Danielle Lloyd launches things

October 16th, 2008 // 96 Comments

Former Miss England Danielle Lloyd launched her new modeling agency Irresistible Talent today in London. I don’t really have much more information than that except for BOOBS. It’s like your knee deep in comprehensive coverage, isn’t it? I know.

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  1. Jonny P

    Is it me, or do the Brits seem to have hotter women than us recently?

  2. gosyco

    I was gonna shout “first,” but declined.
    Oh, wait…

  3. Ralph

    This girl has a HUGE head.

  4. Johnny B


  5. gosyco

    Ruffles are for potato chips.

  6. kt

    she’ s sooo hott!

  7. Ol'Red

    Oh I love my woman 10% plastic and colored orange!


  8. Back row, second from right: HOT.

    Danielle Lloyd used to be okay, but she’s pretty bowffin’ these days. She’s put on the beef.

  9. Andy

    They sure like ‘em FAT in England.

  10. mamadough

    i wonder how many cocks those girls have seen collectively in pic #12?

  11. Joe Fonebone

    She’s a racist bimbo slag who dodged the vitriol poured on Jade Goody in Celebrity Big Brother by playing on the ‘I’m-so-pretty-and-thick-as-shit’ card for all it was worth. Her only other claim to infamy was that she shagged a footballer. A truly fucking awful specimen.

  12. Yeah a collective of so so skanks with the ability to clear my bank account..

  13. Grizzlies

    She looks like a darker version of Drew Barrymore

  14. la_fisha

    seems more like a brothel get-together to me than the launch of a “modeling agency”? wtf are those hoes modelling for? professional models don’t look like that … but um yeah, I guess they’re pros in one field …
    and this plastic danielle person is the madame, eh…

  15. Mike

    I’d let her suck me dry!

  16. Wow, with boobs like that in an article, WHO NEEDS JOURNALISM?!

  17. You know, she might not be thee most perfect female specimen in the world… but I’d totally splooge all over her. BOOBS!

  18. Oh Please

    #9… do you need a new glasses prescription? Although rather skanky, none of those girls come anywhere close to “fat.”

  19. Matt

    Cheap flabby English pigs.

    I’d fuck ‘em all. At least they’re not loud entitled muffintop American swine.

  20. lol certainly the sexiest knocked knees ive seen…

  21. Vince Lombardi

    Oy, vey!

  22. @20, Rough Daddy, who is older, you or John McCain?

  23. Nevermind that idiot, tell Veggi to hand over those pics…

    “Charlese Theron” Charlese Theron dont look like Charlese Theron!

  24. Constance

    They are FAT. Look at the group picture, the one on the bottom right. What’s up with her stomach. Look at their legs. Models dont look like that.

  25. fisha_girl

    #23 dammit, rumors are true, you’re really seriously retarded! you wrote “CHARLESE” twice? you’re really convinced she spells her name like this?
    are we sure you’re not posting from Calcutta or such .. ?

  26. Deacon Jones

    “Gooooood GIRL!” (as I nut on her face and she looks back with “Daddy does love me” eyes)

  27. @23, I know where her myspace page is and I know what she looks like. So just keep drooling old man.

  28. lol is that why shes avoiding roughness? Jimbo=clueless
    once i was 12 now im older than mccain? yeah alright….

  29. adult diapers

    Hey, don’t drag John McCain into this. He’s a decent guy and very kind and knowledgeable with his friends and colleagues. In fact, he ordered his campaign to give Sarah Palin a week off to go back to Alaska and be with her infant, who is now autistic (he was born with Down Syndrome but McCain seemed to have different information last night at the debate).

  30. You are either some nerdy 18 year old that has very old jewish parents or your and old man. And as far as being rough, you are as far from being a rough daddy as Richard SImons is..

    Clueless? You’re pretty funny..

  31. Jizzbo and Poof Daddy, get a room already. Play some John Mayer.

  32. Never heard of her. Former Miss England, you say? Pretty face. Too bad her head is ten times the size of her body, and her torso is entirely too long. Oh well.

  33. Yeah keep guessing!!

    btw veggi should relax I have no interest in viewing her pics, 1)what are the odds someone fairly attractive being friends with you, 2) shes on here babbling all day,,,she probably looks like charleze theron from the movie monster..

  34. Pat

    As long as they’re in a hotel room they should order some SITUPS

  35. #33, well, I have to say, that as a woman I would almost do her, she is that pretty. So there

  36. vince

    I’ve always liked the mild mental retardation look on a chick’s face, like this one. You can convince them to do ANYTHING. The only problem is trying not to bust out laughing when she has her tard-orgasm.

  37. Deacon Jones


    Let’s see here pics Frist, I’ve got some cock shots for you. Holla

  38. Danielle Lloyd just launched more things, but these things came out of my penis.

  39. I like how Veggi is transfix behind her monitor and reading all of this…not posting like shes a prize….

  40. @33, You are on here babbling all day with your stupid ass comments, so what does that say about you? And looking like charleze theron in Monster is still better than you will ever get.

  41. Danielle Lloyd just launched more things… all over my computer monitor.

  42. In fact, once I walked into the room and found my daughter in front of the computer, looking at veggi’s pictures and flicking her bean. I was shocked. And wet. Let me tell you, we put the mouse to good use that night…

  43. Shaddup 43, no, but she is a friend of mine on myspace

  44. hahaha Yeah jimmy! *when you wish upon a star*******

  45. Jimmy seems like one of those dickweeds, who come to work on friday with shorts, shoes and high knee socks….

  46. Rough Daddy, where’d you get your name? Yahoo chat??

  47. Meghanfish

    The one on the right is sucking it in…..this “model” should know that sucking in your gut is advertising you have something to suck-in your gut about! Oh well im sure she still looks better than I do naked…… then again she might have crazy meat curtains

  48. alex

    is she pregnant? look at that stomach!

  49. Neil Armstrong

    Danielle Lloyd launches things-yeah she just made me launch a load into orbit!

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