Cristiano Ronaldo’s Statue Looks Silly, Everybody Point At It And Laugh!

A couple things to know about Portugal: Their language sounds really cool, they used to have a massive armada, and they’re so obsessed with football that they name airports after players who haven’t even retired yet. Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo in Madeira, Portugal is making headlines after revealing a bust of the footie superstar that looks more like Sloth’s handsome brother than Ronaldo.

According to the sculptor, Emanuel Santos, the final product received Ronny’s full blessing- saying that the football superstar loved the “jovial expression” on the bust’s face. Santos also wanted to fuel the nightmares of anyone looking to take a nap on any flight leaving the airport.

The Internet, being great at things, flexed its meme game on the statue and it’s mildly awesome:

I know that Ronaldo is probably the greatest Portuguese player of all-time, but can you imagine “switching” flights at Minneapolis’ Adrian Peterson International? Or boarding your dog at Atlanta’s Mike Vick Airport?

Even the President and Prime Minister of Portugal were in on the joke…


“OMG Antonio, he thinks it’s actually good- as soon as he leaves, bust out the snapchat, I’ve got some ideas…”

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