Daniel Craig can’t drive 007’s car

*daniel_craig_thumb2.jpgNew 007 Daniel Craig shocked producers of Casino Royale when he revealed that he cannot actually drive Bond’s trademark Aston Martin. Craig told Bond bosses that he is actually only qualified to drive an automatic transmission vehicle, which was a huge problem with driving the manual Aston Martin DB5. Filming had to be halted so that the actor could actually learn how to drive the fictional spy’s hi-tech car.

This is getting ridiculous. Our new James Bond can’t get even a d-list actress to pair up with him, gets his teeth knocked out, can’t drive a stick, and looks like his face was carved out of yogurt. The only way it could get worse is if he spent the entire movie in pink hot pants with the words “shaken, not stirred” on his ass and introduced himself as “agent double-o-pretty princess.”

Thanks to Jacqueline for the tip.