Danielle Calo is a dirty whore

December 2nd, 2005 // 19 Comments

danielle_calo_cheat.jpgDanielle Calo, the girl who claims she made out with Nick Lachey at a high school football game in September, has come out and told Extra that she isn’t the reason Nick and Jessica broke up.

”There’s no way I had that much of an effect on their marriage,” she said. “No way!”

When asked if Lachey was a good kisser, on a scale of 1 to 10, she responded, “I don’t know, like a nine — eight or nine — it was not that long — like five minutes.”

Calo accepted an invitation to his hotel room, but claims the pair did not have sexual relations. She told Lachey, ”If you think I’m that kind of girl, I’m not,” adding that the pair, “hung out and just kissed and that was it.”

I like how she threw in that she didn’t sleep with him because she’s “not that kind of girl.” Sure, she’ll make out with a married man and have a complete disregard for his union with another woman, but she’s got strong moral fiber, damnit. Quickly after the interview she probably walked into an orphanage and started kicking orphans in the face, all the while saying, “I’d never kick them in the crotch. I’ve got morals!”

A few regrets from gal who kissed Nick [Herald]


  1. Mary45

    High School Football Game??? What? Was it Nick’s alma mater? Did he make it through high school? Ummm…

  2. janessa

    Is it just me or does she look a lot like Ashlee? But a way hotter version.

  3. Juliette

    Yea she does look like ashlee…better looking as you said, but I wouldnt say really hot…

    I love how Ashlee’s career is destroyed and now Jessica’s seems to be following the same path. I hope so anyways. I would die happy not having to ever hear of them again.

  4. HollyJ

    Can’t Nick afford a shirt that fits? His man-boobs are exploding out of this one.

  5. UsWeeklyJunkie

    Isn’t this the same girl who’s boyfriend kept calling her cell while she was making out with Nick? Oh, she’s THAT type of girl!

  6. IKillChildren

    The girl hot? She’s got all that fat exploding from her arms. Jesus…Pretty face but needs to lose about 20 pounds.

  7. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Nick Lachey is a pimp. All you naysayers can just keep saying nay – it does not penetrate his pimp forcefield. So she’s got fat arms. Charge it to the game. That’s what Nick would say – because he’s a pimp.

  8. I was thinking of something I could say about this news, but your headline, about this girl being a “dirty whore” pretty much said it all.

  9. Zanathon

    Calo accepted an invitation to his hotel room, but claims the pair DID NOT – HAVE – SEXUAL – RELATIONS.

    I don’t know…

    I’d have to confer with Bill Clinton first to determine whether or not she’s telling the truth.

  10. Breanny

    Ummm…I saw this girl’s interview yesterday and I was so embarassed for her. First of all, after seeing her on TV (nice moles all over your face and fat ass) I am so sure that Nick would cheat on his super hot wife with this fat nobody….but it was a lovely story anyway!! Thanks Darlin’, Please Drive Through, your 10 minutes are up

  11. hafaball

    “– it was not that long — like five minutes.”

    That’s not a long kiss? To me it is, maybe just becuase he was a married man, but what does she think a long kiss is, kissing to the point of sheer unconsciousness? I would of believed her too, about ruining their marriage, then they went to a room together, yeah, I’m sure that didn’t leave a stain on it at all.

  12. valleyg

    along with just looking plain dirty…her bra strap is hanging out from her tank top!

    hello…get a strapless bra to wear in the summer!!

  13. osugirl8100

    actually it was the OHIO STATE vs. TEXAS game when Nick came up here with espn when he was a guest host…. not a high school football game..

  14. I mean what was Nick thinking? I would never…

    …not like it was sex or anything. A real women would stand by her man…

    …Or be killed and replaced by a robot.

  15. elle26

    lol….omg..tht article is soo funne!!!!!
    I lyk Jessica!!I dont kno y…her actings average..so are her songs…but I jz lyk her!!she’s wayyy prettier then this ho tho…

  16. BadassFred

    I think she’s just another one of those girls who claims that they were involved with a famous guy to get famous.

    She also sounded like a stupid whore in her interview.

  17. Panchi

    She is soo ugly and Nick is a idiot for leaving jessica and i think that if she got hit by a train, nick wouldnt even clue in.

  18. easilyamused

    so what if there was no sex… kissing another woman while you’re married is a stab in your wife’s throat. There goes any trust they might have had in you loving and respecting them.

  19. redkann

    Nick was in town for the Ohio State vs. Texas game. BUT, he met the girl the day before at a high school football game.

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