Danielle Calo is a dirty whore

danielle_calo_cheat.jpgDanielle Calo, the girl who claims she made out with Nick Lachey at a high school football game in September, has come out and told Extra that she isn’t the reason Nick and Jessica broke up.

”There’s no way I had that much of an effect on their marriage,” she said. “No way!”

When asked if Lachey was a good kisser, on a scale of 1 to 10, she responded, “I don’t know, like a nine — eight or nine — it was not that long — like five minutes.”

Calo accepted an invitation to his hotel room, but claims the pair did not have sexual relations. She told Lachey, ”If you think I’m that kind of girl, I’m not,” adding that the pair, “hung out and just kissed and that was it.”

I like how she threw in that she didn’t sleep with him because she’s “not that kind of girl.” Sure, she’ll make out with a married man and have a complete disregard for his union with another woman, but she’s got strong moral fiber, damnit. Quickly after the interview she probably walked into an orphanage and started kicking orphans in the face, all the while saying, “I’d never kick them in the crotch. I’ve got morals!”

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