Danielle Lloyd launches things

October 25th, 2007 // 237 Comments

English lingerie model Danielle Lloyd braved the cold to launch the new Ski Republic website yesterday in London. Whoever devised this campaign deserves the Nobel Prize – twice. Now, that being said, I catch a lot of flack for posting pics of bleached blondes with fake breasts, but, honestly, how else do you sell ski equipment? If you’ve got a better suggestion than a chick in a bathing suit on top of a tank, I’d love to hear it.

NOTE: All submissions must be in the form of a blonde with giant boobs. Tank mandatory.


  1. Max

    So what was all that about the Munich games then? Huh?
    Get yourself to anger management you freak. Big Ben aint going nowhere and by the way not all Brits are royalists.
    Well goodnight. Time to get off your parent’s computer, they probably need to research special schools for you.
    Sweet dreams, I hope the straightjacket doesn’t itch 2 much…


    DD u r a fucking terrorist, OK? everything u say is shit i havnt got time to go through it all and explain thats its all shit that came outta ur ass. Americans didn’t take any part in WWII, we won WWI and Russia pushed the Germans out in WWII. so ur imaginary Dad must also be extremely old for you to be able to write that stuff about him. u need to go to an institution. seriously. at least we have some food anyway other than waste ourselves out eatin crap all day. and i wouldn’t go into the terrorist thing – just don’t go there if u obviously have no idea what’s going on in the world.

    Max, whoever you are, i love you.

  3. blpressure

    I wonder if DD is the same cunt on imdb who used to say similar things. He was always going on about England is full of terrorists, you need to deport them blah blah blah, then it was America is gonna nuke you European assholes! I told him not to worry about us, get off his computer, go outside and watch all the Mexicans sneaking across the border.

  4. Auntie Kryst

    @163 Like I’ve said I’ve been to your country, twice actually and it’s quite nice. I wasn’t the one being defensive. You kids went ape shit. I just started going tit for tat. Pretty dumb of me in hindshight. I thought you could take the joke “on the chin” as we say, but I forgot that many of you were not born with any. OK that was cruel too. Have the last word, and please stop by again to the website you just happend across upon the advice of your “friend”.

  5. Where did they shoot this? It looks like the side of the road. Which seems appropriate because that’s where I always go skiing in a bikini.

  6. Splooge

    She looks ok with skis but she’d look great covered in my splooge!!

  7. Stupid racist bitch!

  8. s0fa

    I like how the end of these comment sessions usually have nothing related to the actual news. u guys are cracked up.
    this girl is pretty but is thick the new sexy over there?

  9. s0fa

    “and she was disqualified for having a relationship with one of the judges!”


  10. USAhighestrateofobesityontheplanet

    She no doubt looks better in a bikini than most of the a holes making these comments.

  11. MassGrrl

    They’ll airbrush the hell out these photos, and everyone will say, “Oh my god, she’s so fucking hot. I just busted a nut.”


  12. jacknasty

    those are some ugly implants

  13. Lardy-ass americans spreading your nasty western values

    @182 You are correct sir!

  14. Ript1&0

    A hundred and eighty five comments and an England v. America fight??? Awesome!!!!!

    Go team Fish!!

  15. CNN - Fox Media Departments

    She looks like anyone of those boring news readers on CNN or Fox. I also think she is wearing dentures, you know how the English all have bad teeth, so unless you liked being gummed, which I know some of you do, I’d watch CNN or Fox News to see better/sexier looking women than this tart.

  16. Anybody notice that the first comment posted at 12:16 AM??? How is that possible? Come on….who’s got the time machine???? Fess up!!!

  17. Rapunzel

    I’m an American, but grew up mainly overseas. If I had the chance to do it again, you bet your sweet ass I would. Especially if I could move to Great Britain; to Scotland in particular. Beautiful countryside, wonderful people, and sexy accents. Can someone send me a ticket, I’ll work very hard for it!!

  18. Alex P Keaton


    Ned, you just pissed off some Canadians, but I like your United States of North America idea …. I love how every non-American on this site goes from zero to jingo in a tenth of a second.

    And this broad is fat.

  19. allison

    Holy shit, fuck off! Do you know how many women would love to look like her? I mean, minus the fake take and the fake boobs but I mean.. she’s got a real body. Her legs are muscular and they aren’t stick thin. It’s nice to see. If you men want to date a woman that looks like a skeleton, I know of a few people who just recently died, if you’re interested.

  20. get some standards, ya hard-up pimpledudes

    Danielle Lloyd announced today that MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  21. “God Sake you sick sick Yankie Doodle skinny boy loving pricks!!!”

    The manly skinny boy models come from europe.

    Did I ever mention english people talk too much? It’s almost as if they are jealous that they just can not be the US. Which is sad really that england is just in our shadow. Poor poor limeys (or tea bags perhaps? really now who the hell calls americans yanks anymore?) they don’t even have toothpaste in their country! I guess I should feel bad about you dumb fuck brits who think you are better than everyone else.

    Kiss my American ass.

  22. Latigo

    Those crazy Brits like ‘em round and healthy.

  23. funkycrime

    Fire the art director, yellow on yellow is a terrible choice…now yellow on me? Well, thats art.

  24. GoodFellaz

    who cares if she’s racist, with my dick in her mouth, she can’t talk.

  25. muffin top

    God I would hate to see that body without those implants.

  26. Moobs

    LOL, 187!

    Really, just another banana in the bunch.


    #193.. eww, just eww. this whole thing whatever this is isn’t even to do with countries its jus a bunch of individuals rippin on other countries, ok? they suck but there r cunts in the world and we just have to see that. well done 2 ppl who actuali commented on her rather than talkin shit. and Aunty Kryst seriously i don’t really care i jus hate it when ppl say stuff like u do. this is the first time ive ever commented on a website like this and its gonna b my last so b happy cunt.

    well personally i think shes a useless dumbass although i no quite a few guys who seem 2 think shes hot. beats me.

  28. Maddy

    ewww you can see her breast implant scars…

  29. TT

    “Americans didn’t take any part in WWII, we won WWI and Russia pushed the Germans out in WWII”

    What the fuck are you smoking? crack?
    Then I wonder what my Grandfather was doing in the trenchs in Francein 1917?
    Or why my Father was in Italy flying a B17 for 50 missions over Germany and Poland in 1944-45?
    Or why his Uncle died on the USS Arizona on 12/7/41?

    So I guess the Holocaust didn’t happen either? Isn’t that what the towel-heads are saying?

    Your welcome and Churchill said if it wasn’t for the USA, you’d have been up-shit-creek without a paddle.


    yea well Churchill wasnt exactly great was he. look im sure America ‘contributed’ but truth is WWI was between Europe, not America. But America didn’t win the war, although you can think that it played a part if you want. but to be honest history teaching in America is biased, and not just in America. it’s hard to be objective, but facts are facts. the World Wars happened and were a terrible thing but people shouldn’t take victory away from those who died to get it. and I’m sorry for what happened to your relatives, these things happened a lot and to a lot of people. im not gonna argue with what your relatives did cause i know it would hurt you greatly cause you obviously believe in it but it doesn’t matter. btw, jus out of interest, how old r u? cause ur father was in WWII according to u. NOT being disrespectful, just asking.

  31. TT

    I’m 46, born in 1961, My Father was born in 1920, Grandfather in 1896.

    I’m not trying to say who won or lost the war. I’m just disagreeing with your dumbass statement that Americans didn’t take part in WWII. I wonder what Japan has to say about that?

  32. EMAQ

    You must have never been to France Fuck You. There is a cemetary above Omaha Beach for American soldiers. France gave America the land out of respect. That cemetary is American soil. You say you are not being disrepectful, but you say im sure America ‘contributed’. The qoute marks over contributed is showing your disrepect. America did more than contribute.


    well i dunno, ur country bombed it…

    ok dnt b offended by this statement, but u were born in a very patriotic time when u saw ppl go off to presumably fight and u overestimated their achievements. and theres nothing wrong with that, ok, im not insulting u in any way, u must be proud of ur family. im ok with what youre saying i guess it jus really makes me angry when ppl say that America won the War, lets just say they took part. theres no point discussing this cause we obviously have very differing opinions and each have correct points. let’s just be grateful that the World Wars are long over, and concentrate on the more pressing issues of today, such as Iraq.

  34. TT

    I agree………

  35. GH

    enough of the US vs. THEM garbage! — seriously, reducing all of this rather complex stuff to overly simplistic drivel is just insanely stupid — might god, are we all so stupid and protective of our spoon-fed national identities?! — as if any one of us, let alone our respective countries, are entirely innocent?! — give it a rest — save your words for something a tad more prodcutive

  36. Clem

    You can tell she isn’t American – she’s not clinically obese.

  37. Todd

    This is funny, but here is my take: Everyone who is NOT the king and the wealthiest; hates the king and the wealthiest. BTW, It is this basic reality that leads to the downfall Marx’s idea of socialism, but I digress. If we accept it, as most Americans have, the resulting malignity epressed towards the U.S. is an acceptable cost in order to maintain financial, political, and militarily favorable positions.

    Bottom line: One super-power = one world enemy. That will change as another power inevitably emerges.

    BTW, I love GB too, especially Scotland and I wanted to live anywhere outside of the U.S., it would be Scotland. I have friends there that visit me often.

    Enough of that rant. This chick is still too soft around the middle to be a swimsuit model. And yes, she’s hot and I’d probably do her in a heartbeat but she’s chosen a profession that puts a premium on being hard and tight in all places.

  38. Clem

    @211 – Word.

    That is one gormless face. Look at is, she doesn’t even know what day it is, “Is it tea time yet mummy?” What a dope!
    She’s properly chunky and needs to check out the Giselle pics elsewhere on this site.
    She’s only getting fatter.

  39. Sara

    Hey, we Brit Girls are great! and we all have straight teeth in the UK. The uglies and the fatties that you see in the town centres are tourists, mostly Americans!! hahaha

  40. DD

    Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    “Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  41. Martin

    Well Guys, sorry to disappoint you all but her are the facts Danielle did not say anything racist and neither did any of the other girls on the show. It was a clash of Class that’s all and it happens everywhere! She is not a stick insect size 0 like most models and has curves in the right places unlike some other models. Most people like something to see and get hold of not look at a bone with clothes hanging off. She is not ugly in fact she was Miss England 2004 and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Great Britain and Miss Great Britain and she has just won an apology for being sacked as Miss GB for allegedly knowing Teddy Sheringham who was a judge at the competition, who she met at the competition and then started dating some months later. She is from Liverpool and like most North West Girls she is amongst the most beautiful girls in the UK and in fact the World. As for all the girls who have commented on her and not been nice you are just jealous two faced green eyed monsters who are probably want to be models but are to ugly! and as for the men who slag her off all you are unhappy with is that she would never give you a second look so why don’t you all grow up and get a life you sad little people. And yes she posed for US Playboy and was quoted the Best thing to come from Liverpool after the Beatles and has many thousands of fans across the World.

  42. Laura

    Does anyone think that the previous comment written by ‘Martin’ was actually written by Danielle herself under a different name??!!!

  43. JP

    Laura, I agree, it was probably her. And in that case:

    “martin”, hit me up, I want to eat your pu$$y. Thank you.

    kn071470 (at) yahoo.com

  44. Joe C

    She has a pooch and her thighs are lumpy.

    Even so, she’s not bad, but nothing to make a big deal about. In short, she is fuckable, but like most white chicks, she will look like shit by age 30.

  45. HA!

    216. “like most North West Girls she is amongst the most beautiful girls in the UK”
    I wonder where you’re from Martin xD. And since she’s the best thing from Liverpool since the Beatles, it just goes to show how bad it is that she’s the best Liverpool has been able to scrape together for 50 years!! Seriously….
    Anyway like 31. I came here to get away from plastic surgeryed acrylic-nail-wearing peroxide blonde hair extensioned dumbarse English “celebrities” (loose description) whose only claim to fame are reality tv shows or “modelling” (boob jobs and bikinis).
    So pleeeeeeeeease don’t think we’re all like that. I don’t even know how you managed to find Gemma Atkinson, Katie Price and Danielle Lloyd worthy of news. Just saying….

  46. Bored Again

    Wow. I’ve come into this so late but I do hope Auntie Kryst is still around (‘Auntie’? Really?)

    First off, you can’t spell. You also have no good sense of grammar. This might seem somewhat churlishly incidental but it’s nonetheless important to point out as it pretty much conclusively indicates just what a prize ignorant and ill-educated idiot you are over and above all your stupid ‘insights’ and ‘opinions’. Contrary to what you may believe, America is finished. Look at the photos above. Is that not the clearest sign yet of America’s pervasively mindless and culturally vapid effect on the world? Do you see why it hates you? You need look no further for evidence of the simple truth that you, as a nation – both culturally, economically and politically – are over. You may not like that and do all you can to deny it but it’s happening right now. Twenty years’ time and you’re going to be nothing more than a backwater of religious fundamentalists in four by fours still using your fists every time someone disagrees with you. The last laugh will be on an ever-increasingly strong Europe and it’s already-forming partnerships with the burgeoning developing world both east and south. Don’t believe me? Think about it. You think we care about you? You think the world needs you? Why do you think your president is so hell-bent on his neo-imperialist path? Instead of reading (and I use the term ‘reading’ in it’s broadest possible sense seeing as you don’t seem quite capable of actually writing anything of any rational value) this site and others like it and engaging in largely incoherent and ridiculous outbursts using half-baked and completely incorrect contextually colloquialisms no-one who’s actually British uses any more, I suggest you try perusing some financial and economic sites and publications a little more often. I think you’ll find that rather than being up your own arse about how wonderful your country is, you’ll be alarmed at how pretty much up shit creek you all are. That is, of course, if you’re actually capable of both absorbing and analysing this information which I somehow highly doubt.

    Furthermore – the ‘Cornish’, the ‘Welsh’, the ‘Scots’? Seeing as you’re able to make these distinctions, I trust you are able to prove that such racist delinations are in fact possible? Perhaps you should apply for a professorship at your nearest fascist school of eugenics – I’m sure they’d love to hear from you. To say you disregard the notion of Britishness is exactly the same as to say that you see an inalienable and insurmountable difference between black, white or hispanic Americans. You are all Americans, right?

    I’m interested too in your claims that the British are so badly received when they travel. I think that proves what a liar you are to be frank. In fact, it is Americans, in my vast experience and the opinions of many, many, many people both on the Continent and elsewhere, who are considered rude, ill-mannered, unrefined, ill-educated, and largely unwelcome wherever they go. I think before you make such ludicrous claims, you should take a deep breath and think about exactly what it is you’re trying to convey before you hit that ‘post your comment’ button. Once again, if it’s that you’re some vastly – and quite unusually – intelligent and informed septic tank, you’ve failed miserably.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    In terms of Danielle Lloyd, she is a racist, yes. She does not deserve to swallow my wad for even 20p and a mars bar, no. I might let her, though, if Kryst wasn’t available.

  47. Kidd

    #221 (Bored Again)….You are obviously far too intelligent to be debating with the likes of DD, Auntie and the rest of them.
    When you say “I look forward to hearing your thoughts” I think (in their vast American poorly schooled wisdom) they’ll only retord with ‘FUCK YOU’ or possibly the old ‘BRITISH HAVE BAD TEETH’ or ‘WE SAVED YOUR ASSES FROM HITLER’ bollocks!
    America is running scared as it realised its own imortality after 9/11 when they noticed for the first time that they may possibly not be quite as invincible as they previously loved to brag about.
    As a side note, I’d actually like to point out that the US bases it’s military training techniques on the Uk’s as we’re naval veterans with a time tested success rate (to say the least).
    You gotta hand it to us, for a small place, we’ve achieved more than the US will ever do.
    Ok so we’ve got the royal family who are a bit rubbish but if that’s the only flaw I’m not arsed.
    As Cecil Rhodes said “Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.”
    I fully expect a big ‘fuck u’ from all those Americans and ‘get a sense of humour’ but you’re bad mouthing a nation of fighters not flag waving surrender monkeys which, I guarantee you, America will be in no time at all!

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