Danielle Bux launches things

September 25th, 2008 // 66 Comments

In case you guys didn’t get the memo, it’s “British Chicks in Lingerie Week” here on The Superficial. This time around it’s model Danielle Bux who’s also the girlfriend of soccer legend Gary Lineker. She’s launching the La Senza flagship store in London with the help of what appears to be the Dutch Queen of Cellulite and her best friend Don’t Look at My Face. Sexy!

Photos: Splash News

  1. ph7

    She’s launched my penis into orbit!

  2. jaybeck


  3. first

    damn! thats hot

  4. AJ

    If Kim Kardassian had any brains she would try to start her own butt girdle line, but then she would have to admit to wearing a girdle.

  5. ButtMunch

    Foist!!!! And a NEWBIE TOOOOO!!!! AIIEEEEEEE

  6. What a fantasy,,,id surely allow these 3 to drain the life from my ballz…

  7. havoc

    She’s hot whoever she is.

    Oil her up and send her over….


  8. Randal

    There’s really not much substance in what Danielle is doing here, nothing like Katie Price or the ever so beautiful Heidi because she’s not doing anything for society. No books. No perfume. No pictures on the wall of a famous restaurant.

    A wanna be in every sense, style and intelligence.

    Two thumbs down and way too much makeup.


  9. Thighhighs

    Bodies aren’t too bad. The faces…yikes! No thank you.

  10. dude_on

    Let’s give the Brits their due on this one. Bravo Brits… we’ll offer you a young photogenic Hollywood couple, and Wolfgang Puck, in a three for three trade.

  11. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    It’s football not soccer you American piece of shit, Lineker is a FOOTBALL player fuck your stupid word SOCCER.

  12. havoc

    So what? Soccer isn’t a real sport anyway….


  13. SATAN

    damn ugly faces but taht ass on blondie makes me hungry AND horny

  14. ali

    i agree with randal. she doesn’t even hold a candle to heidi’s beauty and brains.

    @ 11. does it really matter?

  15. Mike

    Yeah she does!!! She just launched my erection! Kachow!!!

  16. woodhorse

    Spellchecker: Danielle Bruxism launches things….

  17. Pat

    The one on the far left has cellulite already.

    Just sayin.

  18. Damn

    The blond creeps the shit out of me. And Danielle’s smile is…awkward!

  19. crabdonkey

    The two on the ends have white trash faces. Seriously, why would you try to be a model with an ugly face. Oh yeah, too stupid to get an education.

    This is an American based site, and we call it soccer, so go fuck yourself. I don’t even know who Lineker is, I guess I’m a wanker or yank or an apathetic arrogant american.

  20. ummm...yeah

    Randal and #14,
    You two are soo fucking stupid! GOD!!
    Fucking Die already!!!!

  21. Pinapopper

    She looks like Natalie Wood

  22. Binky

    Whew – relief – that Silverman thread was scary.
    Well it’s good to see Lineker still has some sort of income thru his wife (?)
    (That of course seems to be the way to guys)
    But I’ve never really got the English term ‘Knickers’ ?
    Where’s ‘Hot for Words’ when you need her ?

  23. jambi

    gross. wtf is is wrong with her teeth

  24. HorribleJudgment

    Okay, Danielle Whatserface is perfectly lovely and hot. The other two….ugggghhhaaaaaaaahhhhhggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Vomit…..coming up….can’t….can’t stop it! Cellulite! Fugly, toothy, white trashy face stuck in my head!!!! Can’t…can’t get ‘em out!!!!

  25. Binky

    (#23 Shhhhh…. She’s English)

  26. Bossdj

    banging legs on those two other girls, but christ, they’re two baggers. You’d need two bags one for their face and one for my face, should the one on their face fall off.

  27. Sarconoclast


    Mor liek buxom, amirite?


  28. lidia

    She’s no doubt beautiful! And I love young lovely girls, I don’t really care about the social norm! sincere and sensual people on __Agelessmate.com__ care nothing but chemistry! True love and feel right are what they really care!

  29. sameshitdifferentyear

    Those two on the sides are bangin – what fuck’n bodies
    Dani-whoeverthefuck has a better face
    But those two’s are okay, with the right lighting or right position that’s a fucking hell of a threesome (Dani can bring drinks)
    No wonder the wannabe British models usually have hags on their sides
    Those fake tits are completely distracting terrible

  30. Sarah Palin

    I want the feaured model on my staff.

    Let’s pray!

  31. will

    No, no, no….it’s the same lame ass writer…….

    “So and so in a bikini”

    “So and so attends stuff”

    “So and so launches things”

  32. She could SMILE a bit more tho


  33. britney's weave

    Dutch Queen of Cellulite? really? have we forgotten about jennifer love hewitt’s bikini pics already???

  34. justtheobvious

    Wow, I got a hard on again! It must be my wife that leaves me limp!
    Wow and for a while I thought I was gay. She is totally hot as shit!

  35. auzzie

    #34 These bitches that will look life your wife in 10yrs.

    Lets all chronicle their downfall.

    Cellulite is a normal thing, even dudes have it. Has anyone ever seen a 40 yr old dick? eck.

    looks nothing like the 20 yr. old member.

  36. Americans like to launch?

  37. auzzie

    *in case your wondering……
    *dicks do age, just like a womens ass…
    *ever hear of Karma? If not, you will*

  38. kate

    Too much makeup! her face doesn’t match the rest of her body -.-

  39. Kelly

    #38, you took the words right out of my mouth. Her makeup looks horrible! And I don’t think that other girl has much cellulite at all.

  40. Danielle takes a nice picture. The other brunettes cellulite isn’t too bad…except maybe for a lingerie model.
    The blonde might be able to crack the burgeoning Maggie Gyllenhall demographic. That demographic is burgeoning, isn’t it?

  41. Sara

    Dude, her cellulite isnt bad at all.
    I’ve seen much worse on freshman in my highschool.
    I mean, sure, for a lingerie model it may not be acceptable but honestly 90% of women have cellulite.
    give her a break.

  42. Sara

    Dude, her cellulite isnt bad at all.
    I’ve seen much worse on freshman in my highschool.
    I mean, sure, for a lingerie model it may not be acceptable but honestly 90% of women have cellulite.
    give her a break.

  43. Drunkman

    This chick is a less attractive version of Eva Mendez.

  44. andy7171

    I don’t get it. Who’s got cellulite???

  45. gwenda

    Talk about a major over bite.

  46. mimi

    Change the hairdo, give her some wire-rim glasses and she looks like Sarah Palin. Of course Karl Rove would have to give her soundbites and talking points via flash cards. Just saying.

    Time to pray!

  47. Anonymous

    Poor Randal is a jealous little girl. Waaah.

  48. stickykeys

    yep, she just launched the sperm out of my penis

  49. Deacon Jones

    Holy shit.

    There’s never been a better use for the term “butter face” than those two chicks in the panties…..woof! Get it together limeys!

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