So Daniel Day Lewis Is A Shape Shifter, That’s All There Is To It

December 1st, 2011 // 49 Comments

“Four score and seven years ago, I ordered the arugula salad. It was delightful.”

If you haven’t been anywhere near the Internet in the past 12 hours, posted an insane photo of Daniel Day Lewis (above) eating at Arcadia restaurant in Richmond yesterday where he’s in town filming Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln. And if you have no idea how manically method Daniel Day Lewis is, not only has he drastically altered his physical appearance, but he’s reportedly refused to stop speaking in Lincoln’s accent since March and won’t even let his real name appear on call sheets. If you asked him if he’s hired someone to literally shoot him in the back of head, I’m almost positive he’d say, “Why, yes, of course. Don’t be retarded,” before wondering why more black people aren’t shaking his hand. “I freed them, you know. Dreadful business.”

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  1. You really have to admire this level of crazy hardcore.

    • God is Black

      I like crazy Deniro crazy was the best?

      • Victoria

        Deniro hasn’t been any good since about 1985. He plays the same weirdo with a scrunched up face over and over and over.
        Check him out as the romantic lead in “The Last Tycoon” circa 1982.

    • Yep, I actually consider Lewis and De Niro to be actors. Everyone else just seems to play themselves.

      • BE

        If crazy works for him, so be it. I’ve never seen a DDL performance that wasn’t impressive.
        Can’t wait to see this movie now…

  2. He’s going to kick so much ass in that movie I can feel mine hurt already.

    • Yeap, I didn’t see what I did there until it was done. Y’all may proceed with the gay jokes now.

      • Trek Girl

        Let’s see, you said he was going to kick ass, and that you can feel yours hurt already…because he’s going to “kick ass”. I don’t think there’s any material in your first comment to be made into a gay joke.

  3. Coyote

    I don’t think Daniel has ever given a bad performance.

    • schism

      That’s what I was going to post. Anyone who acts as well as Day-Lewis can be as crazy hardcore as he wants.

    • stratacat

      he played a gay punk in this movie called “my beautiful laundrette.” i’ve never met anyone who’s seen it but it was nominated for an oscar and i think it’s one of his most awesome performances.

  4. Daniel Day Lewis Abraham Lincoln
    StayPuft Overlord
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  5. Daniel Day Lewis Abraham Lincoln
    StayPuft Overlord
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  6. Daniel Day Lewis Abraham Lincoln
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  7. Daniel Day Lewis Abraham Lincoln
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  8. Crazy-ass method actors…

  9. roxy

    the big name stars NEVER appear on the call sheet (usually it will list the character name only), it’s a pretty standard thing, nothing to do with him requesting it or being method.

  10. fooey

    He looks hottt

  11. Frank Burns

    “Dammit, I ordered my dessert four score and seven minutes ago! I’ll be late for the theater, although last time I went, it was a real headache.”

  12. People's roughest man alive

    I have great admiration for Spielberg but Michael Mann should’ve directed this movie. Now that I noticed he directed Last of the Mohicans…

  13. NoahSux

    he left only 20%

  14. Richard McBeef

    I hope he is putting the hurt down on Mary Todd.

  15. Cock Dr

    Daniel Day Lewis is Gregory Peck as Abraham Lincoln.

  16. skunk

    most actors/actresses are gay but this guy is badass

  17. boy

    Spielberg? Get someone with balls to make a real Lincoln movie…not sugarcoated…although Munich was an incredible movie..his best. fuck Schindlers list

  18. Daniel is getting in character for the Last Mohican sequel.

  19. stratacat

    you know, he’s not very attractive actually, but when he’s acting–in his element–my panties get pretty moist.

    • Waitwaitwait…you’re a chick, strat? Yet another one whose posts I have to go back and reread in this light.

      • Frank Burns

        and if strat is a dude wearing panties, you’ll have to go back and reread posts in that light too, but you sure as hell won’t enjoy it

  20. Right now, millions of kids under 16 are saying, “Hey, they’re making a movie about the dude on a penny!”

  21. Daniel Day Lewis Abraham Lincoln
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    It’s Acacia, not Arcadia.

  22. Venom

    The dude looks amazing as Lincoln. Fantastic actor.

  23. If you can make a turtleneck look badass, you know you got the tox.

    You know who else could make a turtleneck look badass?

    Steve McQueen.

    QE Motherfucking D.

  24. He looks dead on, just like Lincoln. I guess we can now ask him, “But other than that, how did you enjoy the play?”

  25. He’s going the Steve Jobs route with the turtleneck and jeans. When the film wraps just shave the beard, keep the outfit and begin filming “The Steve Jobs Story”. I guess we can now ask him, “But other than that, how did you enjoy the play?”

  26. !!!!!!!

    can’t he just bang my hole into oblivion already? please santa?

  27. Daniel Day Lewis Abraham Lincoln
    Hank E. Ring
    Commented on this photo:

    Daniel Day Lewis in… Lunch with Lincoln.

  28. OMFG, this man is fucking sexy… no joke, no sarcasm

  29. Jim Jones

    Is this really surprising? He’s done that with most of his movies.

  30. Daniel Day Lewis Abraham Lincoln
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    Actually, it is Arcadia, not Acacia. Arcadia is a new restaurant that opened in the Bottom where Cafe Gutenberg used to be. The more you know.

  31. Daniel Day Lewis Abraham Lincoln
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    My God he used to be so sexy.

  32. Daniel Day Lewis Abraham Lincoln
    Just The Tip
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    I emancipate your milkshake,

  33. Jaaaaaaaaaay

    I feel sorry for whoever is gonna compete against him for the academy awards.

  34. Sparkles

    I’m from Lancater County PA, and I’m here to tell you that he’s turned Amish.

  35. Caroline

    I live in Richmond and have seen him around and spoken to him. This article is a lie.

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