So Daniel Day Lewis Is A Shape Shifter, That’s All There Is To It

“Four score and seven years ago, I ordered the arugula salad. It was delightful.”

If you haven’t been anywhere near the Internet in the past 12 hours, posted an insane photo of Daniel Day Lewis (above) eating at Arcadia restaurant in Richmond yesterday where he’s in town filming Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. And if you have no idea how manically method Daniel Day Lewis is, not only has he drastically altered his physical appearance, but he’s reportedly refused to stop speaking in Lincoln’s accent since March and won’t even let his real name appear on call sheets. If you asked him if he’s hired someone to literally shoot him in the back of head, I’m almost positive he’d say, “Why, yes, of course. Don’t be retarded,” before wondering why more black people aren’t shaking his hand. “I freed them, you know. Dreadful business.”

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Photo: Splash News