Daisy De La Hoya might have OD’d

May 8th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Reality star Daisy De La Hoya (Rock of Love 2, Daisy of Love) was picked up by paramedics yesterday for a “possible overdose.” Except she didn’t want to go down without a fight and proceeded to beat the living shit out of EMTs. I really should’ve tried out for her show. It’s like she’s perfect. TMZ reports:

A source close to the situation says friends called 911 after they heard Daisy making strange noises in her friend’s Hollywood Hills home.
When firefighters and medics came to the house, sources tell us Daisy was acting “crazy” — yelling, screaming and thrashing around. It took multiple emergency personnel to get Daisy into the ambulance.
We’re told Daisy is currently receiving treatment at a Los Angeles area hospital.

Daisy’s rep is chalking it up as “delirium as a result of exhaustion” which sounds reasonable. I mean, who isn’t tired after a five-day coke binge? Factor in trying to hide the fact she’s a man so no one knows Bret Michaels got a tranny blowjob on basic cable, and the poor thing has to be burnt out.

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  1. um

    where are the new, “leaked” cassie pics BITCH

  2. Having a penis helped in fighting them off like a man.

  3. George

    I’d hit that… with a baseball bat! Skank.

  4. heila

    nice guns n roses jacket with a “punks not dead” belt…? did she pick her outfit from a bargain bin at spencers?

    i get the strong urge to smack her in the face with a shovel when she smiles

  5. What a natural beauty.

  6. Sarah

    Who finds her attractive? Her face is so jacked up. There is no redeeming quality to her.

  7. gil

    i have no idea who this guy is but i think he is a cross dresser from cambodia

  8. gil

    seventh! thats a man in drag, and who the fuck is he anyways?

  9. I see things are looking up for the Oscar family…this is the least embarrassing…

  10. mikeock

    I like that second picture. You can tell she waxes her beaver.

  11. gotmilk?

    i thought she looked ugly before, but now she’s unrecognizable… still not in a good way either.

  12. M

    God damn that thing is orange.

  13. Dooley

    I think I enjoy this site so much because it makes my own life seem so – peaceful.

  14. She is what you call a filthy animal.

  15. Kelley

    Holy lip collegen gone wrong, Batman !! And fake everything else …

  16. me

    talk about a BUTTERFACE I dont know if I could get past it.

  17. She makes Lil Kim look like a goddess.

  18. CakeSnifferer

    People are full of surprises – who in a million years would have thought she’d be an Ed Hardy fan? It’s blowing my mind.

  19. Damnit! so close! do you think uncle oscar will want her clothes when she dies?

  20. ZombieJulie

    How is this fugly bat famous?

  21. Mr. Obvious

    that’s a very pretty dude.

  22. Racer X


  23. Squad 51

    EMT’s should be allowed to taser anyone who fights them. Or give them a 9mm enema. Whatever works.

  24. Matt

    Ugly ass nasty bitch. She looks like a fuckin man.

  25. Max Planck

    What a vile looking creature.

  26. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    WTF, She looked way better then this when she was on Rock of Love 2. Damn, another reason to not do drugs.

  27. whomever

    What class. Everyone should strive to be like this girl. Ugly tranny bitch. I guess this is what becomes of people when Bret Michaels rejects you.

  28. woo

    Is it me, or is her belly button abnormally high?

  29. g-money

    wow she’s disgusting.

  30. Zanna

    …remember a couple years back when they found Oscar De La Hoya dressing up as a woman? Imma just sayin’….

  31. Zanna

    …remember a couple years back when they found Oscar De La Hoya dressing up as a woman? Imma just sayin’….

  32. Zanna

    …remember a couple years back when they found Oscar De La Hoya dressing up as a woman? Imma just sayin’….

  33. Zanna


  34. Sardonic

    Her navel is high-tailing it away from that penis strapped down between his legs.

  35. yo

    shes got a bangin body but that face. i wonder what made her wana do that to her face. and her makeup makes her look 10xs worse. to all the ladies out there, u do not need all that crap on ur face. just a little bit is nice. i hate when chicks cry and their tears are black. its kinda gross.

  36. Prettybaby

    UGHHHHH!! I loathe this chick. The image of her ugly, surgically inhanced mug bawling is unfortunately etched on my brain.

    p.s. Hi Zanna!

  37. WTF

    She used to be cute…before she was an orange collagen-bloated crack whore…

  38. Sancho

    @29 – That’s what happens when you’re majorly sucking it in

  39. ACTUALLY she said that what she had done was her nose smaller, her lips are actually real, her nose is not, she has a really hot body, but her teeth are all fucked up,

    i would still do her though

  40. PunkA

    Her face is nasty. I do not care if she has a hot body, she is just a nasty skanky ho-bag festering with STDs and death to your penis.

  41. Lain

    Everything about this woman is fake. The eye color, the tan, the bleached hair, the lips, (and possibly the nose). Gross! Not to mention her nasty ass tits.

  42. #31 – Even De La Homo is prettier than this beeotch.

  43. Funeral Guy

    OMG…This woman (?) is an absolute horror!

  44. Zanna

    Baby!!! Rich!

  45. Noelle

    That’s either the manliest looking woman or the most feminine looking man I’ve ever seen!

    Seriously… this one is nasty lookin

  46. shellibelli


  47. Titi

    Does nobody else realize she’s an ugly skank?
    She’s got a cute figure…but who wants a butterface skank…?

  48. Splooge

    I love this slut!
    Would love to splooge all over her slutty face!!

  49. Splooge

    I love her.
    Actually I don’t but the site wouldn’t allow my original post.

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