Dakota Johnson’s ‘SNL’ ISIS Sketch: Just Calm The Hell Down

Barely two months ago, everybody from all political stripes rallied together and had a (completely justifiable) freedom of speech love-fest after terrorists killed 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo offices over a fucking cartoon. So naturally, you’d assume everyone learned the importance of satire and would calm the hell down except, nope, because the Internet lost its shit over the weekend after Saturday Night Live aired a parody commercial starring Dakota Johnson that spoofs this Toyota ad with teenage girls joining ISIS because it happens in real life. And while one of my biggest pet peeves is staking out the position of “outrage over outrage” because it’s a horseshit shield for the status quo, in this case, there’s really only one response needed here:


Plus it wasn’t even that funny, so just relax. Years from now, we’ll all look back on this and not even laugh because we don’t even remember it. “Who the hell’s Dakota Johnson?” some of you will still be saying.

Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC