Daniella Cicarelli

20041008_cicarelli.jpgI was busy having lots of sex with supermodels so I didn’t get a chance to update earlier. To make up for it, here are some pictures of Daniella Cicarelli from Spanish Maxim. It’s been awhile since I’ve read any Spanish, so all I can tell you about Daniella Cicarelli is that she’s got weird swollen looking lips and a nice pornstar look to her. I really have no idea who she is or what she does, but I think she’s a model of some sort. She’s a bit too slutty looking for high end fashion designers and a bit too ugly for magazines like Playboy. Honestly, the only modeling I can picture this girl doing is for car parts and sex toys. And really, aren’t car parts and sex toys practically the same thing?

No, not really.

*Update: So Daniella Cicarelli is big in Spain and Portugal because she’s a top Brazillian model and, more importantly, engaged to Real Madrid’s top soccer player Ronaldo Carlos. Upon closer inspection of her other photos, I’m going to have to retract my previous statements and say that she does look much better than her Maxim spread had lead me to believe. Damn you, Spanish Maxim! You’ve foiled me yet again!

**Edit: Some readers pointed out that Daniella Cicarelli is actually engaged to Ronaldo Nazario and not Ronaldo Carlos. It’s kind of hard to be engaged to somebody that doesn’t exist.