Here’s How Dan Bilzerian Honored International Women’s Day

No, he didn’t kill a woman with that. Or at least I can’t prove it. Yet.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, which the organizers behind the Women’s March used to stage another protest known as A Day Without A Woman. The general idea was for women to take the day off from business and commerce to protest equal rights for people of all sexes, races, and income levels. Granted, there’s an inherent problem with asking a low-wage earning woman to miss a day of pay to protest her shitty pay, but if starting a conversation was the goal, that certainly happened. The internet characteristically freaked out. Dipshit #WomenForTrump proudly told their entire gender to fuck off while horseshit libertarian rags like The Federalist took a more subtle tack and referred to all of their female employees as “gals.”

But no one missed the point as hard as Dan Bilzerian, the trust fund baby and S.E.A.L. school flunkie so idolized by MRA fuckboys that they would probably build a statue of him if they weren’t so busy threatening to rape Emma Watson. Here’s his contribution to the discussion of women’s role in modern society.

It's #internationalwomensday be thankful, they are good for so many things!

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Coked up and naked in hot tub just like Susan B. Anthony always dreamed for them. And I’m not surprised. It’s just my job to point out when celebrities act like flaming assholes who think they aren’t actively shitting all over relevant cultural flashpoints because they’re just “living the dream” and haters gon hate, bruh. Or whatever energy drink slogan morons like Bilzerian live their life by. The really cool thing to realize is this credo has made it all the way to our highest office:

When you're famous, they let you do it, you can do anything, just grab em by the pussy

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But her emails, right? Enjoy the Thunderdome, morons.

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