Daniel Radcliffe caught practicing herbal magic

November 13th, 2009 // 47 Comments

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is denying he’s smoking a joint on the cover of a British tabloid that ran today, according to the Daily Mail:

A spokeswoman for Radcliffe said: ‘Daniel does smoke the occasional roll-up cigarette, but he was not doing anything more than this.’
The accusation came as shock to fans and could well have land him in trouble with bosses in charge of the family friendly Harry Potter franchise.
The pictures were taken by Wadia Tazi, a fellow guest at the party, held at a high-rise in Camden.

Even if Daniel Radcliffe was smoking a little herb, he really has nothing to worry about. It’s pretty much a given that Kristen Stewart inhales 55 bowls for breakfast, yet Twilight’s still the most powerful movie franchise in the known universe right now. Also, did you see how I just equated Daniel Radcliffe with a female lead? Pwned by a Muggle, Potter. FACE!


  1. cate

    He looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy.

  2. A. Soto


  3. sexchill

    Is it really? I never heard of that! Frustrated by being still single and not finding your Mr. Right? I know a hot and interesting place for wealthy people and their admirers named Billionairepal.com where I have met my boyfriend. You may take a look.

  4. Fors

    “harry pothead” lol

  5. wtf

    Was this picture taken with a pinhole camera, that was subsequently rolled over by a dump truck?

  6. noodle

    it was only a matter of time before they made up a reason to use harry pothead. i guess they got impatient. i mean, honestly, he seems way to tight to be a smoker. although, he can be funny as hell! his guest spot on Extras almost killed me!!

  7. Max Planck

    He scored a nickel bag from Valdemort.

  8. Super Me

    …wow…a teenage boy smoking a joint??
    SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!

    It’s not a big deal =P

  9. matt

    Doesn’t really look like him, unless he drew on a fake mustache and added a clown wig. That’s like saying every time you see a coke whore passed out on the bathroom floor in Hollywood it’s Lindsey Lohan.

  10. Jake

    “The accusation came as shock to fans and could well have land him in trouble with bosses in charge of the family friendly Harry Potter franchise.”

    Ha. Big trouble? Like what, they threaten to fire him and replace him with someone else? They’ll never do anything to kill their golden goose.

  11. seanababy16

    that does not look like him at all. and there’s no way their going to fire him, especially with only two movies left. whatever.

  12. Katie

    Hell ya Harry Pothead. Hell YEA!!

  13. The real question is — did he inhale? We all know the Clintonian defense works a charm.

  14. havoc

    Pole-smoking is more like it….


  15. dude, be sure to look as uncomfortable as possible and wear an ugly suit 2 sizes too small!!

  16. Tigerh8r

    I swear I thought that was a picture of Elijah Wood!

    Or at least a scary caricature of Elijah Wood.

  17. yo

    it does NOT look like him! and who’s to say it’s a joint? anyway… if harry potter really did smoke joints, that’d make him that much more awesome.

    and HAHA #16 yes he looks so much like elijah wood it’s scary!

  18. VeeBee

    @ #1 and #15 – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am laughing so hard!

  19. whatever

    actually hand rolled cigarettes are much more common outside the us. so there is a pretty good possibility that if he was out drinking (good guess, considering he has drawing on his face) he had one of those.

    or he may have *gasp* actually smoked a joint. yes, he is a role model for children and should not really be doing illegal things, and if he does he should be more discreet….but its not like he shot a baby. as drugs go, its pretty minor.

  20. KIKI

    Well, I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to smoke after him. All that lipstick on the doob would kill it for me.

  21. Kurgen99

    The Brits are 1000 times more backward on this subject then we are….

  22. Baby Fawn

    Well, if that IS daniel radcliffe, he had to have been stoned. is that a mustache drawn on his face?

    also, this is not the first time they referred to him as harry pothead. a few years back like after the 3rd movie or something, i remember seeing that. they had less sufficient evidence, but they used it.

    and even if that were him in that picture, which i don’t think it is…. how many joints have you smoked at a party? and are you a pothead? seriously.

  23. Jon

    Harry doesn’t smoke pot. Smoking pot when you are young stunts your growth and if you look at Harry you can clearly see that he… oh wait.. nevermind.

  24. OTP

    SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Guest

    OH my freaking god.

    He is so UGLY! He looks like fake and tom cruise-ish …
    and kind of like an iguana. Wow. I can’t even look at
    those pictures for more than 5 seconds.

    He’s so disgusting looking … ughhhh

  26. Leonidas

    Is that really him? It looks like that Greek guy that I went to school with. Also, tie up your shoelaces, you scallywag!

  27. NotHim

    That’s not him; the guy in that picture doesn’t even have the facial structure. This is a hoax, a tabloid scandal because someone at the press had absolutely no material so they ran this.

  28. Urbanspaceman

    That shiny suit looks like he got it at the Goodwill Store.

  29. mafme

    Why did they let an Ol’ West undertaker do his makeup?

  30. assman

    I’d hit it! Hard!

  31. puhleez

    If he keeps smoking weed, before he knows it he’ll be winning more gold medals than anyone ever has at the Olympic Games 2012.

  32. Wow.That’s him?

  33. Tire Swing

    Anyone who’s at a private party and sells a pic of someone else at the party, no matter how famous or doing what, is an asshole.

  34. jim

    He looks like a gay vampire. A very, VERY gay vampire.

  35. Amber

    “Even if Daniel Radcliffe was smoking a little herb, he really has nothing to worry about. It’s pretty much a given that Kristen Stewart inhales 55 bowls for breakfast.” The difference being Harry Potter has been around for years with a fairly young, elementary fan base. As where as Twilight is a newer thrill and the fan base ranges fromyoung teen and up.

  36. McJolly

    Daniel, just dont become an alcoholic or do any drugs harsher than the hash. Us bible thumpin’ midwestern republicans can deal with that. Really….we can.

  37. Aunt Jemima

    This guy was in a play about fucking horses. He probably has to get high just to deal with how much of a degenerate he is.

  38. PostmortemG

    ¨He looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy.¨

    Sir, i was trying to find a proper adjective or metaphor to use in describing the pictures, but i can´t say i could´ve come up with one better than you. Congratulations.

  39. I hope the herbal medicine works.

  40. 'ool++


  41. I believe Dan!! And if he was high…then it’s his business. He wasn’t doing it in public. He was in a private setting. The British media needs to shut it!

  42. Darth

    Is this a real human being or is this a wax statue?!

  43. haa haa

    his publicist is speaking sh** ….of course daniel radcliffe smokes up, hes even smoked up with friends of mine. london knows

  44. Willie Dixon

    I think I’ve seen this guy standing on milk crates making robot sounds for spare change in front of buildings…

  45. ricaty

    Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe nude video

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  47. no_one_yuno

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