Dane Cook’s brother/manager arrested for stealing $3 mil from comic

While Dane Cook’s been busy stealing other people’s jokes, his own brother has been stealing from him, according to TMZ:

Darryl McCauley — who was in charge of Cook’s financial affairs since the 90s — was arrested today by the Massachusetts State Police and charged with three counts of larceny and forgery.
Authorities say in one case, Dane’s bro forged a $3 million check and deposited it in his account.

Despite the fact I’m convinced Dane Cook’s movies are made for the intent purpose of interrogating terrorists, that’s gotta suck finding out your own brother has been ripping you off. Wait. Didn’t I hire my brother to be my accountant? Oh, shit…

UPDATE: So I checked the books and all I found was a fistful of strip club receipts and a G.I. Joe. Phew. Everything’s still there.

Photos: WENN
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