Cuba Gooding Jr. Lifted up Sarah Paulson’s Dress on Stage and Everyone Is Pissed

The Internet is calling for Cuba Gooding Jr.’s head on a pike after he pulled a real skeever on his American Horror Story: Roanoke co-star. While they were on stage for a panel at LA’s PaleyFest on Sunday, Cuba lifted up Paulson’s dress like a pervy kid in a Norman Rockwell painting. Currently in the throes of a midlife crisis after divorcing his wife of 20 years, Cuba Gooding Jr. doesn’t seem to give a shit about anything anymore.

For the seven people on the planet that are defending Radio for what he did, they saw it as two co-stars just palling around in a way that objectifies and publicly humiliates the other. For the millions who found it inappropriate, it’s hard to not say that the sneer on Gooding’s face was anything less than “I’m gonna flash your ass to everybody and I think this is a good idea”.

While it’s sad to see the Academy Award winning actor doing dumb shit (I do actually like a lot of his stuff), this is nothing compared to 46.1% of American voters that would side with a guy who would have grabbed a lot more than just Sarah Paulson’s dress.