Dakota Meyer Called Out Donald Trump, Bristol Palin’s Dakota Meyer

“Yes Mrs. Palin, I know the Khans are Muslim. Yes Mrs. Palin, I know this will let the Mexicans in. Yes Mrs. Palin, I know Hillary Clinton will cancel Christmas.”

For those of you unaware – which most Trump voters are – petulant man-child who just got told to take the Lucky Charms out of the cart Donald Trump has stepped in a landmine of shit after attacking the parents of Humayun Khan, a Muslim-American soldier who died in Iraq in 2004 and was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his bravery. Which is especially rich for a guy who dodged the draft by crying “bone spur!” And you know its bad when the shit-barnacles who were grifting off of him not even two weeks ago are firing off tweets like this:


Now there are a couple of possible explanations here:

1. This is revenge for not picking Sarah Palin as VP. However, that would require a modicum of political savvy along with an awareness of current events, and hahaha, could you imagine?

2. Dakota Meyer went rogue after realizing hitching the grift-wagon to Trump’s star is a losing bet, but everyone always needs holsters. You can’t leave home without holsters, because babies.

And finally, my personal theory: moose syphilis. It’s always moose syphilis.

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