Weekend Vibes Brought to You By: Daisy Lea AKA Mrs. Hands


Would you like to see Blac Chyna slap a camera out of a paparazzo’s hand before he calls her a bitch? [Celebuzz]

Jason Momoa was forced to apologize (again) for that bad rape joke he told in 2011. [DailyMail]

Asshole Carolina Panthers fan sucker punched an old guy after he told him to sit down. [TMZ]

Rapper Saigon talked about the difference between regular khakis and six-pocket pants. [HHMW]

For the second time this week, a Duggar did something stupid. [PageSix]

Supermodel Angie Everhart once woke up to Harvey Weinstein jerking off to her sleeping. [Blast]

Anthony Scaramucci is dating someone from Fox, and I could care less. [EvilBeet]

Pink and her husband Corey Hart probably went a year without sex at some point. [People]

After telling a heckler to “get raped” last weekend, NeNe Leakes is grappling to save what little of a career she had in the first place. [HollywoodGossip]

Ah, shit… Weinstein got to Cara Delevingne. [IDLY]

… and just in case you were wondering what Britney Spears was up to, she’s training to be the next kindergarten class Monet.