Cynthia Nixon gets engaged to a girl. I think.

Cynthia Nixon is engaged to her long-time girlfriend Christine Marinoni, according to Access Hollywood:

According to the source, the “Sex and The City” star told the crowd at the Love, Peace and Marriage Equality rally in New York City, that she became engaged last month.
“I think we would definitely [get married] if it became legal in New York,” Cynthia told Access’ Shaun Robinson in an interview last year. “I don’t really want to get married to get married pretend. I think we’d like to do it in a real, actual, legal way that the state would recognize.”

Someone help me out here. Based on my understanding, lesbians are supposed to be attracted to women. So why do they always end up dating ones that look like men? Or is the vagina the ultimate trump card here? “Sure, she looks like my brother, but hey, no penis. High five!”

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