Danielle Fishel cries and avoids jail

March 18th, 2008 // 53 Comments

Danielle Fishel (a.k.a. Topanga from Boy Meets World) went before a judge and bawled her eyes out for missing a court date in her DUI case. Apparently her calculated legal strategy worked and her probation was reinstated. Ah, sweet justice. TMZ reports:

Danielle Fishel went under radar as she appeared in a LA Courthouse earlier this year. She had failed to show for a hearing in an earlier DUI case and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Then last December, she was pulled over in the O.C. When cops ran her name in the computer, they found she had a warrant and busted her.

First off, she went under the radar because I guarantee at least half the comments will read “Who the hell is Danielle Fishel?” She was the love interest of Corey Matthews. DUH! God, people, open a book once in a while. Anyway, it’s nice to know that you can simply cry your way out of jail. But, sadly, that didn’t work for me. When I bawled before a judge they threw me right in the slammer. Mostly because it wasn’t even my trial and I sort of parked my car in the juror box – upside down. So called “legal experts” will blame the bottle of Jager I drank for breakfast. I blame the county for letting me build a ramp in five minutes out in the parking lot. Honestly, what do I pay taxes for?

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  1. Roz

    oh boo hoo

  2. dave

    Damn, she is so hot.

  3. lulu

    she has looked exactly like this for like 10 years. get a haircut or something! gawd!

  4. sexxxxxxxx

    go drunken celebs haha

    i don’t know what we would do for entertainment without them… seriously

  5. Feel_the_velvet

    Look at those DSLs.

    But she kind of has a Tina Turner thing going on. Not sure if that’s good or bad…

  6. Ted from LA

    I wonder what she can bench.

  7. Heather

    So, she is 27 (looked it up) and she has looked the same since she was 14. She has the hollywood secret of looking young, how is it the only thing she’s done that anyone knows is boy meets world?

  8. Auntie Kryst

    She has to be the hottest chick in all the Shire.

  9. First this is far better than Amy’s face, but who gives a shit. I wish she would go to jail and someone would video the Linda Blair prison action..

  10. @9 Auntie, Just give her a couple of sugar cubes and she will follow you anywhere..

  11. Isn’t this a site to make fun of celebrities? Why is this no-name idiot on here?

  12. Randal

    Topanga! Wow! She’s certainly looking beautiful. I remember her from the show and what a great actress she was and no doubt still is. Her youthful look will certainly continue to grow with her as she ages and fine aging she’s done to look as great as she does.

    Congrats Danielle! You’ve made a fan out of me. xoxo!

  13. BarelyStearn

    Sorry — still lost: Who is this…?

  14. lipper

    Judge must’ve been horny and couldn’t keep his eyes off her heaving chest is my guess.

    Seriously, thats all it takes is a few crocodile tears?

    Boo hoo sorry judge, I couldn’t keep my lips off his cock.. and I mean.. *sniffle sob* I couldn’t like say NO?? He PAID me! IS that my fault? *boo hoo hoo!!*

    Oh wait, we’re talking about alcohol. My bad.

    .. is it me or does it look like she could pass for Paula Abduls (sp?) love child?

  15. gotmilk?

    Randal will congratulate anything. jesus, get some fucking standards. are you congratulating her for getting a DUI? fucking retard.

  16. Danielle Fishel is the hottest girl on the planet.

    Prove me wrong.

  17. morga

    she looks hot and yet somewhat manly at the same time

    I heard that she posts at washeduptrannymeet dot com, her profile has gotten four page views this year!

    (oh man, I hope that’s not a real site…)

  18. jules

    dear God, why can’t she fix those EYEBROWS. who does crescent shaped eyebrows past junior high ?

  19. Chauncey Gardner

    She looks like Yasmine Bleeth. Hey, what the fuck ever happened to her, anyway? Maybe this is her, after having some strong guy press down on her head and shoulders for two hours a day over the last ten years.

  20. Zigs

    She looked much better back when she was “Dan” Fishel.

  21. Andy

    Scary Spice would beat her in a fight, but only because of street toughness. Danelle would dominate a powerlifting competition.

  22. Veroonica

    13. Please stop with the homo remarks. Go to Perez.

    She looks like a young Sally Struthers. Not pretty what happened to Sally. Jeesh.

  23. Ricky

    She should start doing Pizza Hutt commercials now that Queen Latifah is representing Jenny Craig. She looks like she gets her share of fast food.

  24. Mike

    I wonder how long before she’s in Playboy? It’s been a loooong wait!!

  25. Mike

    I wonder how long before she’s in Playboy? It’s been a loooong wait!!

  26. havoc

    I saw her profile on Ican’tgetanactingjobsoIdocartoonvoiceovers. com.

    I wonder what she’s looking for? Just curious.


  27. Jimboooo!

    Fucking hell. Wouldn’t want to get in a fight with her.

  28. jos

    she looks like a fatter and shorter version of angelina jolie

  29. Spazz

    #9 – brilliant!

  30. ITP: Jealousy ensues

  31. bedot

    Topanga was my first true love.
    Some of my earliest masturbation memories

  32. bedot

    Topanga was my first true love.
    Some of my earliest masturbation memories

  33. nice

    she is so nice .at least in my mind. Her profile and photos were found on
    a millionaire&celeb dating site called”Celeb Mingle . com”last week!

  34. Skeps

    Live Tyler

    There I did it.

    Oh, and has she always looked that botoxed or did i just not notice it on the show?

  35. Skeps

    *@ 17 Liv Tyler

  36. kdollarsign

    her face and body have always bothered me.

  37. EVERYONE knows Topanga.

  38. FACE

    I am so tired of shit liek this for rich white female celebs. WHy can they break the law and endanger innocent people and get off? Then disrespect the court adn still get off?

  39. Roy

    Mmmm, not her fan. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “SeekingRich.com”
    last week. “She is already in relationship with a young billionaire on our site”, according to the officials of that site.

  40. Is she a body builder? Oh wait… I just put on my glasses and realized she’s just a fat bitch.

  41. jack handy

    what a stupid looking face

  42. Ted Mosby

    She almost killed me with those thighs. Headlocked me when I was doing the rug munch.

  43. I’d fuck the hell out of Topanga. Aye mami.

  44. Janine

    That is one manly looking tranny.

  45. Kost2Kost

    I totally forgot about this chic. Shes definitely a hotty

  46. So sexy .I just saw her in millonaire dating site”WealthyLoving.com”.Is really fall in love with a young sexy bpy?

  47. Matt

    Stupid Bitch.

  48. kk

    TOPANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i <3 boy meets world 4ever. if you say you don’t you’re lying

  49. EL-CID

    HOLY GOD SHES HOT – I LOVE those thick girls, curvy sassy & …..naughty!

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