Dane Cook’s brother/manager arrested for stealing $3 mil from comic

December 31st, 2008 // 38 Comments

While Dane Cook’s been busy stealing other people’s jokes, his own brother has been stealing from him, according to TMZ:

Darryl McCauley — who was in charge of Cook’s financial affairs since the 90s — was arrested today by the Massachusetts State Police and charged with three counts of larceny and forgery.
Authorities say in one case, Dane’s bro forged a $3 million check and deposited it in his account.

Despite the fact I’m convinced Dane Cook’s movies are made for the intent purpose of interrogating terrorists, that’s gotta suck finding out your own brother has been ripping you off. Wait. Didn’t I hire my brother to be my accountant? Oh, shit…

UPDATE: So I checked the books and all I found was a fistful of strip club receipts and a G.I. Joe. Phew. Everything’s still there.

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  1. JimmyBachaFungool

    Who gives a fuck?

  2. I’m more ticked that Dane Cook actually has enough money in the bank to cash a $3M check.

  3. moniker

    At least he didn’t invest it with Maddoff

  4. havoc

    Too bad. It sounds like he’s as smart as he is funny…..



  5. Ive come across decomposed bodies who are more funny than cook,,,

  6. Nor Cal

    Wow, I definitely have the unpopular vote here because I think Dane is frikkin hilarious! Good luck chuck was funny and he was hot all naked and grinding in the sex scenes. He looks like he knows how to ‘work it’ like I like it and the last stand up comedy thingy/special he did had me laughing the whole time! Why do people (guys) like to rip on him and say he’s not funny? Is it cuz he’s kinda hot (jealous much?)? Chix like funny -it makes our pussies tickle -me likey

  7. if only he could’ve stolen Dane Cook’s capacity for speech as well.

    he’s just awful.

  8. harmonov

    Shouldn’t his brother get a medal of honor or something? Isn’t he just stealing back the money that this no-talent douchewad has stolen from countless lemmings in this country?This includes you Nor Cal, who clearly has no idea what quality comedy is. Fucking Good Luck Chuck?!?!? Jesus. How do I respond to that.

    I say we throw a little party for Darryl and let him and Dane’s money pay for all of for being subjected to his brother’s bullshit for these years.

    I also hope that ol’ Darryl threw a few rabbit punches to Dane’s kidneys when he was swiping The Unfunny One’s checkbook. I would actually laugh at Dane Cook then.

  9. Um…sorry…I do think Cook is funny. His movies usually blow, but his stand up is hilarious. I don’t care who you are, getting $3mil ripped sux ass.

  10. Freida

    I don’t know this guy but he looks like Adam Sandler’s little brother. Yeah, #6, hot in a dweeby sorta way (as long as I didn’t throw up when he takes off his shirt). Looks like the kinda guy who turns into a stalker when you try to get rid of him.

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Dane Cook should be arrested for bilking his audience out of their cash.

  12. jbean

    I’m with #1. Who gives a fuck?
    Also, I won’t be reading this site anymore. It’s painfully obvious that someone else is writing this shit. Who do you think you’re fooling? And double check your posts- your grammar sucks.
    oh, and I loved the brody jenner endorsement!

  13. Tim

    Dane’s movies suck. His stand up is great though. And he doesn’t steal people’s jokes, Carlos Mencia does.

  14. Red Light

    What goes around comes around, you douchebag motherfucker.
    Hopefully Denis Leary will get cancer for stealing Bill Hicks’ persona.

  15. Money is truely the root of all evil. It will turn the most “honest” people into theives

  16. Superevil

    Hey 13 go listen to Louis CK before you come in here opening your mouth.

  17. Seriously...

    Money isn’t the root of all evil. It doesn’t turn anyone into anything. It’s just legal tender and doesn’t have an opinion one way or the other. People are just selfish. It’s part of the human condition.

  18. Seriously...

    BTW, here is proof that Cook steals jokes, almost word for word.


  19. Vince Lombardi

    Corollary to a theorum: Blood may be thicker than water, but three million dollars stacked up is thicker than blood.

  20. That’s the only way you can come on a girl douchie?

  21. Pathetic Worm

    Dane’s new middle name is “Short Order”. Or it might be his brother’s, I don’t know.

  22. chickdowntown

    Great. Now his next stand-up performance will be an hour of jokes about losing 3 million dollars. You know, because everyone can identify with that. Shit, where’s my wallet? Damn it! I had 4.5 million in that thing. Hey, where’s Dane Cook’s brother these days??

  23. missy


    he is so not funny

  24. big teeth

    Uh.. notice to the guy who writes the headlines.. you have a typo in the headline of this post. You omitted the quotes around comic. Here’s how it should read:

    Dane Cook’s brother/manager arrested for stealing $3 mil from “comic”.

  25. gigi

    hm… like to stay in the lime-light do we? saw a quick snippet of a Dane Cook stand-up special, and it looks like he may have possibly stolen from the audience [admi$$ion and a good hour of their short lives] so if this is even what’s happening, I’m glad the universe is still maintaining some kind of balance….. amen

  26. Screaming Meat Nugget

    You guys should be trashing Carlos Mencia….HE is the unfunny douchebag.

  27. Yep

    @ #20

    Hollywood Hillbilly FTW !!! (uh, that’s pretty noble of you to assume #5 was referring to a girl.)

  28. Say


    Douche bag.


  30. jane

    Hired your brother? You’ve made a huge mistake.

  31. TheLC

    He forged check for $3 million? Three-fucking-million-dollars? On a check!?

    Christ, it’s amazing the dumbass wasn’t caught faster.

  32. devilsrain

    31. Goes to show how stupid everyone around him was

  33. Kurt C.

    So who did Dane Cook’s brother steal the money from? It said he stole it from a comic.

  34. chewgees

    Dane Cook should be arrested for impersonating a comic. This guy is a no-talent hack.

  35. Steve

    What is this nitwit doing with $3 million in the first place?

  36. bluemorlock

    check out my sweet jacket guys! isn’t it fashionable?

  37. Hired your brother? You’ve made a huge mistake

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