover….

    • Agreed. You pretty much took the words outta my mouth…

    • j

      Right on, just saw an interview with that moron a few days ago about taking money from Hugo Chavez to fund a movie. Why people listen to anything actors and singers have to say is byond me…

      • Crabby Old Guy

        Mr. T – you are all over that. Danny is too busy humping Chavez and Castro’s legs to worry about Mel. Fuck him. Only thing I want to see this worthless motherfucker in is “Witness” – the part when Harrison Ford’s character gives him the corn facial!

  12. Mike Walker

    The racial element of this fiasco pales in comparison to Mel’s general batshit insanity, so it’s only an issue to race-obsessed leftys.

  13. Doc Schweinstrudel

    HA HA HA. That was funny xxx

  14. Last time I looked, “closing ranks” meant presenting a united front – it didn’t mean the same thing as being “unavailable for comment,” which is basically leaving your position open to speculation. Black Hollywood wasn’t silent when Chris Brown was accused of assaulting Rhianna; Mekhi Phifer excused it by saying that while he didn’t condone it, Brown was young and “made a mistake.” Elizabeth Taylor and others always had Michael Jackson’s back, no matter what, and plenty of industry heavyweights like Sam Mendes and Martin Scorsese have publicly denounced Roman Polanski’s supposed persecution.

    No one but Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth Hasselbeck is getting anywhere near the idea of publicly supporting a Big Barrel of Crazy like this. And since Hasselbeck’s a blithering idiot who thinks Erin Andrews deserved to be stalked and Whoopi supported Michael Vick and thinks torturing dogs isn’t any biggie, Mel might actually be better off without their empathy.

  15. I don’t blame him. It’s best to just stay the hell out of it and let the shit fall where it may. Why not let Mel drag only himself down instead of others by association…

  16. RoboZombie

    This just in from Kanye: “Mel Gibson Hates Black People”.

  17. terry

    It is known that Mel Gibson is a severe alcoholic. I would guess, based on the tapes, that he is off the wagon. Maybe Danny Glover is trying to be kind by not slamming him when he is down. Don’t get me wrong, Mel Gibson is a douche bag and deserve the scrutiny…I just don’t think Danny wants to go there.

    To those of you who say that Danny Glover is an ass: he is involved in a lot of civil rights and human rights activism. He’s not perfect, but he is doing more to help those without a voice than you or I.

  18. Glover Hates America

    Google Glover and read about the money he’s taken from Hugo Chavez and how he “is a prominent supporter” of that P.O.S. dictator. Read how he openly makes statements about HOW BAD AMERICA is (guess he doesn’t realize if he was a Venezuelan citizen, he’d be jailed if he said similar things about his buddy Chavez)… Read how he refused to put his hand on his heart at the Utah commencement proceedings during the National Anthem… SCREW GLOVER! if you aren’t black, he HATES YOU! As someone else said, he’s happy to have you pay to see his crappy acting performances though. Chavez has now upped his $$$ to twenty seven million for a Glover film and when local Venezuelan film groups protested, they were prosecuted by CHAVEZ!!!!! Who gives a crap what Glover thinks of Mel. Frankly, without Mel, Glover would never be where his is today.

    Glover supported Obama in the campaign but now compares him to Bush Jr… Glover doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself. You can call him a humanitarian all you want, but taking money from and supporting Chavez is about equal to the Swiss buying Nazi Gold compiled from the fillings pulled from death camp victims for profit…

  19. welldoneson

    Glover is more of a dipshit than Mel, he just expresses it in more drastic and harmful ways.

  20. DontEverDoThatAgain

    C’mon Danny, say something!!!!! donteverdothatagain.com

  21. LALA

    Maybe he’s not talking because he wants to speak to Gibson first? Just because he’s not talking doesn’t mean he thinks its ok to go around calling people a pack n*ggers, it just means maybe he has the tact to actually wrap his mind around the fact that his friend is a crazy person.

  22. yellowmeat

    Well how about asking Obama instead? He’s black isn’t he and more relevant that this guy.

  23. kanyeisgay

    Hugo’s Negro is a new series based on Hogan’s Hero’s…….sort of. You heard it here first folks !

    • kanyeisgay

      Do not steal this for a T-SHIRT the series will air on BET this fall , I is just sayin’, ya know what I am talking about !

  24. StopYerWhinin

    I read you folks whining and poo poohing “Chavez and the Glover connection” (insert whisper + echo) but were you aware that this so typed POS has his feet or pocket on the soil of the US (minus illegals) – Citgo gas station, hope that none of you do business there ’cause if you do, HC thanks you…
    Now as the article goes, DG is doing the right thing by not adding his 3 cents. We’re living in the age when everyone wants to be or read about so and so’s nosy neighbor. So the guy didn’t want to comment – so what, there are more than enough of you commenting for him. Me? I will still go see Mel’s movies if he makes any annnnnd I won’t judge the guy for his use of language or *sob* unkind words about ANYONE. I will end this rant with a line from St. Elmo’s Fire, if you lost some weight and got yourself a real man/woman you wouldn’t be worried about all this sh*t.

  25. captain america


    • Aussie Mama

      well said man!
      now that would make a great t-shirt!
      a mug shot of mel and those words, love how you tick!

  26. Henry Sherman

    Did you just call me Coltrane?

  27. Johnny Cage

    You can’t really ask what Danny Glover thinks of things if he himself says more against white people. Then of course there’s Glover’s support for Abortion, which when you look at it, is far worse than saying the word nigger.

  28. Get Out

    , “things eventually strayed to the more logical “What does Danny Glover think”
    Really because I could care less what the moron thinks. After all he thinks the Haitian earthquake was our fault for warming up the planet.

  29. Joe Pesci

    Glover told me, while filming “gone fishing” that he organized a group back in college that would routinely rape russian gold diggers

  30. Buddahmunk

    Normally you are a funny person with a ton of wit. But the whole ode to Shaka Zulu with your “Tobey” comments were a bit much. I get it! But that shit was far from funny to me. Its just my opinion, and yes I know that they are like assholes!

  31. Gando

    Words don’t make somebody a racist.There’re loads of racists who will carefully never take a considered racist word in the mouth.

  32. Gando

    Because of i haven’t seen yet any lion laying next to any lamb.I think that racisme is in any human being.Maybe it’s even part of an old prehistoric instinct which went rudiment(?).It’s both ways Attitude what we human beings better work on instead of always carefully avoiding not to ignite the ‘racist bomb’ .

  33. Darth

    Silence please! *Raises his arms* Only childish people are racists!

    • Rhialto

      Some don’t know better,simply aren’t world-wise.Many of them are mommy’s boys.Their big mouth encouraged by their mom.But are lacking the world-wise development.

  34. Gando

    Opposite behavior,being overly friendly to foreigners,is racist as well.

  35. BillyMack


  36. Aussie Mama

    why would he comment on a friend, when the friend in question hasn’t even commented?
    look what happened to whoopi?
    it’s not worth it anyway, hell it’s not like any of them are someone untouchable, like say???
    woody allen, there’s one!
    who can take nude porn pics of his child, molest it, screw it, marry it and still be one of the busiest most respected producers/directors in hollywood!!

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