Crystal Harris: ‘Hugh Had Other Women.’
You Don’t Say?

Found one.

As part of her plan to cash in as hard as possible before people forget who she is come Monday, Crystal Harris is now saying she left Hugh Hefner because he has “other women” in his life. To hear her say it, it’s almost as if he crammed an entire mansion with them which sounds too ridiculous to be true. Starpulse reports:

She has now given an emotional TV interview with Entertainment Tonight, sobbing as she spoke about the shock split and revealing she just “didn’t feel comfortable” about sustaining a marriage with the Playboy boss because of his multitude of bunny girls.
A tearful Harris told host Chris Jacobs, “I can honestly say I was not the only woman in Hef’s life and I didn’t feel comfortable in my heart knowing that and being able to get married to him. Marriage is between two people and that’s not what our relationship was… I had a great time there and I wouldn’t trade it for the world…”
“It makes me realize that money isn’t everything… I disappointed everybody. I felt like I did.”

Apparently we’re supposed to believe Crystal Harris had no idea that a man who’s had live-in prostitutes for the better half of a century isn’t really the monogamous type, and that she completely forgot how she ended up in the mansion in the first place. That’s like getting a job at Hooter’s then getting mad because you’re not the only one they hired for having huge tits. Which don’t get me wrong, I guarantee happens because nothing makes women crazier than being forced to interact with other women. “Ohmygod, did you see those orange shorts she wore today? She totally knew I was going to wear those to work. Bitch.

Photo: WENN