Dakota Fanning might live in a cave

July 27th, 2007 // 252 Comments

I’m not going to say anything mean about these pictures of Dakota Fanning because she’s only 13-years-old and honesty is only reserved for adults. Well that, and I’m actually a little scared of her. If it was dark and I saw her walking towards me on the street I wouldn’t even think, I’d just throw my keys at her and run.

One more shot of Dakota Fanning after the jump.

NOTE: Was that mean? Was what I said mean? I didn’t mean it to be. Oh God, she’s in my closet isn’t she? *Runs out of the room screaming*



  1. adeliza

    #23…—yup, but not only that my little friend, I was alive in the “60′s!!!
    Ah yes, I was born in ’67 the summer of love.

    Does this make me the grand ma of the site???

    Anyhoo……i’ve sure had lots of fun….. ;-)

  2. Scott

    One time I was on a first date with a girl I had a crush on, and I commented from my pants when I thought she had gone into the other room. It wasn’t my fault, green beans always have that effect for me. Anyway, she had u-turned and was standing right behind me. Her watery eyes told me the evening was lost.

  3. Tazzzie

    ack, ye bad shower of shite. She is only a kid :(

  4. jenny

    Adeliza, I like you.


    Sometimes the ugly ones grow up beautiful – it’s just an awkward stage.

    And is that her mother with her? If so, then it looks like Dakota should be OK.

    Remember how cute the Olson twins once were? How’d they turn out?

  6. GoGoGadget

    Wow, she’s grown. Virginia Madsen looks great as usual. (‘cept for the gummy smile)

    As I looked at her as a child, I knew she’d grow up to look strange and gawky. Well, she’s not really grown yet. That big-eyed Bambi look only works when you’re a litle kid.

  7. Shut Up!

    LOL @1…no, wait, no i don’t, cuz that comment was just stupid.

  8. Enquirer

    #17 MALIBU – IS that true, did you realllllly hear that?

  9. What happened? She used to be gorgeous.

  10. Col

    Hi Dakota Olsen!

  11. lambman

    She looks normal and happy for a 13-year-old. In my one brief encounter with her in person (she was 11 at the time) I was impressed at her her composure even when a 300 lbs 40-year-old professional autograph merchant yelled at her for not signing his 8 X 10 glossy.

    #7 You don’t think Jodie Foster is anything to look at? Did you see “Inside Man”? she’s hot as hell in that

  12. Ass Ketchup

    I like pokémon.

  13. adeliza

    #55 Thanks Jenny! I needed that on a shitty Friday at work!

  14. What??? I can’t stand Virginia Madsen, and I don’t know why. Fanning, however…wait can’t stand her either. Ever see that little spaz do an interview? She’s freakin craaaaazy!!!!!

  15. bun

    Ha ha! ! Hilarious. Now, brave blogger, post a picture of yourself at thirteen, with a mouthful of braces. Yeah, I thought so.

  16. Bite Me!

    Big deal! The kid is butt white and this is news how? WTC!!

  17. vlad

    The parents ruined that poor exploited child.

  18. Bite Me!

    Did you get into your e-mail? Did you see I have a new troll? WTC?

  19. ana

    whats wrong with not being a sun worshiper? so shes pale? pale is beautiful too..and shes 13..seriously..shes just coming into her own. why not give her a break? everyone had their akward phase and this is it. she just needs to figure out what works for her and what doesnt. its a time for experimenting. and for all you pervy people. when i say experimenting i dont mean liket hat i mean like what works for her. not a sexual thing. geez.

  20. Its going to be fun watching her fuck up 5 years from now. The child stars ALWAYS have a Lohan-esque breakdown.

  21. No, I haven’t yet, trying to get all this freaking work done cause I’m outta here at 1:00, and yep I saw that you got a new troll, the comment about popping her anus, right?

  22. Dr. Scholl

    Her feet are enormous. I could make a fortune just from her shoes insoles alone.

  23. jrzmommy

    Ah wuss bawn wiff big gums suh

  24. Bite Me!

    #73 – I agree, it’s a time for her to experiment. Like, she could try to stroke my balls while sucking my cock. Or see what my cock tastes like straight out of her ass. Or see if she can keep her eyes open while I skeet all over her face. How will she know unless she tries?

  25. Shut Up!

    @67, I was a fucking hot 13 year old! In fact, all the superficial posters were fucking hot 13 year olds, so we have every right to judge. just cuz you were an ugly kid, don’t hate.

    @72, you sound a little desperate…you’ve clearly come to the right place. now how about some pictures you huge dirty ho.

  26. Shut up Bite Me’s troll!!!

  27. Bite Me!

    Yes and #78 Should I call the number on #72? It is for a good dirty time

  28. Shallow Val

    #78 Way to keep it Suerficial. (pats Bite ME on back then choke holds him while grapping his balls, lovingly of course)

  29. Shallow Val

    “grapping” – - you know what I mean

  30. Rachael

    Oh no, she’s starting to look like one oh the Olsen twins!
    Someone get the coke away from her!

  31. Christ on a Crotch

    sounds like some high schooler is mad at some cheerleader. (hey, BiteME call her)

  32. Katie

    And people wonder why people who grow up in Hollywood end up like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Because ass trolls like you all take low blows when they are at their most vulnerable. Dakota looks fine. Sure, she has some jacked up teeth, but that is why she has the braces. And #9 – some people’s teeth are too fucked up to wear invisalign. And her teeth were pretty jacked.

    She looks adorable and beautiful – like a healthy 13 year old. All of you need to shut the hell up.

  33. silverdollar

    i have to say though, even though she’s pale as hell, she at least looks 13.

    can’t say the same for ali lohan, who already looks like she’s 40.

  34. #81 – did you check out the new pictures on my site?

  35. lapet

    My God. Back when I was a kid on the farm, if we ever found anything like that we would throw it in a burlap bag and toss it in the lake.

  36. Bite Me!

    No I can’t get there from work. I will check it out when I get home. It is good???

  37. Sally

    She looks adorable and beautiful. In a monster-y way.

  38. Bite Me!

    Part of the problem is her pasty skin tone. When I shove my cock down her throat and then pinch her nose, she’ll pink up nicely

  39. Bite Me!

    Has anyone tried to call this huge HO? Is it some kind of rip off?

  40. combustion8

    Shes getting uglier by the minute… dunst has some competition.

  41. gay4girls

    @30 Wow, you really nailed my persona perfectly. It’s like watching myself, if I were a flea infested baboon with palsy and a vagina full of dijon mustard, only not as fresh smelling.

  42. adeliza

    Would someone please call Samantha?
    I don’t want to call her, but I don’t believe she is a Big Ho and I was wondering if this can be verified?

  43. marty

    Ahh yes, she’s breaking out the fivehead.

    I wonder if she’s caught any pubes on those braces yet. Kids grow up so fast these days…

  44. #97 – why are you asking? Don’t you recognize your mom’s phone number?

  45. Valkyrie

    Has anyone called that FUCKING ANNOYING IDIOT Samantha yet? I won’t do it from work.

    It’s probably someone with a police whistle waitin to blow it (hahaha I said Blow)

  46. gay4girls

    @100 It’s my mom, and yes, I’m afraid she is a huge ho. Adieu.

    (@99 Is that better?)

  47. Bite Me!

    @103. That was not my troll, that was me. I would rather call you, but you never gave me you number.

  48. Bite Me!

    @103. That was not my troll, that was me. I would rather call you, but you never gave me your number.

  49. gay4girls

    Ah FRIST!!!, you beat me. Sorry everyone.

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