Doug Stanhope Wins ‘Best Advice Given To Daniel Tosh Advice About This Rape Joke Nonsense’

July 11th, 2012 // 120 Comments
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For those of you blissfully clueless to this retarded controversy drummed up for Internet hits that I’m not even going to pretend I’m not shamelessly soaking up right now, according to some chick’s Tumblr, Daniel Tosh made comments about rape jokes being funny and her friend (Who, of her own admission, was only there to see Dane Cook, so immediately every one of her opinions is suspect.) claims the following exchange happened:

I, for one, DON’T find them funny and never have. So I didnt appreciate Daniel Tosh (or anyone!) telling me I should find them funny. So I yelled out, “Actually, rape jokes are never funny!”
I did it because, even though being “disruptive” is against my nature, I felt that sitting there and saying nothing, or leaving quietly, would have been against my values as a person and as a woman. I don’t sit there while someone tells me how I should feel about something as profound and damaging as rape. [Ed. Note: What will she sit there and tolerate? Jokes about “chainsaw-fucking” women. – SW]
After I called out to him, Tosh paused for a moment. Then, he says, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her…”

And from there, BOOM, instant Internet controversy because Daniel Tosh later apologized although he mostly just pointed out this chick misquoted him and took everything out of context which is usually what happens when you take a comics word out of a comedy club and go, “OMG! Can you believe this person said these real things he meant?!” In the meantime, Gawker reports Louis CK has offered his support because a.) that’s his thing now, God bless him, and b.) what better way to point out Daniel Tosh more than likely stole this bit from Louie. That said, Doug Stanhope put this whole thing to bed on Twitter and there’s really nothing else to say after this:

@danieltosh If you ever apologize to a heckler again I will rape you.

Haha! It’s funny because he said rape and that chick was mad about rape and now I made it less funny. Stupid laws of destructing comedy, I’ll rape you!

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  1. Dude of Dudes

    Im pretty sure Kim Kardashian will rape him to get to that Microphone…

  2. Rico Jones

    Is this fuckin post title in English?

  3. Cracktaco

    I stopped reading when I saw she was only there to see Dane Cook

  4. Heywood Jarapeme

    Do i smell the greatest web redemtion of all time coming!?

  5. Hugh Jazz

    Saying you’d like to apologize and ACTUALLY apologizing are two different things, like saying you’d like to smash Daniel Tosh in the face with a rock and ACTUALLY smashing Daniel Tosh in the face with a rock.

    • EricLr

      He shouldn’t have apologized at all. He’s a comedian, not an elected official. If you don’t like what he says–then don’t buy a ticket to his act and don’t watch his show. Problem solved.
      I have yet to hear of anyone being forced to watch Daniel Tosh.

      • Schmidtler

        that’s only because you’ve never been to Gitmo. they do unspeakable things there. forcing the al qaida operatives to watch Daniel Tosh is a last resort, if other less inhumane methods fail to break them.

  6. Name (Visible)

    Speaking of Tosh, on his website, if I try and go to older “Web Redemption Videos”, it always sends me back to page 1 of the “Web Redemption Videos”. FIX THAT SHIT MANG!

  7. EricLr

    If Tosh needs to apologize for anything, it’s paraphrasing George Carlin’s “I can make rape funny” routine without giving credit to the master.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I suppose my Dexter spin off idea where the guy’s a rapist is out the window?

    • Randal(l)

      I think it could still work. You just have to change it so that he’s a former Altar Boy, the rest writes itself.

      I’ll wait here for my executive co-producer credit.

  9. Richard McQueef

    Rape jokes are funny. So are racist jokes, retarded person jokes, and sexist jokes. Without tragedy, there can be no comedy, and the funniest jokes stem from the worst things. Anyone who doesn’t understand this doesn’t really “get” jokes.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      When I find you I will rape your fucking eyes out.

    • Hugh Evers

      Exactly, when we can no longer laugh at rape, pedophilia, or spousal abuse, or poverty etc. we lose our sensibility. Further humiliating victims for laughs is a cathartic methodology that allows greater society to point the finger at those who suffer and say…. “I’m damn glad I’m not you.” Take away rape jokes and we might as well all be robots.

    • LookforReason

      Anyone who doesn’t understand that it’s usually best for the *victims* of the joke to play it up themselves (that’s why a black man telling racist jokes is way more funny than a white guy telling them), doesnt’ really “get” the subtleties of humor. Fart jokes are funny too, but there’s a time and place. Rape jokes *can* be funny. But saying “wouldn’t it be hilarious if that girl was getting gang raped right now?” …how is that comedy?

    • Rape jokes can be funny. But Tosh’s response to the heckler – i.e. talking about how funny it would be if she got raped on the spot – crossed a line. It wasn’t a joke (it certainly wasn’t witty or funny, at least). It was a threatening reminder about the vulnerability of women. The “joke” was, “You can suck my dick because whatever you say, you’re still 5,000x more likely to be forced to have sex than I am as a man. Statistically speaking, there’s a one-in-four chance that you already have been raped – ha! The world’s joke is on you, bitch, and you deserve to be raped for hurting my feelings!” I have no comment on Tosh’s earlier rape jokes and I don’t agree with what the heckler said about rape jokes never being funny, but Tosh’s specific response to her sucked and he deserves flak for that.

  10. Deacon Jones

    I’ve read quite a bit of comedy books over the years, and like to think I’m somewhat of an authority on the subject. I respect Tosh, but he’s not a true comic IMO.

    Carlin, early Dennis Leary, Artie Lange, Stanhope, Jimmie Norton. Those guys are what I’d consider “comics”.

    These manufactured “comedians” such as Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Dane Cook, etc are just that: manufactured. Just like all the teeny bop music popstars the industry pumps out. They’re both made to make money. Fuck talent, they say.

  11. JC

    I think the only thing Tosh should apologize is for coming up with such a lame line for a heckler. I don’t care if he talks about an audience member being raped as long as it’s actually funny.

  12. Min

    Yeah.. jokes are jokes! What is said at a comedy club should stay at a comedy club!

    You didn’t see anyone making a big fuss and being upset when Michael Richards had a heckler and he…oh yeah.

    • marosi

      The difference is that Michael Richards stepped out of his act and went on a real racist tirade. No one really thinks that Tosh was advocating the rape of this woman. This whole issue was dealt with much more intelligently on the first season of Louis C.K. ‘s show, where he brutally took a heckler/rude person down during a show, and she confronted him about it afterward. And what Louis said was way, way worse than what Tosh said, and, of course, a lot funnier, because Louis is the current reigning master, by far.

  13. oh_dear

    This is the ‘Fish equivalent of a trick question. The issue here is … when is Tosh EVER funny, let alone when making rape jokes?

  14. El Jefe

    I wish I cared about Daniel Tosh enough to read this but I don’t, he is not funny.

    Dave Chappelle please for the love of god come back.

  15. Savalas

    They were women at a comedy club. They were implicitly asking to hear rape jokes.

  16. Jack

    I can prove to you that rape is funny. Picture porky pig raping elmer fudd. See why do you think they call him porky, huh?

    - George Carlin

  17. direchef


  18. I don’t know who Doug Stanhope is, but if he’s gonna rape Daniel Tosh, I totally want to get that shit on video. There’s this Comedy Central show “Tosh.0″ that airs that kind of shit every week!

    • Deacon Jones

      He’s awesome. He’s too dark for a guest appearance on some bumblefuck network show like Jimmy Kimmel live.

      He’s bi-polar and drinks/smokes constantly throughout his set. Check him out on youtube.

      • Fribble

        I’ve seen Doug Stanhope’s “Before Turning The Gun On Himself” and it was lame. He’s so busy being “edgy” that he’s not funny. He’s just a boring, drunk, stoned, ass-hat.
        Just what the present generation of stoners think is funny.

  19. Boys are stupid.

    First of all, men should never joke about rape. Period. That’s how it is. If women comics want to make light of our own plight, that’s one thing, but even still, I can’t imagine a female comic doing that (unless it’s Amy Schumer who someone should really just put down for making a mockery of female comics everywhere). Unfortunately, we live in a society where women often don’t feel safe around men. If we go out, we have to be careful about how much we drink, not leaving our drinks unattended, how we’re dressed, having someone with us because going to a bar or club alone can be dangerous for a woman. It sucks, but it’s true. Comedy is supposed to be an ESCAPE from life. Women don’t want to fucking hear about rape…and no, it’s not fucking funny. I love Louis CK, but I fast-forward through his little rape bit every time I watch his special, “Hilarious.”

    And yeah, I know this is The Superficial and nobody wants to get serious. Tough shit. This site has become increasingly misogynist in the last couple of years and this just proves it. Making fun of women for their weight (even if they just happened to have given birth), makes up for about 90% of posts these days but that’s not even what makes it so horrible. The other 10% is lauding the women who starve themselves, get breast implants, and generally do anything they can to change the “real” them. Where are the pictures of big, fat men? There are plenty of them in Hollywood, yet you never see them getting shit on for it. It’s despicable. I have a great sense of humor and I laugh at things others might deem inappropriate. But Chappelle had it right when he quit Comedy Central…there comes a point when you step back and wonder what kind of people are laughing at this kind of thing. Just because you’re laughing, doesn’t mean it’s a positive message.

    I gotta hand it to David Cross, though. He was able to successfully portray the humor in what some women are willing to go through to NOT be raped: the drink testing kit.

    It should also be known that in our society, one in four women are raped at least once in their lifetime. This often brings about symptoms of PTSD and just hearing the word “rape” is enough to set most of these women off. Men don’t get it, and they obviously never will. I can guarantee that any man who’s been raped isn’t going to think rape jokes are funny either.

    Go ahead and berate me for bringing logic to this page. Assuming it doesn’t get deleted. I don’t really care. The truth should be known, even if it is on a self-proclaimed “satirical” site.

    • Maybe more people would have paid attention to your rant if you didn’t have such an asinine username.

      How about if my username was Girls are Cunts and Need to be Ass-fucked?

      • Boys are stupid.

        Are you really equating something as vulgar as your proposed username to the G-rated name I chose? Really? I’m sure you’re smarter than that. Oh wait, you’re not. You’re a man. Thanks for proving my point, though! :D

      • And there’s the misandry I was waiting for. I knew it was just a matter of time.

      • pfk

        How about you change your username from vitobonespur to Jerry Sandusky. That would be much closer to the mind-set of one who uses the descriptive “Ass-fucked” in their tirades of offended entitlement against Females.

      • LittleDetails

        You’re right, because only women can get raped.

      • derp

        Hey dipshit, LittleDetails, 90% of rape victims are women. 99% of rapists are men. If more men were raped, this wouldn’t even be an issue. Jokes about it would be banned altogether.

    • dani

      Thumb up.

    • Lissa

      Without going balls deep into my past, I can tell you simply that I am a survivor of rape, and I still find these jokes amusing. What I dont find amusing is little nothing biatches like you who have never had a single bad thing in life happen to them running around on a soapbox speaking for the whole sex of women. suck it!

      • Brandon

        “Without going balls deep into my past,”

        Did you mean to do that?

      • Lissa

        Yes I did.

      • dani

        The fact that you can laugh about it doesn’t mean everyone else can or should. People deal with traumatic experiences in different ways.

      • Lissa

        Exactly, but it isn’t your right to speak for me or my right to speak for you, which is what this woman is doing. You obviously didn’t get the point of that while reading my comment, nor did your 4 followers. Its no wonder men think we are idiots.

      • In doubt

        I’m not even going to comment about Tosh or rape jokes. This comment is just for Lissa.

        Lissa – you are the happiest rape victim in the whole wide world. Clearly, you were either so drugged/drunk that you have no recollection of it, therefore no emotional damage. Or maybe you just have no self esteem or self worth, therefore you’re ok with being abused. Or you’re just full of shit… that’s my guess.

        Whatever the reason, no rape victim, man or woman, has such a perky, acceptable outlook on rape as you do. In fact, I would assume most rape victims would appreciate being defended by those who haven’t been violated.

      • LookforReason

        I’m guessing it’s a completely fake post/person. No one is that happy about being raped. It’s probably a guy.

      • Boys Are Stupid

        I wrote a similar response (touching on the fact I think “she” is full of shit), but now that I’ve had a moment to stop and think, I know that there are victims of rape or sexual abuse who smile when they talk about it because they’re hiding such deep, deep pain. It’s not necessarily common amongst adult victims of rape, but it definitely ties into lack of self-esteem/self-worth.

        Lissa, if that is the case, I really feel for you, and I don’t want to add to your trauma or pain. But seriously, that doesn’t excuse your assumption that all women should have the same disposition as you. Either way, I recommend you seek professional help.

      • pfk

        Lol, Lissa. The investigative report on the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky crapfest was just made public today. These are ‘The Men’, those rarified humans put up on that god Pedestal as examples of the superiority of the male sex and one which all humans can aspire to if they have a dick. The Movers and Shakers, the Logical and Rational. Never vain, never selfish, never shallow, never superficial. And never, ever petty (which you might mistake ‘Schmidtler’s’ clever and profound comments to be. And Daniel Tosh). Well, that report wasn’t pretty. And you’re worried about what these things think of you? You want their approval? Maybe they should be worried about what we think of them? That’s the way it is out in Real God’s Nature. Maybe this earth would be a much better place if there weren’t so many idiot Dottie Sanduskys running around like dogs wanting a pat on the head for being good little (toad-like) girls from the Jerry Sanduskys and Joe Paternos of the world. You might prefer males pulling your strings like the puppet masters they have castrated millennia of females (mostly babies) in order to to be, but ‘Boys are stupid’ obviously doesn’t. Just my humble opinion, but I don’t think she’s the idiot here.

        Now, if you were talking about some female who was lying about being raped then I can see your point. The irony of that, though, is that it’s the Daniel Tosh’s of the world who insist rape is all a lie.

      • Boys Are Stupid

        I honestly doubt anything you just said is true, but what the fuck makes you think nothing bad has ever happened to me? You know nothing about my life…lol…it’s actually pretty funny that you would make such a childish comment while claiming to be a victim yourself. And you want me to believe you? That’s why I don’t air my personal business on the internet. It’s futile. Either nobody believes you, or they use it against you.

        P.S. I also really doubt you’re even a female.

    • Daniel Tosh can say whatever he wants to. That’s his right. If the men in the crowd actually raped the woman after he made that joke, then he would have something to apologise for.

      Why is there always one asshole at the comedy club who has to make a stand when they hear a joke that offends their pathetic sensibilties? Either leave or STFU, don’t ruin everybody else’s fun. I’ve heard Tosh make much worse jokes than this about subjects just as sensitive.

      Abrasive comedy usually shines a light on the dark corners of humanity and the bullshit society accepts or pretends doesn’t happen. You should listen to some Carlin, Pryor and Bruce and get educated on comedy.

      • Angie

        Why is only Tosh the one who has a right to say what he wants without having to apologize? Why doesn’t that also apply to the woman? Use better logic.

      • Angie

        Oh, and I’m already a big Carlin fan. I truly doubt he’d ever cross the line into telling a female heckler that she should get raped by 5 guys, like right now.

    • Schmidtler

      spoken like a true pms’ing fat chick. I’m guessing you’re pushing 3 bills there hefto!

    • I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to hear my latest rape joke.
      She said no, but I just went ahead and told her anyway.

    • Fribble

      Yeah, yean, “I’m a professional victim,” and all that shite, but you don’t answer the question: Did anyone actually rape the be-yotch at the show?

    • RapeMeTosh

      So, here goes. I am a woman who has actually been raped by an acquaintance. It was traumatic, disgusting, etc. Daniel Tosh is a satirical comedian. He does not actually condone racism, sexism, rape, and I don’t think he’s actually gay either. Guess what else? I love him, and I think the heckling bitch deserved what he said to her. He doesn’t go down to where she works to slap the dick out of her mouth. She should have known what she was in for going to that show. Laughter is the best medicine. My Dad has lung cancer and makes horrifying cancer and dying jokes. It’s good for him. Get over yourself. Instead of posting on a site called the superficial and essentially complaining that people on here may be *gasp* superficial, go blog on some feminist “deep” site.

      • Angie

        Okay, so your dad makes cancer jokes because he has cancer. But if I get in his face and scream “YOU HAVE CANCER, YOU PIECE OF SHIT! I HOPE YOU DIE RIGHT NOW! HAHAHA…IT’S SO FUNNY THAT YOU’RE DYING!” I’m sure neither you nor him would appreciate that. See the distinction? Now, go somewhere else where you can continue to be a disgrace to not just rape victims, but all women. Oh wait, you’re already here so I guess you’re right where you need to be.

  20. BigOkie

    TL,DR… except the last part. I would take the time to berate you but you’ve already used up all the words on the internet with your diatribe.


  21. Rape jokes are funny because they are a contradiction. Rape jokes are funny because rape is not funny. What’s not cool is to laugh while raping someone. That is callous. I am pretty sure that means that if you don’t laugh at rape jokes then you are a monster.

    • Boys are stupid.

      Like most people who aren’t that bright, you confuse something shocking with something funny. If you hear a joke and go “Ooooooooh…” and then you laugh, you didn’t just hear something you think is funny. You heard something that makes you uncomfortable and now you’re laughing to hide your discomfort. Comics know that. Who doesn’t understand the difference is the majority of dumbfucks in the audience. That’s not humor, it’s shock value. And shock value does not make a good comedian, which is why Daniel Tosh and this website are rarely funny anymore.

  22. z.e

    The only people who laugh at such cruel jokes are clearly those who haven’t experienced horrors such as rape, child abuse, domestic abuse, etc.
    When is it ever okay to laugh at other people’s tragedies? These comments have made me lose faith in humanity.

    • flaT

      People who take everything as a personal attack make me lose faith in humanity. Who cares what anyone says – famous comedian or not. The problem is not what people say, think is appropriate, or anything like that – the problem is the receiving side. How you take it – do you brush it off as someone who is trying for shock value (or even just trying to upset you) and let it be, or do you cry and run home and write about it because you can’t be a bigger person. What a fucking joke – all of this. Anyone can say whatever they want, and anyone can have whatever opinion they want. There is no set line of what is funny and what is appropriate it’s all just judged and based off personal thoughts on such manners and the intent behind them. Calm the fuck down and let things go.

      • Boys are stupid.

        Maybe the so-called writer for this site could take that same advice. He referred to Michael Richards as “the saddest human being on the planet” for shouting the N-word at black hecklers. Why is that? Could it be because that word holds certain connotations that black people find hurtful, oppressive, and just downright insulting? Women have been raped for a lot longer than blacks were kept as slaves. We have just as much a right to be offended by laughing off something as detrimental to women as a group. The point is, words can be hurtful. People have to take responsibility for what they say, whether it’s on a stage or on the radio or on a celebrity news site. Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequence.

        P.S. Your overly emotional, underly logical response indicates that maybe you should be better at letting things roll off your back, too.

      • Randal(l)

        Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequence.

        I couldn’t agree more. people paid their hard earned money to hear Daniel Tosh make jokes when some self-aggrandizing loudmouth heard a joke she didn’t like. she used her freedom of speech to interrupt a show. she suffered the same consequences any heckler deserves.

        It’s either all ok, or none of its ok. I dare you to tell me you never once in your life laughed at or used a joke about someones religion, race, gender, political leanings, age, height, weight, socioeconomic standing, level of intelligence, grooming, or anything else that someone may find offensive.

        can you honestly say that you haven’t?

        if you can’t, can you honestly think your personal gripes and what offends you is more important, or more meaningful than what offends me or anyone else?

      • derp

        Yeah, it’s ALL okay! Let’s go to a 9/11 memorial and make jokes about the planes hitting and thousands of people being killed! While we’re at it, we can make fun of all the Jews who were executes in the Holocaust! And then, while we’re still on a roll, we can make jokes about people who are killed in drunk driving accidents, especially children. What the heck? Throw in a few about what Sandusky’s victims endured. Wait, NONE of this is funny? I wonder why…

      • Randal(l)

        If I’m not mistaken, Tosh told the jokes in a comedy club. Y’know that place where comedy happens. not a rape victims support group, y’know where comedy is unintentional.

        Also, I’ve heard tons of 9/11, dead baby, Sandusky, and holocaust jokes. some funny, some not so much. my point is every comedian in the history of comedy has made a joke or 50 that offends someone. if you stop one type of joke because it offends someone, how can you possibly let any joke be made if someone will be offended while not being a complete hypocrite.

        who decides where to draw the line. Should I not make a mother-in-law jokes because someones mother in law would be offended. should I not call an ex-wife crazy because ex-wives and the mentally ill would be offended.

        does being called a homo offend less than being called a chink. Who decides if my offense of being called a wetback doesn’t amount to my sister’s offense of being called a cunt.

        it’s either all o.k. or none of its o.k.

    • Correction. My faith in humanity was wiped out years ago. That aside, I read a interesting line yesterday – not sure of the origin; “Announcing ‘I’m offended’ is basically telling the world that you can’t control your emotions, so everyone else should do it for you.”

      It seems topical.

      • pfk

        I’ll be the first to say all this pc crap has to go but your little quote doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. Did you get it wrong? And if you think ‘political correctness’ only just came into existence with the femi-nazis then you should take a good long gander at history and see for yourself which group of people cannot take the truth about themselves, laugh at themselves or control their emotions. This asshole isn’t funny. He appeals to the losers (and there are a lot of them) whose sense of entitlement is OFFENDED every day of their loser lives, and because his sense of entitlement was OFFENDED that someone failed to see his OFFENDED entitlement shtick as funny , he ‘jokingly’ sicced those OFFENDED losers on the woman who had the gall to tell the unfunny, entitled little man that he was not funny.

    • You’ve only now lost your faith in humainty? After coming to this silly website? You must not watch the news then.

  23. Pooter

    Actually, that dumb bitch should have been raped for using the word actually

  24. Wouldn’t it be funny if Daniel Tosh were tortured and killed his home by three men demanding money? They wouldn’t have to be Jamaican men, either, but it would help drive my joke home.

    What—you can’t joke about murder now?

  25. What_Tha

    Meh, Daniel Tosh needs to apologize for never being funny. Ever. At all.

  26. Mr. Eff

    George Carlin is rolling over in his grave right now.

  27. Lissa

    I am pretty sure Doug ripped this joke from Jimmy Norton.

  28. blahblah

    Am I the only offended by the fact that people see Daniel Tosh as a comedian? Because he isn’t funny, rape joke or not.

  29. Schmidtler

    Superman and The Flash are sitting on the beach, and see Wonderwoman sunbathing down the beach. Superman says ‘damn, she’s hot, I bet i could talk her into banging me’. The Flash says forget that, I’m so fast, I could use my super speed to go over there and fuck her good and she’d never know what happened. He zooms over, bangs away, and is back on his beach chair next to Superman in an instant. Wonderwoman says ‘what the fuck was that?’ and next to her, the Invisible Man says ‘I don’t know what the fuck that was, but damn my ass hurts!’
    and so, ipso facto, rape jokes ARE funny!

  30. yuneueu

    I”ll respect him when he says the N word

    why no comedians say the n word?

    why is the rape of a female funny but not the N word?
    because they are cowards!!!

    • yomama

      He’s a bully not a comedian. A bully attacks the >weakest< link. Its easy to say something mean to a rape victim because they are already disturbed and victimized but he would never say the N word because he knows he would get shot.
      All we can hope for is that get gets raped and then we'll see how funny rape jokes are.

    • duder

      The n word is hilarious. Lots of comedians use it. Even white comedians like Louis CK. I think they should all be required to use it. I think everyone should use it every day. The world would do nothing but laugh and laugh and all war would end.

  31. tlmck

    Ratings for Tosh.O must be way down so he pulled out the old insult a lot of people and then apologize routine.

  32. I’ve read that this girl is a dirty dirty liar about what actually went down. Bitch is givin’ a bad name to us other bitches.

  33. LookforReason

    Everyone who doesn’t think it’s a big deal, take a step back and ask all of the women in your life if they’ve ever been sexually assaulted. Odds are most of them have and some of hem may have even been raped. I wish you could see the destruction something like being raped causes a human being, male or female. It’s just not a funny thing.

  34. JJ

    Rape jokes can be done, but Tosh is a fucking asshole and was way out of line. There is a big ass difference between what Louis CK and others have said and Tosh pointing at an actual woman sitting in front of him and saying it would be hilarious if she was gang raped. Carlin said something along the lines of when a race/rape joke is being made, there has to be a exaggeration. There’s no exaggeration in pointing at an woman and laughing about gang rape.

    Fish making jokes about women wanting to rape ASkars, okay. George Carlin making a joke about Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd, hilarious. Carlin talking about a rapist needing a social life after he accuses an 80 year old women of wearing a bathrobe of coming on to him and being sexy, okay. George Carlin also points out in his famous rape skit that it’s fucked up that people think women are at fault. Louis CK’s bit about the crazy chick who gets turned on by rape fantasies, but who doesn’t want her partners to know that turns her on and hopes they actually rape her, okay. I don’t get how people don’t see that there is a huge difference between that and what Tosh said.

    • Gladys the Groovy Mule

      Word. Like you said, there’s a difference between what the comedians you listed do and what Tosh did – essentially telling a woman she should be raped for having a (arguably, inappropriately timed) opinion. The comedians you mentioned, when making rape jokes, don’t use the act of rape as the punchline (LOL RAPE RAPE RAPE) but are actually making a point about how fucked up rape culture is.

      Hmm I might be drunk too, hope that made sense.
      /dick joke

      • yomama

        exactly! you should use your jokes to actually give out a positive message but he acted like a typical bully
        he’s no comedian

    • mrsmass

      she heckled, so she asked for it.

    • Boys Are Stupid

      You don’t see the difference between saying “rape is hilarious” three times and then telling a woman he hopes she gets gang-raped, and comedians making jokes about absurd situations that just involve rape? Are you retarded? Because if you are, I guess I can see why you don’t understand the difference between those.

  35. JJ

    Wow, I’m a little drunk and fucking up the use of an and a. Hate to see what I would write/email if I was full on smashed.

  36. me

    daniel tosh because he is so fucking hot!!!!!!!!

  37. pfk

    Lol, Lissa. The investigative report on the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky crapfest was just made public today. These are ‘The Men’, those rarified humans put up on that god Pedestal as examples of the superiority of the male sex and one which all humans can aspire to if they have a dick. The Movers and Shakers, the Logical and Rational. Never vain, never selfish, never shallow, never superficial. And never, ever petty (which you might mistake ‘Schmidtler’s’ clever and profound comments to be. And Daniel Tosh). It wasn’t pretty. And you’re worried about what these things think of you? You want their approval? Maybe they should be worried about what we think of them. That’s the way it is out in Real God’s Nature. Maybe this earth would be a much better place if there weren’t so many idiot Dottie Sanduskys running around like dogs wanting a pat on the head for being good little girls from the Jerry Sanduskys and Joe Paternos of the world.

    You might prefer males pulling your strings as the puppet masters they have castrated millennia of females (mostly babies) to be, but ‘Boys are stupid’ obviously doesn’t. Just my humble opinion, but I don’t think she’s the idiot here.

  38. limlay

    Fish, you’re usually so spot-on on issues (like your treatment of the child-rape in the Paterno/Sandusky case), but I have to say that I’m personally pretty disappointed that this is how you took the Daniel Tosh rape joke issue. Rape jokes that put the rape victim at the butt of the joke are never funny, just damaging… but this author from jezebel puts how I feel about this issue so much better than I ever could so I’m just going to leave it here and hope someone reads it.


    what an asshole this guy is.
    WHy not make fun of the rapist? rapist are the ones that deserve being made fun of. As if rape victims haven’t had enough already


  40. S7

    Wow. I’ve been impressed with this blog for standing up AGAINST violence towards women. Rape isn’t about sex; it’s about power and humiliation (the reason straight male rapists will rape guys in prison, the reason most rapists can’t sustain an erection or ejaculate, and the reason when they can’t, they’ll use foreign objects).

    I’m totally baffled that this blogger continually stands up against domestic violence — but seems to take extremely lightly rape. I thought he was more educated than this. As most survivors (including myself) will tell you, NOTHING about rape feels like having sex — it feels like what it is — being beaten up, in the worst ways. Hate crimes aren’t funny — many rape victims go through what Rhianna did and worse. Feels pretty awful to have that made fun of.

  41. blahahahah

    Daniel has a lot of shock moments in his stand-up. I wouldn’t go see him if you’re easily offended. That being said, I think rape is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. People would like to live in a world where nothing is off limits but the price of that is hurting people that don’t deserve it. And it’s price not worth paying.

  42. harshfucker420

    wooow, so many fat PMSing whores here that wouldn’t even be raped if they begged for it. the cunt heckled, she got the attention and vindication she came for. and it WOULD’VE been funny if she got rapped afterwards.

  43. duder

    I find Dane Cook’s comedy deeply offensive, because he sucks. But that doesn’t mean I get to dictate his sets. But all of the whiny enemies of free speech have done him the best favor they could by generating a bunch of publicity for a made up problem and a cause that’s not going anywhere. So have fun sitting around candlelit dorm rooms, reading shitty poems to your friends about how you can’t believe that senior took advantage of you your freshman year. He seemed so nice.

  44. Sue Rosenorn

    Tosh is great.Not every comic can be funny all the time tho.

  45. Matt Rowles


  46. shitbag

    What a non-story

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