Dan Bilzerian Arrested For Attempting To Make His Own Explosives

After spending his weekend kicking women in the face, trust fund shitbag Dan Bilzerian was arrested at LAX last night on charges of attempting to make his own explosives and held without bail. In fairness, he was probably just going to use them to blow up porn stars, so it’s not like he’s one of those illiterate foreigners with their broken English who hate America. TMZ reports:

We’ve learned an arrest warrant was issued in Clark County, Nevada. Cops claim he violated a law making it a crime to possess an explosive or incendiary device with the intent to manufacture it.
The warrant was issued last month but it was confidential … under seal, presumably because cops were continuing to investigate and they didn’t want their cover blown if the warrant became public.
Bilzerian is being held without bail.

For those of you who don’t know who Dan Bilzerian is, he’s a spoiled rich brat who fills his Instagram page with photos of models/hookers, guns, and cash that he bought with his dad’s money who’s in jail for a slew of financial crimes. But because this country gets dumber by the tweet, dudes worship this guy like a god because he spends his days shooting things and throwing porn stars off of roofs then having his lawyer issue douchebag statements when they try to sue him. And, no, getting kicked out of the Navy SEALS program 15 years ago doesn’t make him a badass patriot. It makes him a goddamn moron who couldn’t be trusted to follow basic instructions. Did he stay in the military and serve his country after not getting his way? Nope, he partied through college then became a “professional poker player” who stockpiles guns and spouts libertarian horseshit because apparently the life of a millionaire trust fund beneficiary just isn’t free enough for him. Like this arrest for example. Now he has to spend a day or two dealing with that instead of taking a helicopter over the ocean and firing rounds into the sea while a hooker hangs from the propeller. I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA?!

If you’re watching this going, “Dude, look how big the wheels are on his Jeep,” get a vasectomy if you care about future generations getting off this planet. You’re their only hope.

Adding… Yes, I know Dan Bilzerian could kick my ass if I said any of this to his face. So could Ariana Grande, but that doesn’t make me wrong when I say she’s a diva- HOLY SHIT SHE WAS HIDING IN A CUP! Your left side is beautiful! I only looked at the left side! OH GOD!

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