Danielle Staub: ‘Ooh, Ooh! I Tried To Commit Suicide, Too! Look at Me!’

Thanks to Russell Armstrong hanging himself on account of Taylor pissing through all their money and/or secret gayness (Have you heard about the secret gayness? There’s secret gayness now.) the media started speculating that this could lead to more reality show suicides, so naturally former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub immediately leapt at the chance to shove her contorted snake face into the press, and like a moron, I’m rewarding her. Entertainment Tonight reports:

“I was very close to taking my own life — not just on one occasion — it’s been several times,” Staub told ET in an exclusive interview. She added: “And what always saved me was the thought of my children living with that for the rest of their lives. I didn’t want them to have that memory of me. I wanted them to remember me — even if I’m going through my struggles — alive.”
Fighting back tears, Staub said she understands the deep dark places that must have led to the suicide of Taylor Armstrong’s estranged husband — both of whom were featured on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “I don’t have words to describe how alone you feel. And everybody’s coming at you, and judging you, and they don’t even know you.”
She said there are countless examples of families that have been torn apart after exposing their lives on reality programs. “It’s really hard to talk to people who are not in our genre about what really goes on when the lights go down.”

No, actually, it’s really not.

“Hey, how was your day?”
“Oh, you know, I manufactured a bunch of drama then acted like a vindictive cunt while living entirely off money I didn’t have to work a single minute for.”

BOOM. Simple as that. Now, who wants cannolis? (I’m assuming everyone in New Jersey is Italian and eats cannolis.)

Photo: Fame, Splash News, WENN