Daniel Craig has lost his mind

November 7th, 2008 // 155 Comments

Daniel Craig, an outspoken Barack Obama supporter despite not being a U.S. citizen, thinks it might be time for a black James Bond. According to The Scoop:

Craig, the first blond Bond, told the British press, “After Barack Obama’s victory, I think we might have reached the moment for a coloured 007.

“I think the role could easily be played by a black actor, because the character created by Ian Fleming in the ’50s has undergone a great deal of evolution and continues to be updated,” he said. “I’ve always been a fan of Obama. The political ideas that have emerged from his speeches seem to me to be genuine.”

Look, I’m as open minded as the next guy, but what the hell is Daniel Craig talking about? James Bond isn’t black. It’s about as simple as that. You can’t just go around replacing characters to be progressive. It’d be like having Shaft played by an overweight Mexican woman. What’s that? Making a movie about He-Man? Well let’s go ahead and cast an Asian guy. Or better yet, how about this watermelon?

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  1. jenna

    Unfortunately this site is the only thing that lost something – me! I know you mean well, but when I read (on another site) Craigs quote – I thought hooray! The Obama win will change everything and color will no longer matter. Not sure what makes me more sad – the fact that you have no idea what you posted was indeed racist, or that I won’t be coming back to this site…because you DID have a funny/mean balance going on for a while. BTW, I am a 32 yo white professional woman who buys lots of stuff…so keep my advertising demographic in mind next time you decide to smack down someone who makes a positive “who cares what color someone is” kind of statement. Seriously…very sad.

  2. Anon


    I know who he was talking to. I wasn’t referring to the article but comment #10. Like I said.

    I’m English so I spell it the correct way. coloured.

  3. bondfan

    Is it too late to make Pierce Brosnan Bond again? Though I’d be all for a black Bond if it’s the only alternative to “time for a gay scene” Daniel Craig.

  4. haha

    :The Obama win will change everything and color will no longer matter:


  5. Mama Pinkus

    I see nothing wrong with a black James Bond; I nomitate Chiwetel Ejiofor.

  6. Bond

    James Bond is whatever we want him to be, anything creative can be reinterpreted, there are no rules when it comes to artistic creations and why the fuck should there be, who does that benefit? I’d like to see santa as a black man or another race more often. As a white person I’d love to see a black James Bond. Why shouldn’t young black kids have a debonaire black bond to admire and emulate, it’s all in good fun and Craig is right. I just don’t see why it can finally happen NOW, this should have started happening a long time ago. If people start finally representing other races more fairly in media just because Obama (who I 100% supported) was elected it just shows how pathetic they are that they had to wait for a big cue like that, life isn’t always going to give you opening to make choices for equality you have to accomplish things yourself like a grownup and not always wait for giant signs to give you all the answers. So that’s the onlyt thing that pisses me off, but if good things hapen then good things hapen, better late than never.

    You know, it’s really easy to not get it when you never feel under represented, but if you turned on the television and rarely saw people like you and when you did they were almost alwys represented as criminals and hero’s were always white you’d want to see changes to. Some of the worlds great hero’s are black people like the subway superhero and the men who saved reginald Denny, Nelson Mandella, Martin Luther King so why doesn’t fantasy fucking represent that? Media is an amazing tool to reach people and yet it is mainly used for commercial bullshit, comsumer greed and pure evil. It could be so much better, for many sheltered people media is the only window to the world that exists outside their little backyards. Prejudice is often based on the fear of the unknown, but when people realize “hey they are just like me” they get their panties unbunched and let go of the hate and judgement. Media has made great strides for equality, but it has also worked against it by creating ridiculous stereotypes and for all the good that has been done certainly more could be done.

    It’s time to try on some other shoes and walk a mile buddy.

  7. JungleRed

    #106 Nice speech. If that’s your take, then you should support a female 007. Or can 007s only be limited to violent back-stabbing misogynists of varying colors?

    Jesus, some of the people on this site need to pick up a book. The character is white. It’s not to say you can’t have a black 007. He’s just not going to be James Bond. He’s a going to be a different guy, a black dude, who is a new 007.

    Desperately trying to recast white characters with minorities instead is not progress. It just reinforces the notion that white culture is somehow better and deserving of emulation.

  8. ertrt

    11. hnnssy25 – November 7, 2008 6:29 PM

    Oh shut the fuck up. I am so tired of this politically correct, racially sensitive bullshit. Personally, I don’t care who plays him and what race they are, but the fact that you think there HAS to be one in order for the world to be a better place is just fucking retarded. Oops, did I say RETARDED? I meant conceptually challenged! Na, fuck it, it’s retarded.

  9. trdt6

    104. haha – November 8, 2008 2:17 PM

    :The Obama win will change everything and color will no longer matter:


    1) Get off the crack. Preferably sometime before you plan to type again.
    2) As long as people of different races exist, there will always be racism and animosity. Get over it. Humans are not a friendly species. That doesn’t make it right, but that’s how it is. Just like some men will always hate women, and vice versa. There will ALWAYS be hatred. It is HUMAN NATURE.

  10. Moi

    James Bond is an iconic, established character. He is a white British guy (I think his dad was Scottish and his mom Swiss?). He needs to stay that way. Enough with revisionist visions of every damn thing ever written/filmed.

    Blacks do not need white people’s cultural leftovers. Why not just invent an iconic black character, with a black back story? That’s what people want to see.


    Fuck. Why cant some things be the way they are. We are all black, white, brown, yellow and purple for a reason and James Bond is a character that has its roots in a predominantly white England, so hence BOND IS WHITE.

    I voted for Obama, but lets not start acting like nutcases and turn everything that is white into black just for the sake of political correctness! STAY REALISTIC.


    @101. jenna
    Fuck jenna. WHy are you such a crybaby? Get up Get loose, stop calling everyone a racist immediately. The racist-calling argument has become such a weak one, as you extreme leftist cowards yell it at everyone who only tries to disagree. It’s making me so tired. if this bullshit racism calling won’t stop I will vote next time only for a chinese lesbian anorexic patient as the next POTUS.

  13. girl next door

    nope. no racism here.
    just lovely
    it’s not like the same guy’s been james bond all these years. so what if the next james bond is black? if he delivers a good movie that’s all that should matter. we have white actors playing black characters. how’s this different?
    btw…..did he really say colored?

  14. girl next door

    oh and.. if the argument is that white bond is all there’s ever been or all you’ve ever known. you’ve probably never seen a black president of the united states either, have u? open ur minds people. forget racist, or not racist. just be a better person..

  15. uhhh

    James Bond is not an actual name. It’s a role. A title placed to the agents. That’s why it’s able to change from one person to the other. Obviously a woman becoming James Bond would pose some problems and really just too much of an overhaul.
    But a black man becoming James Bond…I don’t think it would deviate that much from the whole concept.
    Why does James Bond NEED to be white? I just find little support for a claim like this.

    But I agree with Craig using the word “colored”. What’s up with that?

  16. tennischick

    i’m never coming back to this site. that watermelon crack was the last straw. fuck you Superficial.

  17. Some Truth

    Seriously, what does a watermelon have to do with shit you were talking about, you racist idiot! James Bond can be who ever the fuck they want him to be. This was a waist of a post by the Superficial.

  18. NY Ted

    Holy fuck…what will be next? They’ll start wanting Jesus Christ to by portrayed by a fucking darkie soon!

  19. dew

    Yesterday I was white, tomorrow I’ll be black, and next week I’ll be Asian, because I was already Hispanic last month. I can’t wait until scientists come up with a way for me to change into different animals, yay!

  20. holly

    I can picture a black Bond,Biritsh people of African descent can pull this role off, why not? not all black men wear big baggy trousers and hoodies and slur and hit their baby mommas you know…I’m not saying they should cast specifically a black man for the next Bond, but if there is a guy who can play Bond very well and he is black, why not?

  21. Georgey001

    That’s a terrible idea. I’m all for racial diversity, give him a black friend or something but that’s a stupid idea making bond black, while we’re at it let’s also make Bond american, gay and a woman. Yay racial diversity.

    Craig is a douche, Brosnan, Connery, Moore even Lazenby and Dalton were better than this guy.

  22. Scheiße

    O = Obviously
    B = Blacks
    A = Are
    M = Moving
    A = America

    M = Maybe
    C = Crackers
    C = Can
    A = Accept
    I = It
    N = Now


  23. someguy

    Having a black actor play the role, to me, isn’t much different than seeing a non-white Santa Claus in a shopping mall. It’s role, that’s all. After all, didn’t Marvel tap Samuel Jackson for the role of Nick Fury?

  24. Judging by the martial art skills of Bond, I’m surprised we dont get an asian James Bond soon.

    But seriously I agree. Bond is british culture. And he is classically british and white. Not black.

    No offence to black people, but you have your black roles like shaft, or bad boys, we have ours. It’s like replacing Will Smith and Martin Lawrence with Chevy Chase and Jamie Kennedy.

  25. p

    asian bond? no way. i’d be laughing throughout the movie…asian dudes are TINY where it matters. those chicks would be lol in the bedroom. asian dudes SUCK at seduction. how about an arab bond? they’re sex fiends and drive expensive cars.

  26. onesizefitsmost

    OMG no, that’s like having a white person playing shaft! or whatever that funky dude’s name is. i knew eveyone would go crazy once obama was in office. sheesh…

  27. Yo some of yall non-blacks on here have lost your minds, because it’s apparent you guys have the belief that everything including the world revolves around you. That’s what’s wrong with Americans today…we have all gotten so use to white faces in major movie rolls and in television period. Let everyone else shine for a while (Latino people, Asian, Native American, all Hispanic, etc). DAMN!!!!! On another note Damn this man has some gorgeous eyes, and that’s one reason Im glad he’s not a racist. If I were to ever meet him I’d want him to look at me just so I could see those pretty blue eyes, and yes Im black and nappy, but I still look good.

  28. #118 if you really believe in Jesus, and in the bible, then you should know that Jesus has already been for centuries misrepresented. In the bible it describes him having skin of brass, and hair of wool texture. Besides, wasn’t Jesus born in a brownish nation? Jesus should’ve always been represented as so.

  29. #118 if you really believe in Jesus, and in the bible, then you should know that Jesus has already been for centuries misrepresented. In the bible it describes him having skin of brass, and hair of wool texture. Besides, wasn’t Jesus born in a brownish nation? Jesus should’ve always been represented as so.

  30. shell

    That’s okay. At one point everyone shit their pants over the thought of a black President of the United States. FYI, this guy was suppose to be the new Bond before Daniel Craig got the part: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Harris_(actor)

  31. Gin

    I’m ashamed of a lot of you. And Superficial…this was a sick article. It doesn’t make any difference what color a person’s skin is. Please stop this racial nonsense…it’s just stupid, and the most anti-Christian thing you can do.

    I’m white, and don’t give a damn about color, except that I’m glad to see things beginning to change in that people from all races are started to be represented more. I voted for Obama; it was one of the proudest votes I have ever cast. White, black, pink or polka-dot, he will be my president, the same as everyone else. When I look at Obama, I don’t see a black man, I see the man; that’s the way it should be with everyone. Daniel Craig was right.

  32. Sarah

    thatone (and anyone else who wanted to know):

    The term ‘colored/coloured’ in England is still socially acceptable there – it does not have the negative connotations that it has here in America. I have had to explain to friends that visit from England to NEVER EVER use that term while here, and to do so would be nearly the equivalent of the dreaded n-word. Every single visitor was quite apologetic. However, when ‘coloured’ is the same as ‘black’, as it is in England, people get used to using both words interchangibly. Here, we’ve got the history of segregation, which England never had, and ‘colored’ has a terrible history as a word and a label from the ‘separate and not equal’ days.

    So, please use Mr. Craig’s comment (by a British person, to the British press) as not being racist – he’s actually not, and was making a progressive comment. Don’t you love that we live in a world where the little differences in languages between countries can cause massive confusion – in an instant?

    Sarah, wife of an English person

  33. sfngsfns

    Hey Fish, good to see you slap the PC idiots across the face! They need it! They really really need it!

    It ups the post count and generates lots and lots of views.

    @131, Gin: you’re a sap, a stupid mindless ovine sap. You really believe what your idiot box tells you. There isn’t any difference in Obama and McCain. Neither one of them gives a rat’s ass about you or your problems. Why don’t you go eat a gun, humanity will be better off if it eliminates the ‘tards from the gene pool.

  34. Malffy Hernandes

    What’s wrong with the superficial writer…he’s/she’s a total idiot, why can’t James Bond be black? He’s been, so many other things and people of different physical attributes why must color be a barrier. Geez. Grow up.

  35. e

    a watermelon? seriously? how passively aggressively racist do you get?

  36. e

    a watermelon? seriously? how passively aggressively racist do you get?

  37. T.

    Harvey Dent was Black in the first Batman film…


    How typical that 9 out of 10 crybabies about ‘don’t be racist – black bond all the way’ are women. Fuck. You think you are being super liberal and rational, but if you would for a chance read a book or two on ethnical diversity and human evolution you would simply see that mankind is NOT equal. Now I don’t give a rats ass if my president is white, purple, yellow or black, but please give it a break and let coloured people create their own 007, it is RACIST to give them white men’s spillovers – which looks like: ‘oh poor black men, you are so left behind, here you go you can have our cultural heritage, because your own sucks too much’. Now that is racist to the max, but what could I expect from bigoted leftist feminists.

  39. FACE

    Hmm…the pussy who runs this site sticks his foot in his mouth regarding race yet again. James Bond can’t be black? It seems the same thing was said about the most powerful man in the world less than 2 weeks ago…

  40. wizardbreath

    he jes tryin’ to get da coloreds to come sees his movie and shit

  41. Ponds clarant!

    The country with more mixture of races, is racist!
    Shame on you!

  42. Right Fury

    don’t worry. all characters in all movies will be black now.

    I can’t wait till we only have one channel


  43. Baha

    A nigger bond would be da bomb.

    Bond shorties, drive by’s .

    For real

    The prez could do a cam-e-oh.

  44. Tyrell

    A black man couldn’t me 007; he’d be more like 012. TADOW!. I said it. Schlong; James Schlong. Shake it righ’ thurr.

  45. “coloured”??!?!?!

    not PC, with or without the “U”

  46. Faust

    Will Smith is doing it for his son in Karate Kid. I’m not saying it’s right. In fact, I’m saying it’s quite wrong. But I’m just saying.

  47. White Boy

    they should make a Sanford and Son with white people.
    or better Good Times or even Car Wash or Watermellon man. That would be so KOOL.

  48. White Boy

    Remember “Wild Wild West”>>>>Yikes ! That might have been one of the worst movirs ever,,,and it had s agood cast……just think? Blacks can do what they want but they just can’t be or play any White Role….> . like a Cowboys – James Bond – a red neck- Henry The 8th- Shoud a white guy play Shaft ?
    That would be so cool…………………doh

  49. Abi McManigan

    most of you sound like a bunch of racist twats

  50. Amy

    What’s the deal with all the posts claiming it would be insulting to black people to allow one of them to play Bond? That is completely absurd.

    I’m not suggesting that when they are casting the next Bond they should set out to find a black man, but deny someone the role because of the colour of his skin if he is otherwise qualified is clearly racist.

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