Daniel Craig is the new James Bond

Daniel_Craig_is_Bond.jpgBy all accounts, it’s become widely accepted that Daniel Craig is the new James Bond. Craig has been spotted asking around for a first edition copy of author Ian Fleming’s 1953 Casino Royale, which the next Bond flick will be based on. While the film’s producers haven’t confirmed anything yet, they are expected to make the announcement any day now.

Wait a minute. Didn’t Daniel Craig strongly indicate that he wasn’t very likely to be the next Bond? Either actors and publicists aren’t as honest and forthright as I think they are, or Sienna Miller is some kind of a miraculous career-boosting genie. When she was dating Jude Law, he starred in three movies and an infomercial every week. And now that she’s shtupping Daniel Craig, he suddenly manages to become the most iconic Englishman since that guy who wrote all those plays. You know the one. I want to say… Shakesberg? Whoever he was, I bet I’d know his name if he’d boned Sienna Miller.