Criss Angel will date anything

August 29th, 2007 // 55 Comments

Criss Angel says he doesn’t use magic to land dates with the likes of Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. He claims to just live his life and is not a serial dater. Criss elaborated to People Magazine about his recent publicized encounter with Britney Spears:

“She had contacted me regarding some live performances. I’ve designed and created many effects for even Steve Wynn’s hotel and Le Reve show. And that’s what I do. So they brought me on to discuss the possibility of working on some stuff with her.” He adds, “And, being that I’m insanely busy, the only time that I had was in the evening. And she was busy doing stuff, so we met in the evening.” He also says the two of them were anything but alone together. “What you failed to see is, when we meet, there’s a lot of other people around a bunch of the time,” he says.

Criss does this one really awesome trick whenever he’s out on a date. It’s absolutely amazing. What he does is this: He takes a girl out for drinks at some fancy club. They start a conversation then, all of sudden, she wakes up in a hotel room – and Criss Angel is having sex with her! WOW! How does he do that? He truly is the Mindfreak.


  1. JoBOO


  2. Jimbo

    Fuck another Britney post? And this is old shit!!!

  3. Texas Tranny

    Well said Jimbo

  4. Even Crispin Glover looks like he has a shot now.

  5. Jimbo

    How are you doing TT?

  6. JoBOO

    This guy looks like a freaking corpse.

  7. adeliza

    He went out with her and is just fucking embarassed that he got caught getting ready to fuck that DAK ham ass.

  8. they are nasty creeps

    Wikipedia should add this picture for several definitions…nasty, disgusting, slut etc. The USA version of Winehouse-whateverthehellhisnameis


  9. CArrie

    Um, wtf has happened to the superficial?? This happened ages ago

  10. cowgirl fashionably late

    I’m actually with you JIMBO, brunette Britney hair is soooo yesterday. The new thing is platinum extensions and ho boots.

  11. Jimbo

    @10 Cowgurl, that is hot here in So Cal. Just go up to Hollywood Blvd and you will see lots of women dressed like that. If you are nice to them they will go home with you just like Britney

  12. sadly


  13. alf oldland

    i say again now, back to long island with this, lowliest of scum!

    i loathe Spears. i really do, but, dare i say it? she’s dating down with this meat-bag.

  14. Morning Wood

    Fish may as well shut it down, re-posts, old news and using the same worn out pics over and over.
    I guess the have their ad machine where they want it so now they will just sit back and pitch a little bullshit out to keep them happy.
    Fish = Thumb in the butt

  15. Cowgurl from the Westside

    I got lost once in the LA area and ended up at Hollywood. I almost became a cliche—suburban white girl ends up waiting tables and dancing on tables trying to make a living as a starlit in Hollywood. It wasn’t pretty, it was damn near frightening!

  16. How can you hate on who he dates..He would not date anything..He didn’t date you hating bitches! Britney, is coming back assholes! Jsut watch!

    Get off of K-FRAUD’S piece!

  17. A Businessman

    Yes, it’s just a business relationship. And, like all business relationships, they hold hands. I know that I always hold hands with the people I’m meeting with. Sometimes we lie in the grass and see if we can find animal-shapes in the clouds, too….

  18. Cosmo cowgirl

    18–I think I’ve been to your meetings, where they “work on stuff together”?

  19. Jimbo

    @15 I am sure that a tuff girl from Montana could have handled herself in the mean streets of Hollywood. I don’t really see you getting taken advantage of.

  20. Texas Tranny

    I tried of all this shit, same old shit. Haven’t had any jacking material on this for a while.

  21. I like boogers and bananas too…

  22. There is a new post about blohan in case you all are bored here

  23. Jimbo

    @21 hahahhahaaha… sucks. want to meet up sometime?

  24. Rough Rider from the mean streets of Butte

    True dat Jimbo, true dat. I would have ‘em hog tied with my lariot in 6 seconds (or whatever).

  25. Annie Rexia

    Charity? You, my girl/guy, are a dumb bitch. Shit. I’m suprised his dick hasn’t fallen off with all the pus dripping pussy sores it’s been a’pokin’ y’all.

  26. ssdd

    Its time for him to shorten things up a bit and just drop the *mind* part of the name.

  27. I guess that you would know what that looks like! Infected piece of shit!

    STOP!!!!!!!!!! Your spreading viruses!

  28. Riotboy

    What a TOOL.

  29. Cypress

    I bet he is scared straight on restrictions and requirements of what he will NOT do now.

  30. NoAngel

    They look like a happy couple to me (not…)

    @29 Charity, it is you’re spreading viruses. Looks like you’re not smarter than a fifth grader.

  31. steffy

    awwwwwwwwwww they look so happy im happy fa her

  32. evilance

    I’d have thought the news here was that he is with a girl (well, Brit-nay) He seems a wee bit to ‘theatrical’ to me…just thinking…

  33. Charity….oops I mean Britney play nice!

  34. i do not like mr. angel.

  35. NoAngel

    @39 — It’s NoAngel, bitch, and if you don’t like me then I’m only doing what I want to do …

  36. Nick

    Hey, I’ve seen this guy’s new show on VH-1 where he takes these nerds and teaches them how to date. It’s pretty entertaining.

  37. From his new book “Date your way to Fame” by Criss Angel

  38. MrSemprini

    Its a magic trick! Gotta be a magic trick. With real magic. And swords and dragons and

    Gotta go, Moms calling…

  39. lambman

    gross, what happened to society’s standards that these two get to be celebrities?

  40. llllllllll

    OMG this fuckers nose has enough mass to feed a whole canabalistic community!
    HOLY FUCK! Abracadabra your nose to look normal you fuck tard

  41. llllllllll

    He looks like Lurch …you raaaaaaang?

  42. wastedOne

    Resurrecting her dead career will be his best feat ever! But of course there will be smoke and mirrors and lip-synching and stripping and you’ll think your at the strip club.

  43. ubee0173

    were you all aware that chris angel gets his magic from unicorn horns that he keeps in his pocket? he got them in the 6th dimension, where bruce lee trains them. duh…

  44. Icky Poo

    He needs rhinoplasty. Stat.

  45. carly

    hehe, he has a butt chin :P

  46. I personally don’t think Criss would lower himself that low, and that Hollywood should just go blow themself, and leave Criss the fuck alone!!!!!

  47. Belgica Boy

    You don’t need some brain to date these girls, a big yoyo will do it !

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