Daisy De La Hoya might have OD’d

May 8th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Reality star Daisy De La Hoya (Rock of Love 2, Daisy of Love) was picked up by paramedics yesterday for a “possible overdose.” Except she didn’t want to go down without a fight and proceeded to beat the living shit out of EMTs. I really should’ve tried out for her show. It’s like she’s perfect. TMZ reports:

A source close to the situation says friends called 911 after they heard Daisy making strange noises in her friend’s Hollywood Hills home.
When firefighters and medics came to the house, sources tell us Daisy was acting “crazy” — yelling, screaming and thrashing around. It took multiple emergency personnel to get Daisy into the ambulance.
We’re told Daisy is currently receiving treatment at a Los Angeles area hospital.

Daisy’s rep is chalking it up as “delirium as a result of exhaustion” which sounds reasonable. I mean, who isn’t tired after a five-day coke binge? Factor in trying to hide the fact she’s a man so no one knows Bret Michaels got a tranny blowjob on basic cable, and the poor thing has to be burnt out.

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  1. Splooge

    Ignore comment 50. Comment 49 is accurate.

  2. monkeyman

    soooooo FREEKIN FUGLY!!!!!!

  3. toni

    #11 there’s no beavage going on here. pure nutsack!

  4. Is everyone raised with “CHEAP & TRICKY” thoughts in america OR WHAT?

  5. She is SO not attractive for someone that has so much plastic surgery. We need before pictures, she must have been a real beast…

  6. question

    Shes uglier than lady gaga. I did not think that was possible, but apparently it is. Oh yeah, and bellybutton part as well. What in the name of the bleached blonds is going on with it?

  7. RichPort's Ghost

    Someone should kick this little whore in her box.

  8. Kye

    U losers would all secrectly do her in an instant if u had the chance cuz yall get no pussy anyway.

  9. Bob

    Shes morphing into that creature Angelique Morgan, but with a puffy drugged-fucked face. What a sight she must be when she rolls outta bed.

  10. UUUGGGHH ;S plastic face! whats the point of having plastic surgery when you look ten times worse afterwards??

  11. Shari

    What HAPPENED?!? She looked okay on that trashy show.. Why would she change her face even more, her lips already looked ridiculous.. I just hate when ppl who had the potential to be pretty, go and fuck everything up even worse. Her skin is orange, her lips are bloated, her eyebrows are Ronald McDonald-like, her eye makeup is tragic and her nose is starting to remind me of Michael Jackson. It’d be one thing if that was just her natural face, but she did that to herself so she gets this reaction.

  12. Meaghan

    I think she is literally the ugliest thing I have ever seen, her voice sounds like she just nearly choked to death and that tattoo on her neck especially is probably the one of the trashiest things I have ever seen. I don’t know she just screams pure trash to me.

  13. LMS

    Why are we talking about this fake, plastic, dumbass, worthless skank?

  14. HumanWreckage

    Sweet baby jesus, what dark corner of HELL did that thing spawn from?!?!?!

  15. S.

    I agree! She is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in all my life. You look in her eyes and you just see sadness. I couldn’t imagine how much one has to hate themselves to do all the to their face. Nothing is real. She looks dirty.

    Also that star tattoo on her neck. Either get it removed or fix it. Pick one, cuz it looks like shit. I vote remove!

    Cracking up at the Guns-N- Roses jacket with the “Punks Not Dead” belt. HaHaHa! Funniest shit ever!

    And do you think she reads this shit?

    Daisy if you are reading this please heed my advice:

    Don’t make your eyebrows SO dark. Maybelline has this eyebrow pencil called BLONDE. Also change the shape of those unfortunate brows. The eyeshadow…is bad! You can wear black shadow if you wish, just remember BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. Stop tanning so much!!!!!!! Go with your natural eye color! Blue is ugly when it’s fake. There’s nothing wrong with brown. Oh and your hair. Just go natural! I bet you’d look a whole lot better with brown hair and some pretty highlights.

  16. navelboy

    her cute lil bellybutton yummy

  17. navelboy

    can i lick ur bellybutton daisy its so cute

  18. navelboy

    can i lick ur bellybutton daisy its so cute

  19. eazyeazy

    Damn grls, sum of you must want her yur so mean. Dazy is stone stupid and no fing good in bed. Chiks like her jes lay n whine. But she has sexy writen all over her an thats all TV is.

  20. grr

    Too bad it wasn’t an overdose. Would have been nice so I wouldn’t have to continue to see her ugly big lipped gummy teeth on my TV. WHat a typical American woman. Stupid, lazy, shallow, and annoying.

  21. tj

    I feel sorry for this girl. She’s a hot mess. She has had too much plastic surgery and looks like a FISH. She is a horrible role model to young girls… she looks like her pussy would smell and if she were to have her face bashed in it would be an improvement. I’m a pretty good looking guy and have always had pretty girlfriends but I would never bang this skank. She should be sold on the black market as a slave whore since she represents being a telivised whore with a smile. Fuck u u fuckin look like a fish. Next time u OD do us a favor and make sure u die next time that way when ur on the news dead we finally have real entertainment from you u skuzzy ass skank… match ur clothes right u look retarded lmao

  22. By Lady Gaga Shes uglier. I think that was not possible, but apparently it is. Oh yeah, and with the same part bellybutton. The name of bleached blonds what’s going on with him?

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