That’s Cute, ‘Justice League’ Had a Red Carpet Premiere

Since we still don’t know how bad the Justice League movie really is because Warner Brothers owns Rotten Tomatoes and they’ve paid to keep the truth under wraps, all we have are these pictures from last night’s Hollywood premiere and whatever taste is left in our mouths from Ben Affleck’s involvement in the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

As far as I can tell it looked like some pretty S.O.P. red carpet antics, crappy CGI Cybrog was there without his digital makeup, Gal Gadot looked flawless, and fat Batman looked like he just woke up. Amber Heard was also there to remind everyone that she’s part of the franchise too and doesn’t need to date a billionaire to make money.

I have no idea what Paul Pierce or Ludacris were doing there, but hey… you gotta put butts in seats somehow.

For all the shit I’ve talked about this movie, I guess I am obligated to go see it now and (reluctantly) put my money where my mouth is to find out if this really is just a two hour video game cut scene filled with shoddy plot lines and corny jokes (it will be).

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