Harry Potter Says ’70s Bush or GTFO’

“I choose PUBENDOR!!!!”

While you and your children were enjoying the magical wizardry and adventure of the Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe was thinking the whole time about how much he loves having tons of pubes and then pressing said pubes into a woman also lush with pubery. So basically you can’t buy this level of marketing. Via Us Magazine:

The Harry Potter star admits he sometimes manscapes — but not for his benefit. “I mean, there’s a little bit, obviously, for courtesy,” he says.
The Woman in Black actor, who’s currently dating production assistant Rosie Coke, adds: “This is way too much information, but I don’t like girls with nothing down there either. It freaks me out. You have to have something, otherwise it’s fucking creepy.”

HERMOINE: Harry, what’s wrong? Don’t you want to be my first?
HARRY: It’s just that, well, would you terribly mind putting this wig over- eh, you know what? Nevermind. I’ll go see if Ron’s little sister got her red carpet yet. PUBESICORIUS! *vanishes in a puff of tiny black hairs*

And there goes any chance of J.K. Rowling writing an eight book because, seriously, how do you not go there now? It’s impossible.

Photos: Splash News