Danny DeVito Was Cheating On Rhea Perlman? Okay, I Can See It

October 10th, 2012 // 32 Comments

Because they’re the only mole people who can survive above the surface besides Jordan Bratman so no one else will want to have sex with them, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman were practically made for each other which made news of their divorce so devastating yesterday. Except it turns out Danny was constantly nailing chicks on the side which proves my theory that this recession has hit hookers the hardest. Via RadarOnline:

“Despite his reputation as a lovable, funny guy in movies and on TV, Danny’s actually quite the flirt and ladies’ man. Like a lot of red-blooded males, if he sees an attractive girl in a coffee shop or walking down the street, he will give her the eye.
“After years of turning a blind eye to it, Rhea finally snapped. She had enough of his bad-boy behavior and wanted an end to their marriage.

You know, I criticize America for a lot of things: The Kardashians, the south, Republicans, Olive Garden, laws prohibiting sexual harassment, Republicans. But at the end of the day, a hideously ugly man with a lot of money can still get laid by a bunch of women, so in your face, other countries! What’s that? Happens everywhere? More of a commentary on women in general? Dammit. Well, what about Jon Hamm‘s penis? Does anyone else have that? Just us? Ha! Suck it, world. USA! USA! USA!

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  1. EricLr

    So basically, he was his character on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, only IRL? Part of me is tempted to think this is all a very elaborate PR stunt for the new season (premiering tomorrow night, BTW). But even I’m not not cynical…well, maybe.

  2. Cher X

    I remember listening to the commentary on It’ Always Sunny…Dude was perving out on every actress.

    • EricLr

      As horndogs go, he is adorable, though. I just pray Peter Dinklage turns out to be a man-slut too. That would be the cutest goddamned thing EVER.

      • Jill

        Some evidence to support your hopes: in a rolling stone article. Lena Heady (Cersei on GoT) referred to the Dinklage as ‘the most successful flirt I’ve ever met” and there was some references to a dinner party where he was talking with the rapt attention of all the women present.

  3. Troll's Nighmare

    First Schwarzenegger, now DeVito. I guess twins really are alike.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Totally forgot these two were together. Oh, well.

  5. Shocking news about a guy who went on the internet with a sign that said “Show me your tits.”

  6. After seeing him get birthed squishily out of a leather couch, would any woman go near him?

  7. Mike Hunt

    Figures , if he walks up to most women, his nose or mouth is right at pussy level. Just took the smallest effort to stick out his tongue , and voila !

  8. Johnny P!

    He’s quite the catch.
    The catch you unhook and throw back in the water.

  9. Kodos

    Maybe he can get drunk again and go back to score with the bitches on “The View”.

    Boy, what a laugh riot that would be!

  10. Deacon Jones

    Maybe she was just jealous that he got to rub elbows with “Georgie”

  11. Archie Leach

    Hell I’d give Snooki – even Deena – a dicking if it would mean fame and fortune for me!

  12. cc

    With a chia pet.

  13. This is unfortunate.

  14. Amy

    Look, both genders whore themselves for money. Maybe it’s in different ways…but they whore themselves regardless.

    • Craptard

      not disputing your premise, but, idk if men’s motivation for whoring is money, at least not 99.999% of the time. It’s just a love of whoring. consider this: nearly 100% of female prostitutes service men, and probably 99% of male prostitutes also service men.

  15. Baron Wilhelm Otto

    Wonder if he has had some lone time with Tom Cruise

  16. lawn

    Get even, Rhea. Go out and have a torrid affair with a garden gnome.

  17. And there goes my respect for yet another. Rather sad, actually.

  18. Danny DeVito Hollywood Walk Of Fame
    Commented on this photo:

    I got your Lorax right here!

  19. Craptard

    Just when I thought DeVito couldn’t get any more awesome! He could only top this if it’s confirmed he bagged all the side action poon using the magnum condom / hundred dollar bill bankroll scheme.

  20. look at those 2 tiny people next to divito- they must be about 6 inches tall if they only come up to his waist.

  21. Burt

    Before you think this guy is a stud, wait until you see pictures of the women he was allegedly messing around with.

  22. Danny DeVito Hollywood Walk Of Fame
    Commented on this photo:

    What a bogus bunch of bs. Like she left him after 30 years because he’s been a cheater and she finally, again-after 30 years, couldn’t take it.
    Whatever. Highly doubt that for the reason of their breakup. More like they just hate each other now, like most couples after 30 years do.

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