Danielle Fishel arrested for alleged DUI

Authorities announced this weekend that Danielle Fishel was arrested on a drunk driving warrant. You may remember Danielle from her role as Topanga on the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World. Now you can remember her as Susie McDrunkendrive. The Associated Press reports:

Fishel was arrested Thursday just before 5 a.m. after officers stopped a car she was in, said Newport Beach Sgt. James Rocker. She was released from jail shortly after her arrest.

This story is kind of vague. I don’t know whether Danielle Fishel was driving drunk when she was stopped by the police, or if she drove drunk on a previous occasion and was now being arrested for it. Hold up. Does that mean, if you make it home from the bar without getting caught, you’re not totally in the clear? Not good. I should probably bake my neighbors some muffins. That’ll smooth over parking my car in their dishwasher last night. Unless they want to be dicks about it.

Photo: Getty Images