Crystal Rock Audigier is Paris Hilton in waiting

November 23rd, 2008 // 112 Comments

Saturday night, fashion designer Christian Audigier threw his daughter Crystal Rock a 16th birthday party in Hollywood that made every single episode of My Super Sweet 16 look like it was filmed at goddamn Chuck E. Cheese. Take a look at what he sprung for:

1. Two cars delivered by Paris and Nicky Hilton. Who doesn’t love a grim look at the future?
2. T.I. Because sweet 16′s are totally gangsta, dawg.
3. The Pussycat Dolls. What’s a birthday party without strippers? Mazal tov!
4. Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Justin Gaston. Minus the Miley, add extra gay.
5. Khloe Kardashian. So everyone felt more beautiful by comparison. Good thinking.

Jesus, with a shindig like this I’m surprised there wasn’t a secret room full of blood diamonds and baby panda skins. Her parents must hate her.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. lol

    First of all, Paul Williams, I am of the female sex. And you are right about one thing, you are allowed to think what you please but the media has obviously tampered with your mind in some way or the other and will continue to do so with a plethora of it’s ideologies and standards. It is the undeniable truth and I will admit to being victim of that but not as severely and I’m only 20 so there’s still time to improve.

    Why shouldn’t I be able to access this site? It affects my way of thinking in no manner and is for entertainment purposes only.

    I never once debated how hot she was, nor questioned it. She is pretty but as you’d said that you have the right to think as freely as you do, she has the right to dress as freely as she can without being labeled or judged.

  2. lol

    Allison, I understand that no one on here will be able to meet this person but this is not the only underage person found to be sexually attractive. While many simply find a random 16 year old stranger hot, one might rape her and then blame her for enticing him by dressing how she pleases. Not every single woman dressed to entertain men.

    However, your assumptions amuse me. I am not American nor voted or wished for Prop 8 to be passed as I don’t believe that someone else without a clue should have to vote for a decision that doesn’t affect my life in the slightest way.

  3. Daniel

    Never realized that Paris wears some gosh awful contacts.

  4. Kahlee

    @102, I completely agree with you, but you’re wasting your time trying to reason with horny young men. I doubt most of them are much older than this girl, certainly not out of their 20s. And if they are ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  5. sarah

    Pit. Stains.

    Papa needs to design himself a dry-weave shirt.

    Phew, how do these gaudy a** “designers” make so much damn money?!

  6. lizzy

    i hate when 16 year olds dress and act like they are fucking 25. so disgusting.

    and she does not have cellulite!!!! that’s nothing!

  7. chupacabra



  8. d0x

    She’s smokin hot, I’d bust a nut in her no doubt.

  9. O.M.F.G! How lucky is she id love to have a Sweet Sixteen especialy With The Pussycat Dolls at her Party she ssssooooooo lucky dnt bother me tho im goin to see them LIVE!! Next year with my dad On the 22nd January 2009 Bitches!! And hopefully they will be at My Sweet Sixteen 2 LOL!!!!!

  10. Pussycat Dolls are HOT!! But My Favourite one is Nicole Scherzinger!! She Is SO SO SEXY!!!!!

  11. Angelina

    does anybody know who designed her beautiful dress? (picture 3)

  12. JuliaJulia

    All of you just envying Crystal. All of you want to have such life! What life do you have? She has really everything! Beauty, the best clothes, big houses, cars, money, the best parties. Her daddy does really everything for her! It is a dream for everybody of us

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