Danielle Lloyd proves the British have true grasp on meaning of Christmas

December 23rd, 2008 // 74 Comments

Anyone else think Former Miss Britain Danielle Lloyd has the face of a retarded Drew Barrymore? Redundant, I know, and also a trick question. Danielle Lloyd doesn’t even have a face. Ha! Can’t believe you fell for that.

Photos: The Sun

  1. wtf

    first and wow

  2. wtf

    first and wow

  3. Toit

    Nice boobs, nice legs…what’s with the mud flaps? Girl’s got flabby saggy ass!

  4. dork

    That’s what I want under my Christmas Tree! Thanks Fat Guy!

  5. ipa

    how disgusting, objectifying herself for men. stupid wonk’boobed whore. go away.

    ps: pancake ass

  6. pedro

    que ricas nalgas y una tetas como para chuparle los pezones…

  7. Randal


    Once again you have proven that The Superficial has risen above the norm and will post truly remarkable examples of feminine beauty. Danielle Lloyd, while beautiful and busty, is a treat that all of your visitors have come to expect from such a wonderful site.

    Now, if you could also post equally masculine and hairy bears in equally scantilly clad attire, my pants would surely get tighter and I would have to run and relieve the pressure.

    Something to think about as we enter 2009. The best to you and yours.


  8. Cash

    Her face is ugly as crap, but the rest of her is smokin’. Why must you give us such paradoxes Lord, why?

  9. mimi

    Yummy, another rack to motorboat. Brrrrrrrrr

    Pray for me as I rub another one out.

  10. Parker

    who cares what her face looks like? You only have to look at the back of her head if you’ve got her bent over a table for a buttfucking. I would douche her pooper with my weiner any day.

  11. 3: Those are known as female buttocks. Look into them sometime, when you can tear yourself away from the little boys you obviously cherish

  12. supersex

    the only thing wrong with this bitch is her ankles are to thick everything else is fine as hell, i’d fuck her in very hole she’s got!!

  13. WTF???????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Seriously I rip these tards apart just like the rest of you and I have a preference for super leanness and I hate implants, but how in the fuck is that ass saggy or pancackey? I don’t see that at all. She’s trashy for sure, the face is meh but her ass is perfectly nice.

  14. merry fuckmas

    Those are the cankliest cankles ever, the rest is pretty good for a porn star. I mean she’s a porn star right? Because what in the fuck else could she possibly be? What other talent could a girl like this have, she’s basically just a breathing bag of dick holes.

  15. Kelley

    She is also proving that she’s got big, fake, plastic tits … very attractive – NOT.

  16. mankey

    She’s got shit for brains. if you screwed her, you’d probably end up with an IQ of 40 like her.

  17. Frank

    Is that a herpe sore on her lower lip?

  18. Sign Guy

    I wish my girlfriend looked that good.

  19. Deacon Jones

    This woamn has one purpose – great conversation.

  20. Forget the fake boobs, or her face looks different in every pic,,,The only thing that count here is she up for a game of Dirty Santa…

  21. Nugaloopagus

    God bless America…er uh the Uk I mean *sniff*

  22. Obama Bootlip



  23. tc

    There really is only one thing I can think that this girl could be good for.

    if I found here in my Christmas stocking, I would fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her then kill her and dump her body out to sea.

  24. Sheva

    What a great figure. The fake breasts are so unnecessary and really unfortunate here.


  25. franko

    These fat english broads are swapping treadmills for photoshop. Try working out. No more plz.

  26. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  27. Dan

    Second hottest girl in the world :D

  28. Stozzel

    Pretty sure Drew Barrymore has the face of a retarded Drew Barrymore

  29. Douchie, that is the douchiest name yet!

  30. Britsarebest

    You septics are just a bunch of disgusting pigs!

  31. chickdowntown

    Looks cold there. They should have just hung the ornaments from her nipples so she could free up her hands for other things. And, who the hell is Drew Barrymore? Why would anyone even bring her up?

  32. Fati

    fantastic boobs. i’d go lesbian with her.

  33. Bill Clinton

    hmmm…interesting looking! looks like she is literally holding up her breasts in the first pic…they do not even look like they are attached to her….fails to arouse me :(


  34. T

    20. Deacon Jones- best comment so far


    Like any of you that are picking at flaws that obviously are not there can get anything finer than this! I bet all you straight guys would seriously love to have this in bed with you. Now go on and continue to self gratify yourself.

  36. Fernanado Narcos

    What the fuck is wrong with the British?
    This is their idea of a beauty queen?
    She looks like she was born with a cleft palate
    and had it repaired by Sweeney Todd.

  37. dianawork

    let’s be fair, her face is pretty and so is her body except that those implants look ridiculous and obviously fake. if you don’t have boobs as most girls of English Descent have small chest proportional to their body…get implants if you have 2 but please get reasonable sized ones

  38. NO “PROTEST” FROM THIS SIDE, folks!!

  39. Cecilia

    She is very beautiful, but that first picture of her is just so unflattering concerning her fake boobs. They look so unnatural! Just doesn’t look right….

  40. friendlyfires

    Here’s why I hate, HATE, H-A-T-E, FAKE BOOBAGE!
    I’m a breeder, and if you don’t have real big milk glands to slake the thirst and hunger of a litter of young ‘uns, whut gud ‘r’ ya’, hmmf?
    Might as well buy a blow up doll and fill it full of warm silicon. Oh, and a hot apple pie to go please.

  41. jeezey mic jeezr

    I’d fuck her, I think her face is alright those bolt on titties are nasty though

  42. Cartman

    She is loverly.

    And only fags complain about fake tits.

  43. Nikky Raney

    I thought this actually was Drew Barrymore.

  44. Nikky Raney

    I thought she was Drew Barrymore.

  45. Nikky Raney

    airbrushing is amazing

  46. She looks fake which has sparked a Question. In Great Britain are their beauty pageant winners allowed to have implants? Also, in the USA are they implanted tits? These are issues Da Man must have answered on the night before Christmas.

    PS: British girls are the bomb!

  47. John

    #3 are u blind ? saggy ass?! I can guarantee u havnt been near an ass like that haha

  48. Fucknuts

    The Yanks would love this woman/thing.
    She’s fake, attention-seeking, thick as pig shit, dull, grotesque and racist.
    Someone please ship her over there now.

  49. Nive

    Terribly sorry but not all british have the same ethics and christmas spirit as Danielle Lloyd, so it would be rather nice to stop generalising. A fame-whore does NOT represent a whole country. Many thanks.

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