Dania Ramirez Had a Pool Party

Here’s Entourage star Dania Ramirez hosting a pool party at Wet Republic in Vegas Saturday because it’s been way too long without a swimwear post. Personally, I preferred her work as Chick Who Kills People With Her All-Black Eyes on Heroes, but that speaks more to my hatred of every single thing on Entourage than my love of horribly shoehorned-in characters that signal the demise of an entire series. To put things in perspective, a friend asked me the other day if I wanted to watch the episode where Vince films Medellin, and I made him give me a vasectomy instead because I believe people with Parkinson’s deserve a chance to be surgeons. Does anyone really need 3/4th of their testicle? No, of course not. Don’t be selfish.

Photos: Getty

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