Dane Cook kisses Charlize Theron’s ass

October 5th, 2005 // 4 Comments

If anybody watched last night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno then you would have seen Charlize Theron bend over and let Dane Cook literally kiss her ass. And maybe I need to brush up on my etiquette, but when in the history of ever has a beautiful woman ever agreed to let a stranger kiss her ass just because he asked? I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but clearly Dane Cook is the world’s greatest hypnotist. And clearly I’ll have to move into his basement to learn all his hypnotic ass-kissing secrets.


  1. killeristic

    woah i shall be behind him and kiss his ass. how nice the world will be huh.

  2. Sicko_Hollywood_ Life

    ha,ha,ha!That’s disgusting!Charlize is a disgusting f******** slut! I wouldn’t call her ”bitch” ’cause I know she thinks that’s a compliment and she likes it!She is so stupid!Sooooo stupid!She is ugly like a shitball!They both retarded!Please guys, don’t stare at people that don’t have perception of their own and have major issues!They are poor, poor pathetic creatures!Throw them some money and they’ll start doing other stuff to show us how happy they are!

  3. bibhash

    that man is the luckiest man in the world .. i would die to get the chance to kiss charlizes butt

  4. mikeo

    Charlize is super hot and I too would pucker up!!

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