Daisy de la Hoya into geological objects of love

March 4th, 2008 // 173 Comments

Meet Daisy de la Hoya. She’s not only the niece of Oscar de la Hoya, but she’s currently competing on VH1′s Rock of Love 2 with Bret Michaels. I never watch the show – except for every goddamn day! Inna instead of that bitch Kristy Joe? Seriously, Bret, loosen that bald-dana. Anyway, I hope Daisy wins. That way when Bret dies of old age next year, Daisy will remember my kind words and totally make out with me. Preferably somewhere romantic like a Port-a-John at a Van Halen concert. With a woman like this, it’s all about finesse.


  1. mike

    she’s disgusting! I want my goat!

  2. aklsdli

    she is really charming. I have seen her photo on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ” Searching Millionaire dot com”.. Many men winked at her there.

  3. mike

    oh, and first! you! stupid! fucking! women! fuckers!

    rub rub rub one out

    to me goata to me goata!

    rub rub rub one out

  4. mike

    fuck you troll. I don’t have a problem fucking my goat. He is so soft and comforting to an old fat ass like me.

  5. Bill Clinton

    That’s a TRANNY. That’s a fucking tranny. FUCK that shit, I ain’t falling for that again.

  6. BunnyButt

    Wow, there’s nothing like natural beauty.

  7. Sarah

    Daisy has horrible plastic surgery

    Kristy Jo is the best

  8. Amy

    she is uggs! Oscar makes a way cuter girl.

  9. commish

    She does have a kickass body but there’s nothing she can do about her fetal alchohol-deformed face.

  10. kevin

    I’m pretty sure she used to be a he. maybe oscar de la hoya had a sex change so that he could wear women’s underwear for real this time.

  11. Lindsay


  12. Oh, hot and sexy people. I was told that there is a blog mentioned her last dating history with a Herpes guy ” http://www.positiveloving.com. This blog gets many hits everyday

  13. Sauron

    Hola!?Your posts are getting better.Finally some serious piece of journalism.Just carry on with this!

  14. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    she’s fortunate that ‘dick-sucking lips’ are en vogue this year.

  15. sla

    Instead of getting ginormous boobs and lips, she should have had an operation that would let her open her eyes.

    She reminds me of the in-bred banjo-picking kid in Deliverance (a movie in which Burt Reynolds and friends get the smackdown in Appalachian back country):


  16. deacon jones


    Why cant all women look like this??? And the only thing in their vocabulary be “Yes Sir” and “Harder, Sir”

  17. @11 Butterface is and understatement. If it wern’t for her fake boobs, she would really be ugly..

  18. Auntie Kryst

    Wow, how did this skank get a photo spread in Vanity Fair? Picture 11 is just perfect. Flipping the bird, the bottle of Jack, the coke lines, that is class.

  19. Harold

    Cute trannie.

  20. pee pants

    Silly superfish. You mean it’s Oscar de la Hoya’s nephew. N-E-P-H-E-W. Niece implies that thing is a woman and I’m telling you that ain’t NO woman. Tranny’s are cool, I mean all Texas Tranny rules but, really ugly bitch girls who look like tranny’s and refuse to admit to their hormone disorders and man parts and whore themselves out for attention well they piss me off. Bitch you are U-G-L-Y, please go and live an ugly’s person’s life 9this would consist of waitressing at Denny’s and shopping at Walmart), magazines and reality shows are for slutty worthless semi-hott chicks with no self esteem not fugly’s who scare penises.

  21. sla

    Does anyone know where we can see pre-surgery pictures?

  22. Marie

    I just trew up in my mouth a little…

  23. Lowlands

    This post is a delicate piece of intellectual journalism.’Daisy de la Hoya into geological objets of lov.’ That’s not only wonderful but at the same time fantastic as well.Just rock on this way and you will reign in the upper regions again!

  24. Tony Romo

    I don’t know who this guy named Daisy is, but he looks damn hot in those pictures!!!!

  25. Danklin24

    I hope fish is being sarcastic. This bitch is repulsive. By far the ugliest on the show. She looks like Mrs. potato head.

  26. kirsten dunst

    dear god. i honestly with everything in me hope that the writer of this one has NOT heard this chic speak and or seen even a clip of an episode with her talking. she is the biggest ditz that i have probably ever witnessed. seriously. good job on wanting to bang her though, your credibility of opinions of celebs just shot through the roof. fucking idiot.

  27. Tapeworm

    Hey it’s a plastic silicon-infested burrito! Ay yay yai senor! Mui disgusting-o.

  28. lucifer's left nut

    she has a face like a seahorse

  29. kirsten dunst

    oh and ps. that last picture…priceless. yes daisy, that is how you play an electric guitar. just exactly like you would an acoustic. this girl is the epitome of retarded.

  30. tromba

    I think I am going to vomit now. Please excuse me.

  31. lucifer's left nut

    tranny seahorse

  32. I thought she looks like Amy Whinehouse with big lips and big tits.

  33. Tbag

    hahaha tranny seahorse..
    she is quite plastic. keep away from all flames.
    friggin gross

  34. Mike

    Wow, she has the best natural breasts I’ve ever seen!


    In the picture of her flipping off the camera and the JD she looks JUST LIKE Masumi Max….Freaky…

  36. Melissa

    She is just icky! I hope Bret doesnt pick her!

  37. She’s a stripper from Denver in real life.

  38. Jonathan

    Damn this chick looks skanked out.

  39. She kinda has that Michael Jackson nose thing going on..

  40. will

    Another diseased-ridden whore with bleached hair, fake tits, and airbrushed…how original.

  41. moobs

    Being both a “De La Hoya” and looking like “it” does, i have a hard time lending credibility that “it” is in fact, a biological female.


  42. Binky

    My mom used to say never trust a woman who has ‘Daisy Rock’ stenciled on her guitar, and who has the left arm of a lizard.
    So far so good.
    Oh. Ok.
    Go 4 it Bret. (Your career has been over for 2 decades anyway.)

  43. lori

    That’s one ugly dude with ugly fake tits.

  44. iwantmymoney

    Plastic people are soooo gorgeous! I wish I could get fake tits, lips, flat stomach and everything else so I can be hot!! Oh wait, I don’t NEED those things cause I’m already drop dead sexy. FUCK YOU to those who make a shitload of money for stuffing their skin with plastic.

  45. dude_on_a_wire

    I hope I never run into that dude at closing time. I’m going to hope/assume that he never takes advantage of drunks with that look. There is no way the inebriated would know until it was too late – notice the tat camouflage for the adams apple.

  46. Kathi

    Holy Crap! Perhaps it is just me, but in the pic with the black skirt and pink shirt, her face looks like Amy Winehouse!! AHHHH!!! And sorry, but this girl is dumber than dirt. I watch Rock of Love II (’cause I have no life) and listening her attempts at composing an intelligent sentence is painful. And she doesn’t even know the words to the Star Spangled Banner!!! But she does have a rockin’ bod, so like my brother would say, “I ain’t f**ckin’ her face”!!

  47. tina

    She is so sexy. I saw her profile with photos on BillionaireFriends.c om, where celebrities and wealthy singles hook up. She feels lonely, doesn’t she? Is she looking for a serious relationship or just for fun?

  48. Those lines look realistic. Because you wouldn’t go into a coke seizure doing just one those. Also, what is this “Many men winked at her there” thing? Those comments are cropping up everywhere, even when I do my pathetic daily “Cheryl Cole News” google search.

  49. kay

    She is like a walking talking plastic its sooo obvious…what next??

    Whats done:

    Possible lypo

  50. G.I.R.L.

    HOW on Earth do you get a stomach like that?!

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