Crystal Harris: ‘Hugh Had Other Women.’
You Don’t Say?

June 17th, 2011 // 44 Comments

Found one.

As part of her plan to cash in as hard as possible before people forget who she is come Monday, Crystal Harris is now saying she left Hugh Hefner because he has “other women” in his life. To hear her say it, it’s almost as if he crammed an entire mansion with them which sounds too ridiculous to be true. Starpulse reports:

She has now given an emotional TV interview with Entertainment Tonight, sobbing as she spoke about the shock split and revealing she just “didn’t feel comfortable” about sustaining a marriage with the Playboy boss because of his multitude of bunny girls.
A tearful Harris told host Chris Jacobs, “I can honestly say I was not the only woman in Hef’s life and I didn’t feel comfortable in my heart knowing that and being able to get married to him. Marriage is between two people and that’s not what our relationship was… I had a great time there and I wouldn’t trade it for the world…”
“It makes me realize that money isn’t everything… I disappointed everybody. I felt like I did.”

Apparently we’re supposed to believe Crystal Harris had no idea that a man who’s had live-in prostitutes for the better half of a century isn’t really the monogamous type, and that she completely forgot how she ended up in the mansion in the first place. That’s like getting a job at Hooter’s then getting mad because you’re not the only one they hired for having huge tits. Which don’t get me wrong, I guarantee happens because nothing makes women crazier than being forced to interact with other women. “Ohmygod, did you see those orange shorts she wore today? She totally knew I was going to wear those to work. Bitch.

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  1. Bucky Barnes

    A whore complaining that her pimp had other whores? Hilarious!

  2. Amy

    Fish, you are dead wrong. Most of the time women interact with one another it’s nothing but spontaneous pillow fights and girl-on-girl hijinks.
    /sarcasm off

  3. MarkM

    What a SHOCKING revelation! What next, she discovered that Hugh had WRINKLES!?!

  4. Dean Keaton

    What fun it must be to have sexual congress with Hef. Does he tape it to a popsickle stick to give it enough stiffness to “break on through “?

    • Fletch

      nah, I’m sure all he needs is more cowbell

    • AleisterCrowley

      Viagra can make his dick hard but it’s not going to make his legs or pelvis work or prevent him from needing to have his diaper changed. Maybe it’s just me but when a man shits his pants it’s kinda a turnoff.

  5. JC

    “I have no proof, but I always had the suspicion that he looks at pictures of naked women.” (sniff, sniff)

  6. ♫I wanna rough you like an animal♫

    Come on! this is like an open book test.

  7. tramp, hope she catches chlamydia in the grotto

    • Kelley

      What I find hilarious is that she’s “24″ years old … now THAT’S hilarious, aside from the fake everything about her, and having the intellect of a mushroom …

    • criminy

      Old lecher pervert. I hope he eats sh*t and dies.

  8. Fletch

    The chick on the left is better looking; just sayin’

  9. Hugh Hefner Crystal Harris
    Commented on this photo:

    wait, is she blind? Maybe hef told her the other female voices she heard were the staff…yeah, that must be it

  10. Jenny with a Y

    Crystal Harris went on to reveal that water is wet, the sky is blue and Tom Cruise loves cock.

  11. N

    Chick on the left is waaaaaaaaaay hotter, who is she?

  12. In other news Justin Beiber is a girl, Kim Kardashian has a big ass, and humans need Oxygen to survive …

    Yeeeea, and her leaving Hugh Hefner had nothing to do with the endless wrinkles and liver spots on his skin due to the fact that he’s outlived HER GRANDFATHER ….

  13. PW

    So the only thing I am getting from this is that he made her sign a prenup. When are these bitches going to learn that they are just as common as southerners at a buffet.

  14. how can she be jealous of the nurses that wipe his ass?

  15. Artofwar

    …This b#tch has reached the highest levels of female retardation, that not even Gloria Allred would defend. Well come to think of it, when speaking of Gloria Allred, there is always a slight possibility….Artofwar

  16. I prefer Hef to the horny old men who drive school buses.

  17. anonym

    Crystal looks all haggard, and has a bit of a man face going on.

    • mel

      those were the two things i took away from that picture too. she looks like a real housewife of…and she looks like a dude.

  18. Pat C.

    If I had the whatever-it-takes [hint: $$$] to get a bunch of hot young girls to sleep with me, there’s no way I would pick just one and say “I want to marry YOU”. Why does Hef want to do that?

  19. TomFrank

    I thought it was common knowledge that Hef went to bed with four women every night. One to fuck, and the other three to move him around.

  20. LJ

    Camera on……Damage control tears on…….Camera off……….Damage control tears off……….
    She was only fucking Jordan McGraw while he was producing her album. As soon as Hef got him fired, she dropped him.
    Between the pre-nup requirement and not being able to sell the “leaving Hef at the altar” special for half a million she now finds herself on the short end of the money stick.
    She can always be a feature dancer in strip clubs doing lap dances for $20 a pop.

  21. AJ_Dubai


  22. YES

    Yeah, uh-huh and she didn’t notice all the other women until she had already shot a cover and it had gone to print, right? She used him, straight and simple.

  23. the captain

    hugh heffner?

  24. Brooke

    Oh god, Hooters girls… haha.

    I like that she wants us all to know it was never about the money, as if she actually enjoyed sucking on wrinkled balls and waking up to old people smell. I think she’s an idiot since obviously she has no moral obligations to selling her body in various forms for cash, but she thought playing wifey for, what, five years max? wasn’t quick enough for getting his fortune whenever he dies. That just shows that youth today can’t look beyond tomorrow. They can’t plan ahead. She just sank her career for a quick buck.

    …normally I would applaud a woman for backing out of a deal with the devil, but I honestly don’t think she had a change of heart, I think she just isn’t very good with numbers and planning ahead.

    • BE

      Not good with numbers? A stripper? Hef’s first kid – a daughter who is 59 by the way – closed the cookie jar a long time ago for that long parade of “special girls” Hef’s “cared so much about.”

      I think a big clue was Holly Madison jumping ship after she couldn’t get Hef’s antique sperm to impregnate her. Do ya think she would have needed IVF for a male under 60? Big estates are often set up for the benefit of biological heirs only. That protects families from wonderful gals like Anna Nicole Smith. Another traffic accident in slow motion. Yet none of us could turn away…

      If you were Hef, would you let your harem of strippers know that your pockets were shallower every year? I suspect Crystal figured out or was told AFTER they were engaged. And, I’m guessing she found out – OH let’s guess – a week or two before the wedding? If Crystal was looking for half a million, I’m guessing her “wages” for marrying Hef would end up being less than that. Since he’s had a stroke and dementia over the age of 80 is almost inevitable, it’s doubtful she’d get any more by suing the estate after his death.

      Think of it this way, she could probably make just as much stripping for the next 5 or 10 years as being a prisoner in that mansion. Plus she’d get to date. Ever hear “the mansion house rules?” An average forty year old wouldn’t stand it – much less a twenty year old with a life. Hence, Crystal’s really saying they didn’t meet her price tag for being queen bee in Hef’s harem. Plus, she’s probably looking at Holly, Kendra and Bridget – post Hef and thinking “That has to be better than this!” Money wise if nothing else.

      Of course, she may have miscalculated a bit – as the former threesome had 3 years on E! to promote themselves. A fact that obviously sticks in Hef’s gall – in his twisted little mind the public was more interested in him than them.

      Sick, sick and sicker.

      • enigma

        Best comment on here! Well said. Pretty much what I was thinking, but could not articulate this well :o) The tramp probably had several of those revelations pop into her mind at once, just in time to RUN! She escaped.

  25. Gotta love the confidence of a midget who will let his bitches wear heels. You listening, Cruise?

  26. puddleduck

    “Hef has other women” to do what? Change his diapers, feed him, put him down for his nap, etc.? Pathetic.

  27. that_girl

    Lol, wasn’t she the one who supposedly cheated on Hugh Hefner with Dr. Phil’s son? Why is Ms. Hobag complaining?

  28. tg

    Crystal looks old enough to be that other girls mother.

  29. Hugh Hefner Crystal Harris
    Audrey Jo
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, that poor girl. So sweet, romantic and naive. Who else is left out there for her? She should try Charlie Sheen, next time.

  30. imabrat

    {gasp}! Who woulda thought?

  31. Leslie

    Well, if she was a golddigger she would have married him anyways…

  32. kris31

    What if Hugh Hefner just staged this entire thing to get back at Holly Madison.. she did ditch him & she was trying to get married to him for 7 years.. what if this whole thing was just a way to get back at her for leaving him for Cris Angel? It’s not like Crystal Harris has so much integrity that she wouldn’t play along..

    • criminy

      Poor Hugh Hefner! I feel so sorry for him! NOT! If 100 women left him at the alter he would still deserve no sympathy.

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