Dan Marino Admits He Has A Love Child

January 31st, 2013 // 18 Comments
Dan Marino
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“You want me to sign the inside of your vagina with my penis ink? I don’t see how that’s a collectible, but okay…”

Ace Ventura star, and previously revered family man, Dan Marino has admitted to the New York Post that he knocked up, Donna Savvattere, a CBS production assistant who then birthed a secret love baby in 2005. The affair was kept quiet for years thanks to Dan paying the woman millions of dollars to flee to Texas and only seeing his now seven-year-old daughter through a lawyer because she might as well have been named “Jackpot!”

Marino agreed to pay Savattere millions to care for Chloe, sources say, and she moved to Texas as part of the deal.
It’s not clear exactly how much Marino paid. But after getting the dough, Savattere apparently started living large.
She soon returned to New York from the Lone Star State, splitting her time between the Upper West Side and the Hamptons, where she became a fixture on the social scene.
She was even snapped by society photographers such as Patrick McMullan and New York Social Diary.
The source said that Marino, 51, has been in touch with his now-7-year-old daughter.
“They would have impromptu meetings, which was part of the deal,” a source said.
“Donna was always saying she had to go meet with her lawyers to go over the scheduling and other issues.”

As to whether or not his wife of 28 years knew all this time or only just found out recently isn’t known, but according to Dan Marino they have no intention of splitting up because she hates condoms as much as he does. “I guess he could’ve spared me the heartache because a love child is harder to hide than an affair, but those darn things are just so obnoxious.”

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  1. A professional athlete has chillen all round town?


  2. He needs to also admit he’s Steve Carell’s uninvolved older brother.

  3. Love child? Shouldn’t the term be “sex child”?

  4. Texas Fin

    This is sad, I’m a huge Marino mark.

  5. “It’s all Dan Marino’s fault, everyone knows that. If he had held the ball, laces out, like he was supposed to, Ray would never have missed that kick. Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell. Would you like a cookie, son?”

  6. Deacon Jones

    Wow, FISH, you must not be that big a football fan if you introduced Dan Marino as “Ace Ventura star…”

    Unless you guys just copied and pasted that shit, which I’m hoping you did. That’s how some sorority whore intern at TMZ would’ve written that opening line.

  7. Drundel

    Seriously, why don’t these retards get snipped? I guess you really can tell a lot from their combine scores.

  8. Well, everyone always talks about Marino’s….quick release.

    I’ll show myself out.

  9. Why do these idiots do this to themselves? Stop knocking up random whores! You worked so hard for all of your money, only to piss it away on some slut. Idiots!

  10. Karma's Bastard Child

    People should just be human and project such an image. Instead of pretending to be holier-than-holy like most celebs and politicians do. It always comes crumbling down and creates a twisted, pretentious society.

    Donkey farts! Just so you don’t take what I said too seriously.

  11. bbydm

    I do not unestand why these females t paid to have children

  12. skunk

    how does he still make millions?

  13. Gary Grant

    Marino was an expert at the 2 minute drill.

  14. lisa condry

    He did not marry his wife almost 3o years or 28 years when he had the affair. He probably had the affair when they were married at 19 or 20 at most. I feel so sad for his wife, she does not have to put up with him, she could walk out. To me, he does not love her 100 percent, if he does, he would not sleep around. I have been married for over 32 years, I would not do anything to jeopardize my marriage.

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