A-Rod’s stripper mistress comes forward – to support Cynthia (Ha ha!)

July 10th, 2008 // 45 Comments

One of A-Rod’s stripper mistresses, Candace Houlihan of Boston (above), has come forward with her story about sleeping with the Yankee and supports Cynthia Rodriguez’s decision to kick him to the curb. The Boston Herald reports:

On A-Rod’s divorce:
“A leopard doesn’t change his spots. Good for her, I think she’s doing the smart thing. And she’ll probably get tons of cash.” She says A-Rod was a player when she met him four years ago at Fenway Park.

On hooking up with A-Rod:
Candice said she told Rodriguez she’d be at Saint after the game and sure enough, he showed up at the Back Bay club – wedding ring and all!
“It was killing me and I felt bad afterwards,” she said. “I’m not a bad person. I know how it feels to be cheated on, it sucks. But a couple of drinks later, I didn’t notice all that much, to tell you the truth.”

On the day after:
Houlihan said she and her girlfriends Googled A-Rod the next day and she was shocked to find out that his wife was pregnant with their first child.
“We were all freaking out,” she said.

There’s nothing like the bond of sisterhood between jilted ex-wife and the stripper that banged your husband. They really should make a Hallmark movie about these two and give it a dramatic title. Something that catches your eye, yet plays to housewives and the Bible. I’m thinking: “Bitches with Pythons: A Journey of Chick Stuff and Let’s Assume Cooking.”


  1. LizSpy


  2. Ed

    Her arms…Madonna’s arms…Come on, A-Rod. Man up. Literally. You want to be in the arms of a man. Just do it.

  3. Cleveland

    stripper’s got the tix to the gun show. . .

  4. Oh geeez, girlfriend. Karma will come back to you when your hubby hooks up with some bimbochick who just doesn’t care how much it is to be you.

  5. Oh geeez, girlfriend. Karma will come back to you when your hubby hooks up with some bimbochick who just doesn’t care how much it sucks to be you.

  6. Go Sox!

    That was fugly woMAN! A-Rod what are u thinking? Yeesh!

  7. Deacon Jones


    Dude, I was just going to say that, all these chicks have the same thing in common – cut arms, legs, bad dye job, taunt face.

    This guy must love trannies!

  8. Octavian

    A-Rod’s got a thing for weird looking blond chicks with muscles. It’s rather disturbing.

  9. Sox! Suck

    Isn’t that Madonna in those pics? Wait if that Bean Boy will bang Madonna, he’ll hit anything with a hole. That woman isn’t hot by any means, but at least she isn’t the fuckin’ crypt keeper like Madonna and her washed up career and fungus infested bottomless pit of a vagina.

  10. britney's weave

    that’s a total combo of brooke hogan, kelly ripa, and some serious ‘roids. SUPER EWWWW.

    was it worth it?

  11. combustion8

    arods a fheg, its so obvious now.

  12. blah

    his wife is so much hotter!!

  13. jzz

    it’s obvious A-rod’s got a thing for muscular arms.
    He probably drools over the boys in the locker room shower.

  14. Ugly fucking dress..should stick to stripping

    I’m sick of A-Hole. What has Lohan been up to??

  15. veggi

    Is her specialty bending the pole??

  16. Sweet Petite

    I am not thrilled with the latest styles. The dress she is wearing is great for someone with a fat stomach or big butt/thighs and is tring to hide their fat, but when one is fit and petite; one does not want to look like one is trying to hide fat. I also hate the smock tops too. She over worked her arms and now they look manly like Madonna.

  17. Crazy Old Bitch

    I’m completely making this up, but hear she can bench press over 600 pounds. Plus she can crack walnuts with her ass.

  18. Grunion

    God I don’t even want to guess what kind of repressed shit Gay Rod has going on up in that tiny brain of his.

  19. nipolian

    She’s not a “Gentleman’s Club” stripper………She is one of those “your buddies getting married so lets get a stripper from the personal ads in a newspaper and take a chance that she isn’t too nasty” stripper.

  20. She looks like Elisha Cuthbert’s brother…

    #2 – HAHAHAHA

  21. Sean Penn

    Another whore chiming in for her 15 minutes of fame! When will the insanity stop? As for MADdogna, she’s nothing but a home-wrecking, molestation surviving megalomanic.

  22. bosendorfer

    Beware the man-hating whore with grossly-overdeveloped biceps and shoulders. At least she’s from Boston.

    A-rod, way to deepen you ignominy and shallow-out your wallet. Try picking less whore-like women to fuck and/or marry and, well, forget it. You suck.

  23. A-Rod

    “I love me some midgets! Look at dem stubby legs. Youz all gotsta leave mad-donna alone now. The skandulous news will affect her upcoming ture. After allz, shez iz my soulzmate.”

    Did I spell skandulous right? Um, batter up!

  24. madonna
    his (ex)wife
    the stripper

    All these women are super built
    who is getting whom from behind?

  25. A

    I actually saw “Assrod” with the stripper chick at Saint. I knew it certainly wasn’t his preggo wife.

  26. Crazy Old Bitch

    #23 Kelly is that you? We all thought you wandered off into traffic or something.

  27. I think she sucks . . .

  28. Vas Deferens

    Is this stupid bitch for real? She says she does not want “anymore attention from the media”. What the fuck did you think would happen when you announced to the world that you sucked and fucked a married superstar, you whore?

    Also, what the hell was A-Rod thinking!?! This is one ugly, skanky bitch. She was a stripper? Hahahaha! Holy shit! I would have demanded my money back if that dumpy whore gave me a lap dance. What a slob!

    I picked up a copy of the Boston Herald today and this dumb bitch knew she was going to be in the paper – and get this – she dressed like a homeless HIV addict for her photo shoot! Very classy!

  29. P-Daddy

    Gay-Rod….gotta love the new name!

  30. havoc

    I hear she’ll be listed in the divorced documents as “the aforementioned bimbo”.


  31. Fluffy Butt

    why do i get the impression that aRod isn’t the only ball boy this hooker picked up from the stadium. like a bad habit .. i bet this is probably her seasonal thing to-do!

  32. moneil

    Sounds like she’s just looking for attention, but yuck anyway…If you love celebrity gossip, play the newest celebrity trivia at http://www.kwanzoo.com!

  33. Jonathan

    In the words of Austin Powers, “That’s a MAN, baby, yeah!”

  34. phila_guy

    That’s the wrong stripper… Her name’s Joslyn Morse, not Candace Houlihan. Morse was pictured with A-Rod in Toronto last year.

  35. hausfrau

    It just goes to show you that men will bang anything after a few beers.

  36. eric

    I’m pretty sure that’s a man.

  37. AC

    she is so beautiful.. but someone said she joined the famous online service b l a c k c e n t u r y…C o m a place for men to spoil and support sexy women..


  39. A-Rod for Rock face

    Apparently A-Rod like women with rough manly faces.

    His soon to be ex-wife has a hard face and looks like Sandra Bernhardt

    Madonna has harsh facial features

    This Joclyn stripper just looks like a man

    Whats up A-Rod?

  40. packinwood

    She has really fat legs for a stripper. I guess she doesn’t get up the pole much.

  41. htris

    Oh, that’s it – I have a sincere guy-crush on whoever is writing this and I am assuming you are a dude…but it would be even funnier if you weren’t…although – I’d also be weirded out…

  42. justifiable

    #39 “This Joclyn stripper just looks like a man What’s up A-Rod”?

    I’d say the answer is a strap-on.

  43. HI


  44. emmit jones

    this picture of the woman in light blue dress IS NOT CANDACE HOULIHAN…at least get this stuff right !! come on now

  45. Lee Trip

    I know Candace and that’s not even a picture of her. It doesn’t even look like her…if you arre going to print a pic…try taking it of the right girl dipshit!

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